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Yipee! Now you can rent a hotel room! and get more than 3 speeding tickets without getting your license revoked! And when you get ID’d places people will feel especially stupid for asking you!

Songs about the weekend and also songs about how no one likes Mondays. Weekends are the best. Mondays are the worst.

  • Weekend Warriors- A Change of Pace
  • Rock N Roll & Live for the Weekend- The Fastest Kid Alive
  • My Life- The Slumber Party Girls
  • Friday, I’m in Love- The Cure
  • Breakout- Miley Cyrus
  • Friday I’ll Be Over You- Allison Iraheta
  • Brat Pack- The Rocket Summer
  • One More Weekend- The Academy Is…
  • Saturday- The Rocket Summer
  • Working for the Weekend- Loverboy
  • Hands in the Air- Teen Hearts
  • Saturday Night- The Bay City Rollers
  • I Got a Feeling- The Black Eyed Peas
  • Rainy Days and Mondays- The Carpenters
  • Manic Monday- Relient K (or The Bangles)
  • Rainy Monday- Shiny Toy Guns

Bonus! Some other songs with days of the week in them:

  • No Typical Thursday Night- The Downtown Fiction
  • Tuesday Morning- Michelle Branch
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday- U2
  • Suicide Sunday- The Friday Night Boys

So if you like basketball you know that it’s play off time.  We LOVE the Jazz a lot so we’ve been watching the games, and while we were watching the game last night we were talking about some of the bad hair in the NBA I think we mention a few of these people in various other blog posts, but I decided that it’s about time we dedicate an entire post to it. So here it is.

NBA’s Worst Hair

Ron Artest

Ron Artest often has weird hair. He likes to shave odd things into it, but once upon a time he bleached his hair this beautiful golden color. In case you and wondering it says “Defense” in 3 languages (Hindi, Japanese, and Hebrew).

Luis Scola

No worst hair list would be complete without a nod to Scola. The real question is what exactly does he use to hold it back? I can never tell. You can’t see it real well in this picture, but he has a thin black headband type thing. Not exactly sure what it is.

Walter Herrmann

Herrmann sort of looks like Fabio or something….

Mike Miller

The headband strikes again.

Andrei Kirilenko

Kirilenko experiments with his hair a lot. Right now I think he’s trying to look like Kyle Korver, unfortunately even though he keeps trying he doesn’t seem to have found a style that suits him.  In fact over at SLC dunk there is a whole post dedicated to his many styles.

Chris Anderson

Ok kind of a bad picture since his hand is covering most of it, but the point is that it looks like he’s never washed it in his life. I wonder if this makes his offense better. Maybe those guarding him would rather let him have the point then risk touching his hair.

Here are a few players who don’t play anymore, but who definitely deserve a shout out.

Scot Pollard

Here is Scot Pollard sporting a pigtailed beard and a bleached Mohawk. Such a good look.

And last but not least

Dennis Rodman

All hail the king of bad NBA hair.

Having it, spending it, wasting it, wanting it ect…

Young Money- Vita Chambers
Girls and Boys- Good Charlotte
Money, Money Money- ABBA
I Gotta Feeling- Black Eyed Peas
Gold Digger- Kanye West
Rich Girl- Gwen Stefani
If I Had a Million Dollars- Bare Naked Ladies
Money- The Beatles
Waking up in Vegas- Katy Perry
Money, Honey- Lady Gaga
Celebrity- NSYNC
Material Girl- Madonna
Lifestyles of The Rich and The Famous- Good Charlotte

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!
Hope you all have a fantastic day.

So want to hear something really, really, really cool?

Are you ready?

We BOTH won radio contests tonight. That’s right everyone the golden hands are back!

Unfortunately Kelli won tickets to “Death at a Funeral” so…. yeah won’t be going to see that. Still it’s the winning that matters! Sadie won tickets to……………. MUSE!!!! Awesome?! Yes. Very. Ok…. we’re done.

Hare Krishna

So this weekend was….. AWESOME. We went to the Holi Festival at the local Hare Krishna temple. So fun. Basically it involves people throwing huge amounts of colored chalk type stuff at other people with some added Hindi music playing in the background. Alright and now for another picture mosaic. Sorry we realize this is starting to turn into some sort of photo blog…..

Here is a video of the throw. Skip to about 1:35 for the exciting part.

P.S. How weird is it that that building is located in Spanish Fork, Utah?!? haha

Spring Break 2010

Here is our Spring Break in pictures. :)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Do you guys love the festiveness of the banner??? Today is a great day… and not just because it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Today is also SPRING BREAK and the day we leave on a road trip with some friends of ours. Should be a blast. Expect a full report when we come back. So don’t forget to wear green (it can be painful). BYE!!!