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WAHOO! Happy Halloween. Don’t you just love holidays? There are only two lame things about this one, and that is that we can’t hang out (we always do stuff on Halloween together) and that I have to work pretty much all day in no man’s land. :D Oh well. I’m over it, and this Tiara I am sporting is JAMMIN’! Can’t wait to go home and cut up some pumpkin! YEAH-YA!
Confession: I like that new Dashboard Confessional song “Thick as Thieves”
Some funny things:
-The fact that Jordan has to drive around in my truck with the “If it’s not an Arabian it’s just a horse” sticker on the back.
-The fact that Derek asks for Halloween off every year.
-The fact that our little countdown thing is cutting into the rest of the blog. We are awesome at this html stuff aren’t we?
-Seeing people drive around in their costumes. For some reason it’s funnier to see people in costume when they are driving a car.
Guilty Pleasure: ♥ JONAS BROTHERS ♥

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Costumes I have seen todaySanta- I hate this one and I have seen it in between every class
Scarecrow- some random old lady walking around campus
Hippie- some girl and she and bare feet… that would be so cold
Jack sparrow- some girl… why do girls always be him?
snow white queen- black hood and all she looked quite foolish but at least she is festive
Creepy nerd- I was like afraid of him
Ken doll- IDK if this was actually a costume, but this guy was as much or more Barbie then that kid from our school make up and all. AHHH
Kiss guy- IDK what the motivation for this was … CREEPY

right now I am in the TSC and it is USU idol with Kurt bestor. Some people are just so weird I say… and there are these weird people who want to be famous are here singing like weirdoes. Whoa and this crazy good 11 year old just sang.

Guilty Pleasure- Jonas brothers…. probably until I have listened to that CD to many times to count.

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10:08- wake up, think about not having to work, go back to sleep
10:28-wake up, get out of bed, put in contacts ect
10:44- start on math homework
11:37- finish math homework
11:38- make sandwich, Leave
11:40- drive to walmart
11:41- stoplight
11:45- arrive at walmart
11:50- Locate CD it was not on the NEW realease rack… so annoying
11:51- wait in line for Purchase
11:53- leave walmart
11:54- drive to job
11:59- arrive at job one minute early
Explanation- since its UEA we cant go to the schools. so instead we have been putting up lights in the park for this wierd community thing
12:00- 1:30- Climb these giant trees and twirl lights around ther limbs. the first three or four were fun… the last three or four were not.
1:30-2:30- watch other people climb trees
230- 4:00- CLimb trees
4:05- Leave to go home for class
4:13- get to appartment
4:15- decide I dont want to go to class, I was like exhausted from climbing trees all day… (these were not like good climbing trees. they were the kind with like 4 branches and they are really tall and ugly. I think they are called cotton woods.)
4:20- have chantelle deliver my assignment
5:30- talk to karlie
5:45- eat dinner
… all of the stuff after this is mostly jsut talking to room mates and I just go back from a pizza run with mari.

CD Favs

#3- I way like the begining of this song. its a little addicting just the beat of it… the way he sings is awesome
#4- Idk why I like this one… I guess I just think its humorus. especially the hanson part heh
#7- this one is funy becuase its aother one of their angry ones
#11- this doesnt really even need an explanation… best friend boy, enough said
#16- I liked this song alot before… just because I guess.

Guilty pleasure- Jonas brothers… *sigh*

LKF- I dont like barbeque sauce chips, but I always re try them just to make sure

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Whooo hooo

I just found out I don’t work tomorrow! this is fabulous, because it means i will be able to purchase bonus Jonas in the morning:D Yeah yeah! there is just something good about this week… maybe its because the last one was so unkind. but this weekend is going to ROCK. is Tyler going to be back from Cali or is it going to be you, j-cat,and me? heh we are going to get him so good… and I get off early! yeah!!! do you work Friday? that will be lame if you do but really nothing can dampen these spirits!! aye yi yi! heh did you try to hug an ugly at lagoon again? that was so funny last time haha! today in sociology we had show and tell and my teachers kids brought there chihuahua. I always forget how much I hate them till I see them again. eww. but one girl brought her sugar glider and it was awesome. I want one of those. and a hedge hog. they could be Friends.

I was just listening to wall to wall and had a thought. there should be a CD of all the songs we do specific dances to. suggestions?

Guilty pleasure: 7:05

P.S.- I dont think that you like this song… but still watch 2:13- 2:16… THAT IS AMAZING!! also around 2:54 there is a cool one

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Well today was pretty eventful. Wicked is pretty good as long as you are judging by Lagoon standards. And I saw some really great stuff like a man that REALLY did look like George Clooney.

Also I was just walking by, and I saw this guy sleeping on a bench, and I was like what the heck? I mean he can’t be a bum it’s not like Lagoon is a cheap place to be. Apparently he was just a little tired so he was like oh perfect a bench in a crowded amusement park!

So this is why I asked you if Chantelle was still alive. Apparently she’s been dead for a while. At least that is her name tag. We did not even get invited to the funeral. What the heck!
Apparently Huckle is really lucky, because not only did he find this beautiful pink bat, he also found one of those giant stuffed snakes, and a quarter. The snakes name is “The Snake” but you have to say it a certain way or it just doesn’t work.
Also when you are at a large public place you can overhear some pretty hilarious things.

I want to go on WICKED!
Teen Girl: Your not tall enough.
Kid: What about Piranha?
Teen Girl: I don’t know what that is
Teen Girl: I thought Piranhas were fish.
Kid: Pf! No!

Random creepy punk girl: Me and my friend take showers together all the time! Like save the planet you know? I mean like it’s not enough that we already are wasting water for a shower when people need it to drink and stuff.

Lincoln: Hey! Look I found a quarter!
Huckle: AWESOME! You could feed the ducks.
Lincoln: Who cares about ducks? I’m throwing it in the lake!

Further Proof I Should Never Seek to be a Ballerina: So we are waiting in line for the Haunted House, and while we are waiting we decide to just go through the totally lame outdoor one that you just walk through. It’s for like 10 year olds. Like seriously lame. So anyways we go in there, and there is this creepy wolf guy in there, and Madelyn is way freaked out by him so he is just following us everywhere. She’s like seriously clinging on to me like crazy, and he keeps getting right up to my face so finally I’m like, “Ok Madelyn, we can see the ending so lets just run.” So I start to run, and of course the guy starts chasing us, and then when we are like right at the exit he accidentally trips me, and I just totally SLAM down on the cement. Like way hard! And then he trips on me and falls so it’s like this heap of Wolfman and me. And in front of a ton of people too, because we were right at the exit, and there is just this like collective gasp, and then I’m up in like a split second. Seriously I got up so fast, and then I just start walking away, before the kid has even started to get up. And before anyone even had time to say anything to me. It must have looked hilarious. Some old girl comes running out of the pre-teen spook ally like a maniac and then just totally falls on her face. Yeah that would be me. And I now have a really cool purple bruise on my whole right cheek, one on my hip bone, and a huge one on my knee. Awesome I know.

Update: The Wolfman was seen exiting the park on crutches. Whoops… Just call me Sadie the Werewolf Slayer from now on….

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Another Late night

I don’t really know why I stay up so late… we watched a movie called unbreakable. Idk if you have ever seen it but it is really weird and I don’t recommend it. In fact I would probably say that I hated it. hmmmm. Right now I am like one of those nerdy computer kids… I am sitting at my desk at nearly one o’clock in the morning editing sound files for ringtones. I am pretty sure I am the lamest kid ever. But everyone else is asleep and I am really bored. And not that tired. I took a really long nap today. huuu I should not have volunteered for the howl my friend I really feel like coming home. Mari and Steve made dinner today and that was good times, also Chantelle brought her grandma over, I guess they were in Idaho or something I don’t really know. Faith says her mom can be really intimidating sometimes. This is a statement I agree with. I had to hide a package that Chantelle got so her mom wouldn’t see it which I think is pretty humorous. Ok sorry this is a really boring post. But I thought I should post something today and so I did

Obsession: Big Casino L.K.F.: I like the taste of those square batteries when you put them on your toung

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Well Sarah’s party is about to start, and I just thought I’d get on here, and you know just tell you whats going on. So they have a bonfire outside, and my Dad set up all these lawn chairs and hay bales for them to sit on, and a toilet. Yes a toilet. This is another one of my Dad’s ill fated jokes (there are many). Anyways he thought it would be hilarious. Sarah thought it was the most embarrassing thing on the planet, and so it was moved. Shame really. Now I am being sent off to get 3 dozen donuts. Yay. More updates to come.

Update: This has nothing to do with the party but is hilarious none the less. Sarah just totally fell down the stairs. Like from the top step, and I was there to see it. I love it when that happens. Then she went downstairs, and she was like “I just fell down the stairs!” and my Mom just said all nonchalantly, “Oh. I thought that was Sadie again.”

Update: Well the guest are just arriving. I had a nice little reunion with Chelsea (who is basically the coolest person invited). Ah Chelsea. She’s hilarious. And as soon as I get word Joey is here me and my purse are out of here! Although I was talking to Derek earlier, and we did think it would be fun to scare them. No idea if we actually will though.

More Updates: Well we’ve handed the scaring business over to Zachary and Brett. They are hiding in the trees as we speak. I am being sent out with a note for Joesph that says “Girls rule Boys are LAME!!!” from Sydnie. Also a little earlier I had a rather awkward coversation with Justin on the phone…

Update: Well somehow I got roped into the scaring thing, and Joesph for unknown reasons was in on it too. So there I was in my black cords, grey button up, and the black sequin flip flops crawling in a muddy pipe. Nice huh. I eventually took off my shoes, because they got all wet and I kept tripping causing Joey to offer me his arm too many times (this kid is way too polite) so I just took them off and then I could actually run a lot faster too. Then at the end I accidentally stepped on a Russian Thorn Tree branch and the thorn went all the way up my foot. I didn’t actually notice it much though. Well I felt it go in and I pulled it out, and I could tell it was bleeding, but it didn’t really hurt. Only today it is, and it feels really weird because I can even feel the inside part of my foot that it went up.

Update: Next bit of drama Zach lost my Mom cell phone somewhere out in the field. (We were using them to communicate with each other when we had to spilt off in to twos.) Then the kids went on the hay ride, and Joey actually staid back to help look for it, and expressed a wish to be away from the girls. So for one night at least he was cool, and he didn’t even mention stealing my purse until the very end (sort of spoiled the magic a little). We did not find it.

CMM (Classic Munchi Moment): The horses were all pretty freaked out by all the people so they were like running back and forth non stop so my Dad’s like “why don’t you throw them some more food to distract them.” So I do and Jokkar just keeps running and I’m like “oh come on. It has to tempt Munchi at least!” but then he makes as if he is going to keep running to, and I’m like “WHAT!?!” and then he just stops dead. Runs back grabs a bunch of hay in his mouth and then keeps running.

Just a little side note: We have the annual Family Halloween party today and so Zach was all “I know a costume that will the scare the pants off of everyone!” “I’ll be you!” So now he is parading around in that one black sundress. Yeah embarrassing I know.

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This post will probably not be that great since I don’t actually know what I am going to say in it. That was really funny last night. “So… did I call you or did you call me?” “Well I called you, because you told me to.” “No I didn’t” “Uh yes, actually you did.” Still not used to the new cell phone huh? It is officially D-Day. Sarah’s Party. Luckily I am planning to not be home during this. Me and my purse will be long gone and out of sight. Running as far away from her “so called boyfriend Joesph” as I can get! Hey maybe I’ll just pick me up some of those Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers tickets. They’re in Salt Lake tonight. http://cgi.ebay.com/2-HANNAH-MONTANA-CONCERT-TICKETS-UTAH-OCT-27-SECTION-1_W0QQitemZ130165303118QQihZ003QQcategoryZ16122QQcmdZViewItem You know right after I buy that “It’s About Time” CD.

Guilty Pleasure: S.O.S. – Jonas Brothers (you know in prep for that concert tonight)

Little Known Fact: For a long time I thought Ciara and Missy Elliot were the same person, although I have no idea why. Just know that the line “shake it like Jell-o” takes on a whole new meaning when you are as confused as I was.

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I think it must be world wide pajama day. I saw like 4 people in pajamas at Jaumba Juice. That sort of thing is normal at like Walmart but not really other places. I remember those days. Sometimes I just really miss elementary school. I mean recess! Recess was awesome. Your right. That Jimmy Eat World song is totally addicting. Now I will probably end up buying it.

Things that are funny:
The fact that Santana looks way different than I always imagined him.
Colby’s new haircut. It reminds me of the army. Which made me wonder is he in the ROTC?
The scary bald guy in Lifehouse thanking Michelle Branch.
The boy who works at Jaumba Juice’s hair cut. I’m serious it’s hilarious. You’ll have to see it.
That blog you posted. That teacher is hilarious.

P.S. Can’t wait for next weekend which will be double fabulous. :D

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I’m bored

And since I am bored I am going to post even though I did like three times yesterday…So the new phone… It’s hardish for me to text on but I am sure it will get better. I accidently put the wrong number in for Brent and some weirdo guy called me because I had to send out one of those I changed my phone number texts. Whoops. I really hate having a new phone number in case you were wondering its one of my pet peevesToday was Pajama Day at the elementary, I wore my pajamas to work. It ROCKED this school is so many times better then us… I am so jealous, they also get to dress up for Halloween but I won’t be there on that day. This is unfortunate indeed.

Yesterday I had to take Chantelle to Brigham City to be picked up because apparently she is deathly ill. Nothing sucks like being halfway home so close to the weekend and not being able to go home. PSH a small part of me was like geeze I should just drive all the way home:D

Today’s numbers

1- the number of packages Chantelle received
3- the number of twin pops I have eaten
7- number of times I have walked into the kitchen hoping that something new and interesting would be in there and been disappointed
14- the number of texts I got immediately following sending a text saying my number changed
25- the number of times I have listened to Big Casino by jimmy eat world since I bought it at like 2. I highly recommend it

heh I really like to read this blog: http://www.hoboteacher.com/blog/


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