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We got our Christmas tree yesterday, and today I went Christmas shopping. Definitely a fantastic activity. It just puts you in the Christmasy mood! I love people that are easy to shop for. I.E. Sydnie. She wants everything. Bad example: You. I always have the hardest time figuring out what to get you. (Hints would be welcome) So on this little shopping excursion I went to the local Barnes and Noble, and I saw an interesting thing…. it was a lady with a mustache. And I don’t mean some wispy little hairs… it was a SERIOUS mustache, and I don’t know if I need to remind you or not, but I was at Barnes and Noble not a circus.

Guilty Pleasure: Romeo: Basement Jaxx
Obsession: Starlight: Muse


P.S. You forgot “mucho love” You always tell me you hate that, and for a good reason.

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Toodles will take the prize as numero Uno. Nothing is annoying like someone saying tootles or Toodleoo. Who even invented that??

Saying “human” or “humongous” or that kind of word with out the H. “Uman”, “Umongous” it just seems ridiculous.

That rubber and glue saying from elementary. It bugged me then and it bugs me now I don’t really know why, Β but really I’m like rubber your like glue? There is nothing great about being rubber, and besides that means if you were like “wow you look really cute today!” and the other person was “rubber” they couldn’t even have the compliment.

Oy vey! is next… I say exclaim in English if you have to exclaim

People who say don’t got. In Jr high, kids said this all the time and I just never understood why. I don’t got no pencil!

Guilty pleasure- Thant Hannah Montana song. See you again. how annoying I hate it when I like really annoying music

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A report

Purchase report-
-A weird blue velour stocking (its a roommate thing we are all matchers)
-A Fake christmas tree from your favorite store
-Various cheapo ornaments from all a dollar
-indoor out door lights for my window
-Some garlands and tinsel (we now have a tinsel chandelier which is awesome)
Chantelle bought a table from the DI which is now our Christmas trees table but also has storage and can double as seating once the tree is gone.

Weather report
-First snow I have actually witnessed in Logan (if this hinders my drive home I will hurt someone)
-according to the news first measurable snowfall
temperature cold, but luckily i spent minimal amounts of time outside today
-wind blowing (tomorrow morning is bound to be miserable)

School report
-At work the kids got like obsessed with my boys don’t fall for me I trip them key chain
-I have a whole load of stuff i should be studying instead of writing this, Like sociology and an English project. heh I rock at life

Apartment report
– We are now decorated for xmas
-our coffee table now resides in the middle of our room instead of the side much to Chantalle’s delight
-I finally got new food so I’m not starving but I drank all my milk. lame

moral- medium I am actually having a good week but I am still just a little depressed that Tyler is going to be gone next week! ahhh CRAZY! It will be so wierd! and then he’ll be the missionary kid… hmmm

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Well today has been a long day. Mostly because we woke up so early. As you all should know it is BLACK FRIDAY! So we up and waiting in line in the freezing cold at Target. The people around us thought we were totally insane, because we don’t actually go to get something. We just like to watch people be crazy. Like people who need a cart DESPERATELY because they have SO much stuff, but of course you can maneuver yourself a lot better with out one. Or the people who the people who just run around yelling things like “B 45! B 45! Aisle 2!” Also it’s the only time of the year that people are allowed to shove you and not say sorry. So in honor of this lovely holiday here is a guide to having fun in stores/shopping centers.

How to Have Fun While Shopping
by: Sadie and Kell
  • Three words: Shopping Cart Racing
  • Hide and Go seek (especially if it’s unplanned)
  • The toy section. Enough said.
  • Looking at all the weird things (i.e. Zac Efron pillowcases) and then imagining the people who have them.
  • If there is clothing: Ugly Clothes Game (look forward to learning more about this in a future “Guide to Having Fun” post.)
  • Have them page random people on the intercom
  • Sample Day
  • Testing nail polish (might not want to do this at Claires)
  • Take random crazy pictures (not recommended at the mall)
  • Run up the down escalators, if no one is watching.

Random fact about Black Friday: It’s called “Black Friday” because it puts retailers in “the black.”

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Christmas Is In The Air

YAHOO! Can’t wait for tomorrow man! I’m in a wild mood, because I am SOOOO excited. Me+You+Empty House. = Loud music, running around, grocery sack sliding in the living room, jumping on couches, and tons of sugar intake. Can’t WAIT! It’s going to be freaking amazing. So also. I have been listening to Christmas music all day today, and I am in the best holiday mood ever! Don’t you just love the holidays? They are fantastic! I totally can not wait for December, and snow, and sledding, and shopping. Wahoo! Christmas time is awesome. I think I actually like the build up to Christmas better than actual Christmas, because it’s like before Christmas everyone just walks around with a smile on their face, and you got to see lights go up, you get to shop for everyone and just imagine their reaction, and there is still that anticipation. Everyone is just so happy! I love it. Another excellent thing about Christmas is that giant stocking joke. I need to go get me a new one sometime soon. heh! As great as Christmas music is though…. it does have it’s downfalls

Top Three Annoying Christmas Songs

  1. Homeless
  2. Santa Baby
  3. Christmas Shoes

Even with that though… Christmas just rocks! And hopefully I can run to the store and get me a giant stocking and some Tiki Punch after work today. Wish me luck! Have an excellent time at your cabin with your fam!

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So we are having this awesome sleepover and we decided that we would have this weekly joint post that shares with you our ideas for living life to the fullest. Heh! So here it is! Edition #1
by Kell and Sadie

1. Being hyper is the most important thing when having a sleepover. This can be achieved a number of ways. One way would be to drink lots of Tiki Punch which in ACT language would be: Gasoline is to car as Tiki Punch is to awesome sleepover. Putting extra sugar in your Kool-aid (double should do it). Jumping on the couch or bed (this always works).

2. Staying up late is another must (Being hyper will help with this).

3. Listening to crazy music. Crazy music can be almost anything, but here are some prime examples just to get you started:

4. Play MASH to all hours of the night. This is more fun with paper and pen, because then you can add categories that are funnier i.e. wedding ring, honeymoon, wedding colors, etc. but you can do it online too, and also this counts for you which is faster http://www.playmash.com/

5. Talking about really pointless things especially if it is really late and you are tired. (This sort of just happens on it’s own)

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“Almost 96% of people marry their high school sweethearts. Because you opened this you will get kissed on Friday. By the person you love or like! & tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Do not break this chain! Repost this as “High School Couples” You got 2 minutes this is not a fake…apparently… copy and paste this to as many ppl in the next 10 minutes and you WILL have the best day of ur life 2morow. You’re number one will either KISS, ask u out, or call u. if u break this chain the little girl from the ring will be in ur room 2 nite!!!no send back!”

That was an e-mail I got from Elyse. I object. 96 percent?!? Yeah right. So out of that 96% how many get divorced? I’m betting 99.99999999%

Obsession: BOYS LIKE GIRLS (Hero/Herorine and Five Minutes to Midnight)

P.S. My msn email WORKS!!!!

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Well that was pretty much AWESOME! We are totally going to more concerts from this point on. So I am like spilling over with energy still, I keep jumping, and then I get really weird looks which I suppose makes sense.

Highlights of the Night:

  • Us looking for Justin and Tyler and Justin totally saw us, and just made fun of us. Like wouldn’t normal people wave or stand up so we could see them better?
  • People cheering really loud when Jerrytown said it was their last song. It would totally suck to be an opening band.
  • Ryan Peek, who hates you, being two rows down from us, and also behaving like the maniac that he is.
  • Us jumping and screaming and just generally being wild and crazy, Tyler dancing, Dustin shaking his head around, and Justin standing there with his hands in his pockets the whole time.
  • Justin’s brother wanting a picture of Sarah so he can make fun of her for thinking he had a mullet.
  • Watching all those girls freak out whenever the lead singer threw his empty water bottle out to the crowd.
  • Justin making fun of those girls by screaming really high pitched. I’m serious, I wish you had been standing by him so you could have heard it, because it was hilarious.
  • The fact that the main singer’s name is “Martin”
  • Tyler not being able to handle the bright lights, because he’d just had his eyes dilated.
  • The main guy, Martin (heh), totally looking like a panda.
  • The entire band’s pants…. haha what the heck!
  • Us at the gas station afterwards…. people think we are crazy (and most likely we are).

Obsession: BOYS LIKE GIRLS (mostly “Heels Over Head” still)

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Running and screaming

So today I wore my Boys Like Girls shirt, I go to work, and walk into the second grade classroom and they are in the middle of like a little class math activity, one kids turns around and really loudly says “BOYS LIKE GIRLS! GROSS!!!!” and then of course the whole class just like busts up laughing. and the poor substitute didn’t even know what to do. heh elementary substitutes were so cool

All day I have been just like randomly breaking into boys like girls songs, and like as loud as I would have at home, like the top of my lungs. apparently I have no shame. My roommates think I am really weird:D

this is the best part of this post you will love it…. SO I am driving to work today, Jamming out you know to boys like girls of course, SO I am listening to hero heroine. and I am just like thinking…’ this song is so weird, what does heroin have to do with being a hero, that is so weird’ and then I was wondering why a band would be talking about doing heroin, nobody admits that… after mulling this over oh you know pretty much all day it finally occurred to me that he was talking about a heroine not heroin. needless to say it was very confusing

I am still like wired from that concert OH MAN!!! that was so fun, and it was hilarious when we were dancing around the gas station. Obviously we should repeat that experience, we can just choose some random parking lot. and right now boys like girls makes me way hyper. heh I accept your decree for another Sleepover we will be hilarious

obsession: anything Boys like girls particularly broken man, Also general concert stuff

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Dance hall drug

(Apparently Justin forgot to take it.)

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