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Oooh, Gift Baskets!

While my job is really boring and they apparently don’t even know how to spell my name (Saidie?) they do give an awesome Christmas basket. Gourmet popcorn (I gave this to Sarah), Gourmet Chocolate dipped pretzels (Delicious), Some fancy food stuff that I probably won’t eat, The Trans Siberian Orchestra CD (yeah I don’t really care about this so I gave it to my Mom), and a $25 gift card to Target. So I guess really just the last part is awesome, but it is truly awesome! Gift cards are great because they are like an excellent excuse to waste money. You can’t save it. You can’t put it in the bank, and you aren’t actually spending anything. So it’s like begging to be wasted, and if we are good at anything we are good at wasting money at Target. I love Target (we both do, we spend a lot of time there for some reason).

Gift baskets remind me of Pocahontas.

Wiggins: Do you think we’ll meet some savages?
Governor Ratcliffe: If we do, we shall be sure to give them a proper English greeting.
Wiggens: Ooh, gift baskets!


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Well, it’s time for the world to know about the Ugly Clothes Game. Probably one of the best games ever invented, and since we mentioned it a couple of times in here we thought we’d make it the joint effort of the week. Enjoy!

How to Play The Ugly Clothes Game
by Sadie and Kelli

This game takes at least 3 people, but is better with more. Basically each player is assigned another player and they go out and try to find the ugliest clothes possible. Then everyone has to try on the clothes given to them by the other player. Everyone comes out wearing hideous clothes, laughing ensues, and whoever chooses the worst outfit wins and gets to pick who they want to choose clothes for next.

Helpful Hints and Tips:
Department Stores work best (bigger dressing rooms/more ugly clothes)
Always browse the clearance racks
Mix patterns and colors you usually wouldn’t
Don’t be afraid to venture into the Granny Section

May get kicked out of JC Penny’s if the dressing room is small.**

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Ok, I don’t know how I’m going to get through this. I have tears streaking down my face. OH MAN! So Carson called my Dad last night because he wanted to ask Sarah to the dance while we were at church today. Sarah ended up getting a headache and having to stay home from church. So we are coming home from church, and we see two police men walking up our driveway and two police cars parked on the curb. Immediately I knew exactly what happened, and just started laughing wildly. They probably thought I was a maniac. But oh man! It’s just too funny! So I guess Sarah’s in her room trying to sleep away the headache, and she heard them setting up on the porch, and they weren’t exactly trying to be quiet thinking no one was home, and at the same time she can hear Jordan walking around downstairs, and she didn’t know he had stayed home from church. So she is like freaking out and she called 911 to report that someone was breaking in to our house. So then the police like knock on the door “This is the Police,” and then they see Jordan dressed in his pajamas…. Oh wait. You live here? Oh. Right…… The best part is that I totally called it when my Mom said Sarah was staying home. Oh man! CLASSIC! And we thought the bears was good. Obviously we had no idea.

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So when I got the Christmas quilt picture it set me off thinking of the random things I think about when I think about Christmas…. here’s a few-Your dad falling down the stairs and trying to save him self on the thumb tacked up quilt
-Your mom having us watch pat a pan. and she always says the same thing but I don’t remember what is now
-Your mom only seeing the most unfortunate part of movies
-Ice skating with your ward. insert comment about Jordan being a figure skater. that should have been in his star profile.
-Eric and Brent hurdling over our couch in the living room because it is flipped the other way.
-Zachary Playing the same ridiculous Christmas song over and over until everyone in the house wants to break the piano
– You and Sarah singing that sister song
– Sydnie going through the toy catalogs and wanting everything
-Jordan your dad and Rhett playing dance dance that one year
-Your mom always demanding that the TV go back downstairs but it always takes like 2 weeks for it to actually go.
-Annihilating your dad at wave race.
-Drinking like 4 cups of hot chocolate a day

** you know what annoys me? people who put wreaths on their cars…
Guilty pleasure-be as… that song just makes me laugh


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Lately we have been noticing that horse gear is kind of high fashion. So today I was looking at the horse catalog websites in my favorites and I found some great fashion for our next riding adventure.

What guide to bad fashion in the horse world would be complete with out the formidable overly sparkly slinky? This one reminds me of “fruity pebbles.” And really this was just on the first page. I’m sure if I would have kept looking I could have found an even uglier one, slinky makers love cheetah print. Remember spending hours and hours looking for decent one?

OK so obviously breaches are never very attractive, but that’s not even the worst part. First of all these are apparently “low rise” breeches. So you know…. totally in style, but what else can we do to make these even cooler… hmmm… well aren’t 80’s coming back? Leg warmers it is! Oh wait…. just pink knee high tights, and weird ankle boots… ankle boots are in.
Keep that pesky sun from your eyes, with these sierraclubish/cartoonish/plasticy sun visors!
This is my favorite. I mean like a helmet isn’t totally nerdy enough. And then you add the sequined cover (Are you also being haunted by memories of the purple helmet cover girl with the fake plastered on smile from all the horse shows?) Then since it’s winter you add this great little warming/bank robbery thing. If I was into wasting money I would totally buy you one of these for Christmas.

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Weekend Plans

Here is just a little list of some things to do this weekend (when it finally gets here).

  • Our awesome little “party” Including, candy, music, and chick flicks… Sweet.
  • SHOPPING EXTRAVAGANZA! We will be shopping fiends. Nothing works better than retail therapy ask anyone.
  • I was listening to the radio yesterday, and there was a commercial for “Zoolights” That might be fun. It’s only $6. We have been wanting to go to the Zoo for a long time, and this is like combination Zoo animals and Christmas Lights. Plus apparently they have these special lights that’s you can only see with these special little glasses… that seems amusing.
  • It’s supposed to snow again Friday night. Let’s go riding! Can you say Mitten Game? Plus Horses always make me happy “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness obviously didn’t know where to buy a horse”

My Shopping List:

  • Jewelry– all kinds, but as you probably would have guess mostly earrings. I love earrings. I need new ones!
  • A new shirt. Don’t really know what kind yet, just a new shirt.
  • Some sweet shoes if I see them.
  • Something for Sarah. She wants a jacket or clothes, but if I can find something more fun I will go with that.
  • Zach…. whoa he is hard. I have no idea what to get him. Although I guess he is kind of clothes fiend these days too.
  • This weird scrap booking thing my Mom wants. It’s at Michael’s.
  • Something for Jordan and my Dad…. yeah. No idea. They are super hard. I thought about getting my Dad this cool China book that had like customs, and places to go see and stuff, but I don’t know. Maybe not. I am going to make him a new Jack Johnson CD since his is scratched. I know you love Jack Johnson want me to make a one for you too?Jordan is basically just impossible.

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For Sarah

I wonder if there are bears at our park…. :D heh

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