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Flat tires

I thought I had a Flat tire today… my Car seemed a little off and I have this paranoia about flat tires because I got so, so Many in high school. SO Being the smart, clever girl I am what did I do?? Yeah, I called my mom. she says to check the pressure. do I know how to do that? NO! do I have a tire Gauge? NO! DO I want to ask for help? NO! but I end up having to do this anyways. SO I go to the tire shop and tell them I think My tire is Flat but I am not sure… They laugh at me and then check it. apparently my tire is fine. whew. what a relief. I did not want to have to drive home on the spare. or have them have to change my tire for that matter. Was the boy who checked my tires Flirting with me? YES! Was he olderish and not that attractive? YES! Did he make fun of me for not liking the cold? YES! Did he dis on my car and then brag about his truck? YES!! … sometimes people are just so…..

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Unusual Names

I was on this top baby names site…. found some prizes in the “unusual” section

Anchor- like what are you going to call them? anch? and are you going to like make their middle name ship…

Avalanche- this is a mouthful.. like if you are angry it seems pretty difficult to say without laughing… because your like AVALANCHE!!! like if you are at the grocery store… people would be like what the devil? that person is crazy

Blaze- this is one of my favorites…. Like it is just a cool name… but no one else would have it… and it sortof reminds me of Dash which I also like..

Burr- nothing says your parents love you like Burr

Canyon- I like this name a ton…. its sort of like Blaze.. different and awesome

Favorite- imagine how everyone else in the family would feel

Flame- This name is cool in general too. people would think you were so awesome if that was your name

Guardian- If you name a child this you forever have to speak to them like they are a transformer

Hoby- in case you cant decide if you should go with Moby or Hobbes

Memory- another one with a crappy nick name.. mem… pffff

Philosophy- Another mouthful… like they could go by Phil but philosophy sounds like a girl name..

Racer- This one is pretty cool… but pretty random

Legend- I actually sort of like this… but it would be weird in a way too

Quintessence – that is another one that just seems difficult

Sincerity- I always think it is sort of funny to name your child some sort of virtue… what if they are like the opposite?? Like tender… or mild…. heh

Timber- Sort of like avalanche… Yelling this is bound to make you seem crazed

Wyler- in case you cant decide whether to go with wye Lee Or Tyler…

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You are so right the blog has been neglected. Especially from me! What the heck. And really, what is up with all the extremely boring blogs of note. Last week there was some boring bird watching one. Today we officially enter into obsession. I want those Jonas Brother concert tickets SO SO SO bad! Hopefully we don’t dissolve into screaming fan girls, but no promises. I will look for some night and day! No sleeping… well ok…. for awhile… so I can dream about the concert. I have faith though. eBay is a beautiful thing. I mean those Jazz tickets I scooped up were red hot :D Whoa. Is it really possible to be this obsessed so suddenly? So I finished watching The Horse Whisperer and now I want to ride SO bad. What’s up with it being night? Lame! I want to ride really bad. Whenever I watch horse movies I want to ride like crazy. It stinks not having you here to ride with though. But still I don’t care how cold it is tomorrow I will be out there. I will most likely look like a Yeti after I put on all my layers, but I couldn’t care less.

Things I Am Looking Forward To:

  • The Jazz game tomorrow (YEAH-YA!)
  • That amazing concert
  • Not having to work tomorrow
  • Super bowel Sunday

Things I Really Want To Buy, But Shouldn’t:

  • Concert Tickets
  • A Jazz T-shirt (with either Boozer, Okur, or Korver on the back… haven’t actually found and Korver ones. Probably because he isn’t even a starter)
  • Shoes (I am randomly in a shoe phase which is weird. I’m not a shoe girl really)
  • That StupidCupid T-shirt from Threadless

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Blogs of Note

I was browsing blogger today, decided to have a look at the blogs of note. Apparently the reason we have not been chosen is because we are far, far to much fun. People would be like WHOA! cool crazy people. but luckily blogger would not do that to the world. that’s where this guy comes in. http://pacifistundeadpriest.blogspot.com/ talk about no fun. I mean do lots of people really read his blog? because I read the first post and Almost died of boredom… Also view this gem http://chihuahuacraziness.blogspot.com/ the title obviously shows that its no good, I mean Chihuahuas? ew. they are my least favorite of all dogs. Jordan should start a blog on techno music, or that other war game he plays. Actually both. I bet it would be huge.

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SO the blog has been… a little neglected. But good things shall come once we get some video blogging done. Anyways. today I was wasting time as per usual and I was like wow there are things on the internet that are really a curse to the modern college student. Face book, MySpace, random games, The blog… ECT. my down fall? YOUTUBE I spend way way more time there then I ever should watching Music videos. So I just was thinking maybe a Post about you tube was in order.

Most random MVAround The World … I mean that song only says 4 words… and the dancers?? weird
Most frightening MVBird and the Worm … what’s up with the couch like, eating him?
MV’s people made that make me laugh-
Picture to Burn– Tons of girls made a video out of this.. its just one of many.
Hey Juliet-a part of me just finds these facial expressions delightful
Nothing better– young drama students… heh love it
Best MV from back in the day- Upside down
Most addicting little song clip- Soda pop
Most unfortunately addicting song- SOS

Obviously I could go on. but I am feeling a little done

P.S. a Hercules moment…
Guy in puffy coat to NYU student: Hey, you — you wanna buy a puppy? [Opens coat revealing puppy.] It’s cheap.

must love overheard in New York

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Brought to you by Eric Freeman

So Last Sunday we are all watching football. my brother Eric is a huge packers fan, So I like them as well because they are the games I watch. So Brett Favre gets the ball and is Looking for someone to throw to some Seattle seahawk trys to tackle him but fails, simply putting him off balance. he stumbles a little then… MID FALL he tosses the ball and Donald Lee catches it. Eric totally freaks out.

Eric-oh my gosh that was so amazing
Me- yeah that was pretty cool
Eric- Brett Favre is my hero… He’s going to be the next prophet
Mom- What?? ERIC!!! how could you say that?? *more ranting*
Eric- ok did you see that pass? he is INSPIRED!
Mom- *more ranting* I cant believe you would even say that! *storms out of room*
Me- Hysterical Laughter
Eric- *muttering* he is so amazing
Me-more hysterical laughter

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Things that Delight me

1. Boys who hold their girlfriend’s pink, purple or obviously extremely girly purses or backpacks. I always wonder if its a blow to their masculinity
2. People who dance in their car. It makes me feel less alone. I also like to guess what song they are listening to
3. People singing out loud to their Ipods. Bonus if they’re are singing in another language
4. The Professor who rides his unicycle across campus even when its 6 degrees
5.The people who chase after the bus… I have never seen it wait… but I have witnessed many chases.
6. Making faces at people I catch looking at me. this has only happened like twice, but I think its going to be a tradition.
7. When I see other people on their laptops playing solitaire and I always think about their moves. The down side of this is people can also watch me play. This is especially embarrassing when I play easy.

P.S. I almost lost my life walking home from campus today. I slid down the path that goes down to the apartments. Lucky no one was there to witness this embarrassing moment.

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