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Nothing Really…

I actually have nothing to write about right now, but I am pretty bored and I was on here. Plus I’ve been a little slow on my posting lots lately. Here’s just some random things that happened today.

  • Zach got his new guitar. It is pretty awesome. I mean it’s red, shiny and new, but he totally still owes me $30.
  • I had an important realization. Ice cream is way better in cone form. Why would you ever order the bowel when you could have a cone?
  • 8 days until SPRING BREAK!!!! Can you believe it’s that close? I was sort under the impression that it was forever away. Not the case!
  • 63 Days until SUMMER. Which seems like a lot, but it’s not. That’s like 2 months and a day or something. Not to mention weekends and Spring Break. Plus it might even be sooner depending on how finals week works out. Can’t wait…. sort of….
  • I went horseback riding…. it is very muddy…

Listening to: Sadie- Alkaline Trio (which makes me feel kind of self obsessed or something, but I actually like that song, and I don’t think it’s because it’s called Sadie. It’s not like it’s very complimentary “your on your own my little nightmare” I mean I would hope no one’s said that about me.)

Quote of the day: (In honor of your day) Kelli: I want to be a ballerina! *attempts twirl, but falls on face*

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I hate glasses. I hated them ever since I got them. I remember crying and crying when i had to get them and looking back my eyesight was way way better then. I got them in 5th grade. And I couldn’t see the board very good and my teacher used colored chalk making it even more difficult. SO my mom got me some and I would wear them only if I had to. By 6th grade I had succeeded in getting contacts. Ahh what a relief I don’t really know why I hate glasses. I just do. Some people even like the way I look in glasses. I do not belong to this category. Anyways yesterday evening after I got back to school, I rubbed my eye and my contact fell out. I searched all over for it but to no avail. I overturned my room looking for a new one. No dice. So I resignedly put on my glasses. This is the first day in SEVEN YEARS that I wore glasses to school. I didn’t wear them once all through high school. I have not worn contacts for day before but you can’t really do that in school. so here is documentation. the only two pictures that are even in existence of me wearing them. AHHH

P.S. I am slowly refiguring out photoshop. awesome job me.

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I was thinking about about bands. And boys in bands. Boys in bands have a tendency to be really unattractive I say. Like yeah there are totally some way attractive ones, but it always happens that you like hear a song and are like whoa that guy sounds really hot… But then you look at them are and are like WHOA!!! Some examples:

Lead singer from plain white tees. every one hears Hey There Delilah and is like who he sounds hot. my roommate did not believe that this was the man that sung this song until we showed her like the website and everything. However I do think it is awesome that he took the real Delilah to the Grammys with him. Like whoever sings that song should be so so attractive… WRONG! also this MV is so boring

Another great example is the lead singer from boys like girls… Martin. He sounds like way attractive and funny and sometimes he is better looking then other times. It doesn’t help that he always wears belly shirts. Sadie says he looks like a panda. I would say occasionally this is true, but I still have to always remind myself that he is not so attractive. The most attractive member of this band is probably the blond bass? player. and his hair is a little long. even in this MV it is a little confusing as to whether martin is really weird looking or attractive

Cute is What We Aim for is another band like this. except for its mostly just the lead singer who is so weird looking. and his mouth is like HUGE and crooked. Watch this MV to observe this. All the people in this band are a little creepy and aHHH the lead singer paints his finger nails. They all look a little more normal in this mv, but watch the lead singers weird dance moves. I say he stole them from Paramore’s girl also since you know I love spoof MV’s watch this one. Its not really way funny but that guy’s fro is hilarious.

The Lead singer from All American Rejects is an interesting case (guy in the yellow shirt in <–that picture). Like maybe he is attractive but his eyes are creepy. Also… This whole band is like way lurpy. It’s like they are all anorexic together. Check out lead singers jutting cheek bones. but at least he finally cut his hair… what a relief to view old hair view this MV

Jimmy Eat World isn’t as unattractive as some of them but they are not at all what I would expect them to be And they are actually getting really old. I Love that people are always freaking out about them retiring, but they sound really young and it seems like they should look different.

Oh my I almost forgot Motion City Soundtrack. how could I?? I have No idea. I mean really. Check it out… Every single one of them is absolutely weird looking. and what is up with the lead singer’s (in the red) hair? but there songs always really amuse me.

Well this should probably end now its longer then I thought it would be… apparently I have a lot of thoughts and I could probably even make it longer, and I realize that alot of people probably think the people I think are weird are actually attractive. That’s just the way it is.

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Well since we were talking about the eBay money wasters that we have at our house I thought I would make a little list of the worst offenders.

  • The telescope. While this is cool and everything it just never gets used so it seems pretty pointless. I mean I really think we only used it once. Maybe it will get pulled out tonight….. maybe
  • The Sidekicks (2). Actually one was not a waste. It came with a ringtone (and actually it was stuck on that one ringtone) “Mr. P-I-M-P you have a message on line 1” I will never forget when that went off in church. I don’t know that I have ever seen my Dad blush so badly
  • That eBay game. I’ve never played it. Have you? I think Zach did once.
  • We have 12 tickets to some Jazz game. My Dad is taking the scouts, but we still have extra. Oh well I guess I get to go. I’m down.
  • Sydnie’s horse showing shirt. It’s so cute, and it wasn’t that expensive, but still…. never been used

P.S. I feel bad for that guy. Not only did he get pulled over he got laughed at and then the story was spread on the internet. :D

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I don’t know that this is really something people know about me but I have a bit of an obsession with people getting pulled over. I am terrified of it happening to me and there are alot of funny stories that could be inserted about that, but I prefer not to tell them and this post is not really about that. So just know that being pulled over is like a deep fear of mine. So I was driving to work today and was on just one of the logan neighborhood roads speed limit: 25 mph , now I was a bit late so I was probably going about 30 mph. Suddenly this guy in some nice tricked out car just ZOOMS past me and I think to my self wow I hope he gets a ticket. So I drive about 1 second more and this police car peals out of the church parking lot. For a milisecond I am concerned that I have done something wrong and then I realize YES, he is totally going after that speeding guy!! I have ALWAYS wanted to see this happen to someone… I dont really know why, Its a little evil of me but really, what a sucker.

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Today at the elementary school I was in the faculty room getting a puppet show ready. I was walking around and noticed that there is a garbage can specifically for pop cans. (Way to save the world school!) So anyways I take peek at the contents because I am curious by nature. I did not expect to see what I saw. That garbage can was nearly full of soda cans. And these aren’t just like the weak sauce mini cans oh no, they are big enough that I could totally hide inside. Teachers drink ALOT of soda. I mean the day was barely half over, and it’s not like the janitor doesn’t take out the garbage everyday. In Elementary our 5th grade teacher was ADDICTED to Diet Coke (a popular choice by the looks of that can). Like intensely addicted. I would bet 3 cans a day… at least. Anyways one time these boys accidentally knocked over her can. And she CRIED! It was so amazing…

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SO my Roommate was telling me about this hilarious boy who was really struggling with some valentines code of ethics. The conversation goes as followsValentines boy- What’s up with Valentines?
Girls- huh?
VB- I was thinking you know who girls always like tell each other happy valentines and give each other presents?
Girls- Yeah
VB- Well, are boys supposed to get each other stuff?
Girls- uhhhh
VB- or are you just supposed to be like ‘Hey man, Happy valentines’? But then some people might think you are like gay because your celebrating valentines.
VB- but I just don’t want to seem rude, you know?? Like, what if people expect me to say it and I don’t?

So obviously this guy was pretty confused… and Actually I don’t have the answer to his question but I do think it is pretty hilarious.

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In honor of Valentines Day here are some types of love and some songs that go with them. This would be longer, but really we are sick of this and want to go do something awesome instead.

Best Friend Boy:
Just Friends- Jonas Brothers
Best Friends- Toy Box
Day Late Friend- Anberlin
Mary’s Song- Taylor Swift
Best Friend Boy List

I Hate Everything About You- Three Days Grace
She’s A Lady- Forever the Sickest Kids

Opposites Attract:

Tear Drops On My Guitar- Taylor Swift
Just The Girl- Click Five
Still In Love With You- Jonas Brothers

Miserable At Best- May Day Parade
Hate (I really don’t like you)- Plain White T’s
Red High Heels- Kellie Pickler
Picture To Burn- Taylor Swift
Takin’ Back My Love- Enrique Iglesias ft. Ciara

One Way or Another- Blondie
What I Go To School For- Jonas Brothers
Every Move You Make- The Police

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Valentines Day is awesome. We really love it. It’s awesome because some random person just decided to make it a holiday because some saint loved to love. Since we love Valentines Day so much we are going to post like ten times. Also we are extra physched because it’s SLEEPOVER time! WAHOO! Check out our extra awesome Valentines Day playlist available for your listening pleasure for a limited time only.

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