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I tried to find a better picture for a while. There are just not many pictures out there… I don’t know for sure, but I think I can guess why…


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Love tuxes hate the hair

I love the Jonas Brothers… I really do. Sometimes you might not believe me. But I was late to work so I could get their CD on the day it dropped. But sometimes I struggle with their choices. Joe is my Jonas of choice He is really good looking. And I truly belived his hair couldn’t get worse. And then he goes to the white house corespondents dinner with that hair… Really Joe? whats with the extra fluff and the shwoopy bangs.  But I did enjoy that some one said they were more popular then the president. Haha. And I do love the Tuxes…

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Things I’ll miss

  • The small Campus
  • Having no curfew
  • The million places to eat
  • Having my very own bathroom
  • Having internet acess pretty much anywhere I am
  • Listening to the Teachers in the school I work at gossiping in the work room
  • my cool roommate

Things I wont

  • The smell of the student center
  • The walk straight up hill
  • my filthy apartment
  • The Freezing wind/snow/ice/rain ect. ect.
  • The long drive up through the canyon to get home
  • The lack of any good places to shop
  • Shopping at walmart for my every need… I love target!
  • My lame roommate

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Today was my last day of classes. Which is weird. It also snowed today. For some reason I’m having a hard time convincing myself summer starts in one week…  It’s actually finals week next week, but lucky me I’ve already taken most of mine early so I am almost totally finished. Wahoo!

Things that are awesome about college

  • If the prof. can’t come you don’t have to either. Which is awesome. No more subs, just canceled school which when you think about it is almost the same thing anyways…
  • Less stupid kids (still too many, but way less)
  • Fun people. Fun people go to college.
  • The fact that they don’t even take roll
  • You don’t get a weak sause spring break unless you go to BYU of course, in which case… no spring break at all. Sorry guys…
  • You get to pick everything (Almost). So if you don’t like waking up early you can just take classes that don’t start until 2:00 or whatever. (I am not one of these people I would rather have morning classes so I can get on with my day)
  • Colleges have funner activites then high schools do. Bigger budget I guess.
  • Summer starts WAY earlier

Anyways one of the other best things is that strangers seem to be under the impression that you are very responsible if you are in college even if this is not the case. j/k There are actually a lot of good things about being in college, but the absolute worst thing about being in college is the number of times you get asked what your major is. I’m serious. I’ve never been so sick of answering question in my life. Adults you don’t talk to very much love this question. It’s like when you were in regular school all they ever said to you was “So what grade are you in now?” and you tell them, and even though you just told them the same thing 2 months ago they say “Oh wow! You are getting so grown up”… sometimes launching into a story they remember about you as a baby or toddler. Then when you get to college they ask you what your major is. Everytime they see you. And you just know you’ll be answering this question 12 times every family party for the next 4 years (or more).

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Jokes That Never Get Old

Jokes about peoples names. like My roommate Faith. I don’t think I have made it through a day with her without hearing someone make that joke. Also people who sing the “Kelli Kelli Kelli Kelli” song off of cheers. No I have never seen that show, yes, some clever soul before you has sung it to me.

In high school the kids who said It’s because I’m white, isn’t it?… NO its because you are stupid

Teacher jokes in general. my new favorite is when professors say they ought to be god or something when they turn on their Microphones. this one has alot of variations but they are still not funny.

College kids jokes about not being bale to feed themselves becuae of the cost of tuition. I’ll admit I have made like one of these… but Never again…

Your mom ________________ 

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I am a listener. I love to eaves drop on people. Actually me and Sadie both do. Ssometimes I wonder if people ever think its weird when we are standing next to each other not saying anything and just smirking at each other because we listened in on the same conversation. Some times being a listener can be a little inconvenient. like when you know things you aren’t supposed to know. other times it is just plain hilarious. I think College campus’s are the greatest place for listening in, because no one cares what you are saying… or so you think. Some conversations I have overheard in the last little while…

The Girl who’s dad is going to just kill her because she is pregnant. But maybe if she doesn’t go home this summer she just wont have to tell him… RIIIIGGHHT. that sound really smart.

the sorority girl who is withholding her “sisters” birth control because she thinks she deserves to get pregnant.

The boy who wishes his girlfriend was skinnier. I wanted to kill him. apparently he doesn’t like her curves. and he told her this… Nice.

The boy who want his fiance to work at Papa murphy’s because then he could have free pizza 3 times a week.

The Prank Planning Frat boys. Watch your selves Chi Omega..

All you really have to do is gaze off into space and its pretty much like you aren’t even there for some people. heh love it. I Particularly love fighting couples. like hello? oh yeah EVERYONE can hear you guys… hope thats Ok…


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Well we are super excited for summer. One of the best things about college is the fact that summer comes so early. We are still trying to get used to the idea that we don’t have to go to school at all next month. WHOO! So anyways besides our usual summer activites here are some of our summer goals for the year.

  • Attend a Rodeo
  • Pull an All Nighter
  • Attend the wedding of someone we do not know
  • Wear our shirts backwards/inside out all day and keep a tally of how many people tell us.
  • Do the Sky Coaster (bungee jumping, but not really because you are actually laying down, and it’s more of a giant swing or something)
  • Get a better ribbon in our matched pairs horse show
  • Go to the Fair
  • Go tubing in the pond behind my house.
  • dye our hair a new color possibly purple.
  • Improve at soccer
  • Continue our Team Splash amazingness (we tube a river on various tubes including a Lobster, a Seahorse/Dragon, and a giant sea turtle. And laugh when people are in giant professional rafts)
  • Earn money (college is expensive… espeically when you waste money like we do)

Completed Summer Goals of the past

  • Dye hair blue
  • Meet a dog bigger than Lindsi
  • Give someone a disgustingly made cake
  • Trick someone into thinking we are a foriegn exchange student
  • Go to a Llamafest
  • Take the Lobster Challenge
  • Do the Fair horse show
  • Dye our hair pink
  • Make Team Splash T-shirts (this might not count… apparently you should read instructions before doing iron on transfers)
  • Be in the 4th of July Parade
  • Ride a mechanical bull

P.S. In case you are wondering we don’t ever dye our whole head those colors… although I guess you just never know… maybe when it’s green year…. j/k

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