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Side walk chalk can be pretty entertaining. I mean just ask us SCKM (Sadie, Christeen, Kelli, Maddie)girls. We spent like 3 hours playing with it the other day.

Chalk Art

Us if we were made of Chalk

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Sadies dad turned 50 on wednesday… which means he is pretty much an old man now. We threw him a nice little Hawaiian party… Which he loved… here he is enjoying the spotlight.

The hawaiian Hottie

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So… every year my Family goes to yellowstone for memorial day its my family and my moms sisters family really.  Usually Sadie Comes but she couldn’t this year, so not as fun as usual, but you cant hate on vacations. some generally funny things happened though so I’ll just put them down here. first some quote highlights

My cousin Wes(24) ” Hey look a person wearing a cape!” rolls down window “EXPECTO PATRONUS!” the person wearing the cape looked flabbergasted

Brother Brent (16) and cousin Jeff (19) Brent:”Wow there are alot of Asians here” Jeff: “drive closer dad, I’ll touch them” (sidenote: I am pretty sure this is because we were trying to reach out the window to touch a buffalo earlier in the day. My family makes alot of racist jokes… sorry)

Now a wild life report

  • Bears-7
  • Buffalo-100s
  • Elk-100s
  • Coyote-1
  • Pine martins-1
  • antelope-20ish
  • horses-4 in the park

One of the bears was really cool because we were only like 20 yards from it.

I only saw two geysers, I was going for Zero but its hard to avoid seeing old faithful when your cabin is practically next door and everyone walked to this one little one called anemone so I couldn’t really stay behind. The breakfast that we go to every memorial day was as nasty as ever. I Swear they have the worlds grossest eggs there. blah. The boys invented a new game… I don’t know the name of it. but it consists of one person throwing a snowball and aiming for the other persons face, and if the person being thrown at flinches they get white washed, you are not allowed to close your eyes or run. Boys ar such morons.

 P.S. Hey just a girl heres tagging you for our three things post.


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Things I Want to Do

  • In the summer I live in flip flops and Old Navy has those ones in every color imaginable for like 4 dollars or whatever. I need to go pick up some new ones
  • Horse Grooming party (before horse shows we just have this big groom fest, it takes hours, and somehow all the dirt/hair that was once on your horse ends up on you, but it’s truly fun somehow)
  • Go to Bear Lake…. living in Utah means your beach options are fairly limited, but I seriously love the lake.
  • Go buy some new books to read. In the summer I read a lot. I wake up unseemly early for a teenager on summer vacation and thus have a lot of extra time on my hands in the morning. Which would be why I am doing this extremely pointless post right now.
  • Finish the Summer ’08 mix CD. You just can’t survive summer without a great mix CD you can listen to with the windows rolled down.

Summer Goals For This Year We Have Already Completed:

  • dye our hair a new weird color…. purple…. It’s already faded out though.
  • Go tubing in the pond behind my house

Also Kelli I guess I’m finally ok about American Idol. I don’t know why it made me sad. I always thought David Cook would win, but I just think David Archuleta is better and deserved it more…. oh well. Oh yeah and have fun in Yellowstone. I wish I could have gone oh man. Take a picture of a do not enter sign for me ok?

P.S. If you’ve been wanting to go see Made of Honor… don’t. It’s pretty much one of the worst movies ever. Total waste of time and money. We went and saw it with some friends last night… yeah it totally sucked.

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Sometimes we are pretty embarrassing really. For example here are some embarrassing movies we actually really love and probably definitely shouldn’t….

  • Nancy Drew…. yeah it’s for like 12 year olds, but we really like Ned. Plus it’s just so quotable.
  • Bratz- this might be the most embarrassing, but they do have awesome clothes in that movie, and it just has so many plot holes that it’s hilarious.
  • Brother Bear- We like the moose on this show
  • Sky High- Man we love this show. The first time I (Sadie) saw it I hated it, but then… I don’t know. It just has so many great quotes, and it’s a best friend boy, and it’s just amazing let’s face it.
  • The Goofy Movie- It’s just hilarious that’s all. We totally have it all memorized. We haven’t seen it for a really long time now actually, but I bet we would still have it.
  • Yours Mine & Ours- The new one, because we like the parts with Drake Bell in it.
  • Barbie Diaries- this gave us an awesome idea. When we were in High School we would have “Movie Night” with our friends, but you start watching a movie that starts with “A” and bring snacks that start with “A” like apples dipped in caramel or something to that effect. Anyways it was awesome. Plus this show is a best friend boy too, and in our defense I do have a little sister…
  • Pocahontas- We love this show. It’s totally our favorite Disney show of all time.
  • Saddle Club- It has horses and best friends. Plus horrible acting, plot holes, and bad accents. What’s not to love?
  • Spirit- It’s a horse movie too. We love horses.
  • Aquamarine- you know with the mermaid? I have no idea why…
  • Sleepover- The brother on this show is hilarious. Plus it’s just impossible.
  • Meet the Robinson’s- Yeah it’s for like 7 year olds…. Still hilarious.
  • Ice Princess
  • Kuch Kuch Hota Hai- Ok so I’m positive most people have no idea what this even is. It’s a Bollywood film, and you have read subtitles the whole time, but it’s totally hilarious. We watched in school once when were studying Indian Culture. Only we didn’t get to see the end…. so we ebay’d it. It’s a Best Friend Boy, They sing, they have hilarious dances, and they wear Polo and Gap. It’s hilarious.

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We want to dance like this.

If the video won’t work click here

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3 Things Tag

We’ve Been Tagged by Jen! How To Play This Game of Tag: Post these rules on your blog. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog!

P.S. we are still working out the best way to go about this whole Tag thing. not to say we don’t like them, we just have to figure out how to do joint ones.

1. Finding money in pockets of pants and jackets
2. Riding horses
3. New Clothes

1.Horses/horseback riding
2. People who smile a lot
3. Summer play lists

1. Jelly fish… they are extremely creepy
2. Snakes
3. Open Ocean, and sharks

1. People I know dying
2. Grasshoppers, hate them.
3. Electricity- like it freaks me out to touch electric fences and when I was young that one freaky electricity guy on star wars really creeped me out.

1. Get better Grades next semester
2. Get A job so I can have some money
3. Go someplace I havent been before

1. Get a better job
2. Happiness
3. I want to go to London super bad.

1.Jonas Brothers *sigh*
2. Summer and the fun things I want to do
3. My lap top… yeah I’m obsessed with it

1. My iPod. I’ve starting really obsessing about it and my iTunes library too. It all has to have album art and stuff.
2. Bridals- I kind of collect bridals… not on purpose I just really like them. I have to keep telling myself I don’t need any more.
3. The Jazz. I’m obsessed with the Jazz, and with hating the Lakers.


1. I hate Cleaning my room, but I like to clean other peoples stuff
2. I’m a little anal about Mix Cd’s being just so. I will re do them till they are perfect things like song order really get to me
3. I dont really like chocolate… but I always eat it

1.When I was 9 or 10 I fell down the stairs had a concussion, and went blind for a couple of hours and also lost my short term memory.
2. I’ve never broken any bones or had stitches, but it is not because I am cautious like people always ask me when they find out I’ve never broken bones and such.
3. I fall down the stairs at least once or twice every week. That or hit my head with doors… heh

Whoever wants to do it…. go ahead! We are too lazy to think of people to tag. Too lazy or too blog friendless. :)

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Quote of the night by my Aunt as a direct personal jab to my uncle: “Sure I’ll pass him the potatoes! he needs to eat more and his plate isn’t piled high already.” hahaha I am glad to report that sibling feuds never got old for these two and that the younger always comes out on top.

I also was made to sit through a half hours worth of discussion on whether or not I am allowed to live where I am living next year due to university housing rules.  Apparently I am allowed… I already paid, so shut up already.

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So today, we went to see David Archuleta from American Idol! It was pretty crazy, but hilarious and fun. We took the new Public transportation train dealio. here are the high lights of our trip.

  • The onrey man who didn’t want to admit he was taking the train. Public transit is so second rate
  • The hilarious boy at the train station who told us “We’re going to see Davy!”
  • Stroke of luck, We ride for FREE!! Thank you broken ticket machine.
  • The cool mom who let her children be checked out of school, and later lost one of them. She wanted to seem alot harder then she actually was…
  • Us being dumb, and not knowing what to do when the door shut right in front of us to get off the train. ” uhhh uuhhh what?” man who thought we were idiots “You just push this button” *said in disdainful voice*
  • Small girl from above mentioned family “There really aren’t any people here!” oh you sweet naive little girl. Yes there is.. A ton.. Just wait
  • Unsuspecting woman gateway shopper to us, “Hey guys do you know whats going on here?” us”oh yeah, David Archuleta’s here, you know from American Id..” “OH! riiiggghhht”. like all those screaming fan girls must have been quite the shock.
  • Us being lucky again and standing just feet from where David Archuleta exited his limo. of course we are not wise enough to bring a camera.. psh.
  • The MOB of girls sprinting up the down escalator as he went up the up one. also the up escalator being packed so there was like 5 people a stair.
  • Us being interviewed by a nice reporter who asked what we thought of the crazy-ness
  • The girls, about 10 of them who were all writing their names and numbers down on a piece of paper (ridiculous) and then claiming they were not stalkers.
  • The girl who shrieked in Sadie’s ear about David Archuleta touching her hand. Why is this even a big deal?
  • The girl bragging on the way home about David Archuleta’s camera man breaking her nose. And bragging about how everywhere she goes she see famous people. Sorry buddy, your nose isn’t broken, and lets be honest no one really cares that you saw Hayden Panettiere across the street from you…

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Summer’s all about fresh starts. So we just need to get a few things off our chests. Whoa. Deep breaths.


  • I purposely left time on the microwave because it bothered my OCD roommate, and after she cleared it I would always go put more time back on.
  • Whenever I found bugs in my room I always threw them in above mentioned roommate’s room.
  • Occasionally I put soap on my brothers toothbrush when he makes me mad.


  • I hate gum. I know, I know, everybody loves gum. Not me.
  • I still avoid stepping on cracks in the sidewalk.
  • I used to read my little sister’s diary…. a lot actually…. but she knows, and I stopped…


  • There is a strict exchange rate for our secrets. Like we only tell each other secrets if we can get equally good one from the other person.
  • If perhaps you were parked at the Walmart nearest to us last summer and walked out to see “Just Married” written on your car… yeah that was probably us.
  • We may have looked up Chasing Zoey on youtube, because we really just wanted to know what happened. But really that doesn’t explain why we watched it twice.
  • So maybe our giant iTunes libraries didn’t really all come from the iTunes store.
  • We just might own every Saddle Club DVD available in the U.S.
  • Ummm maybe once we went to a Jonas Brother concert, and we might have screamed like fan girls, and talked about it way too much afterwards….. yeah we know….

The Concert

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