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Mix Tape Monday! Here are some songs about Time.

  • Time & Confusion- Anberlin
  • The Fortunate- Cartel
  • 4 minutes (to save the world)- Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake
  • For the Longest Time- Sherwood
  • Five minutes to Midnight- Boys Like Girls
  • Six minutes- Jonas Brothers
  • Our Time Now- Plain White T’s
  • Nine in the Afternoon- Panic! At the Disco
  • Times Like These- Matchbox Twenty
  • 7:05- Jonas Brothers
  • 11:11 P.M.- All American Rejects
  • Middle of the Night- Sherwood
  • Closing Time- Semisonic
  • Time to Waste- Alkaline Trio
  • Clocks- Coldplay
  • It’s Only Time- Drake Bell
  • It’s About Time- Lillix
  • Time for Me to Fly- Jonas Brothers
  • Hung Up- Madonna
  • That Joke isn’t Funny Anymore- The Smiths
  • Time of Our Lives- Miley Cyrus
  • Bite my Tongue- Relient K
  • Around the Clock- The Rocket Summer

P.S. Isn’t it lame that Panic took out the little exclamation point after Panic…. I think it is. That’s why I left it there.

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OK so not really at all. but I am really proud of my most recent creation… I Made it all by myself! which is impressive considering my skill level. me and scissors and sewing machines? dont really get along. BUT I buckeled down and came up with this! dum dadu dum!  My very own Laptop cover! *deep breaths*

But wait… It gets EVEN BETTER…


Thats right!! its Reversible! haha.

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Things We Love

*Fun Fact: that im picture is actually us talking. :)

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♫Posted on this blog for the world to see♫… Ok I am done now. I don’t know If we have previously discussed the fact that very few photos of Sadie and myself together. I realize this may not seem weird to some of you, but the fact is we have been best friends for 6 years, and have been on vacations and to birthdays ect ect. So I decided to make a photo time line. I Think I am missing only two photos, which will be added later from Sadie’s files.

First Snake river and bear lake trip together

I think. The first Family vacation we went on together. Also Our first fabulous experience rafting the snake river whooo hooo! Age: 13-14

One of our three excursions to EFY.

we should have at least 4 EFY pictures. because we went 4 years. obviously we suck at being our own paparazzi. Age:16

Insert here a picture that will never see the light of day again of us at camp. imagine no make up, huge dark circles from staying up all night and tired smiles. Age:15

yellow stone round one, nice hats

Ahh Yellowstone. Good times. cool hats right? Age: 16 and 17 I believe

Emo day

Us being weird. actually there are more then one picture of this day, but I’m not counting pictures of the same situation. Age: 17

yellowstone again

Yellow stone again. only one picture of this vacation. and I look like a hunch back. Age: 17 and 18


Graduation, age: 17 and 18.

horse show!

Last horse show of the summer, showing off our killer ribbons and prizes. check out my hilarious hyper face. Age: 18

Road Trip

Road trip yeah yeah! age:18

most recent photo

Most recent photo, we are at the hangout and we just colored food pyramids. cool right??

P.S. I am extremely proud of the music notes in the title.

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I don’t really get into the whole social networking thing much. My myspace basically exists just so I can log on when I’m bored and laugh at other peoples pages, but I must admit…. I do love the flair application on facebook. I’m sort of obsessed with it really.

But you know what I don’t get… those Vampire/Ninja/Werewolf/Pirate application things… whats up with that?

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Or our old friend who we never speak to anymore. At any rate here they are Songs about lying, obviously not even close to all of them becuase there are like millions…

One of my fav stick figures

I love that little guy… Anyways…

  • Mix Tape- Brand New
  • Honestly- Cartel
  • Taffy- Lisa Loeb
  • Girls Lie Too- Terry Clark
  • Liar(It Takes Two)- Taking Back Sunday
  • Beautiful Liar- Beyonce & Shakira
  • How To Save A Life- The Fray
  • Something to Belive In- Maroon 5
  • Try Honesty- Billy Talent
  • Shameless- Say Anything
  • Lies- Billy Talent
  • Dance With The Devil- Breaking Benjamin
  • Newport Living- Cute is What We Aim For
  • The Joke- Life House
  • Lie, Lie, Lie- Josie and the Pussy Cats (as in the movie).
  • All Downhill From Here- A New Found Glory
  • Jersey- Mayday Parade
  • This Is The End(For You My Friend)- Anti Flag
  • Don’t Speak Liar- We The Kings
  • Lyrical Lies- Cute is What We Aim For
  • The Fever- The Academy Is…
  • Hold The Door- Armor For Sleep
  • I’ll Believe You When- Matchbox Twenty
  • Lying Eyes- The Eagles
  • Lies- McFly

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Ok so SOMEONE… told me my paint art wasn’t very good. and I was like yeah, I’m no artist, but really how good can you be at paint… here is my very favorite piece of paint art work.

Unless you are looking for my fav. blog paints which are weekend warriors and the punishment. Neither are really fabulous but I enjoy them. But the lake Powell one is my best I would say. I enjoy the shadow of the rocks. and Actually I won the paint contest I was having with my brother. I would post his but he didn’t save it. but here is an example of his.

Unicorn attempt

So obviously I have him beat no contest.. I mean that unicorn looks like it has 3 legs, but one of them is actually a tail. So obviously I can be that bad right? 

and then, foolishly I went looking to prove my point. observe.

Really??? who has time for that?? I bet it took these people like a million years to finish.  But obviously I have a long way to go.

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