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Round 2

I was going to link you back to an old post. but found that I either didnt tranfer it in the move or just never posted it. so I will post both picutres now. as you can tell my paint people have evolved. but it is the same guy.

The first encounter

And now he’s ba-ack


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Dancing Songs! We love to dance in the car and sometimes people look at us a little funny…. but as you know we have no shame.

  • Find a New Way- Young Love
  • Just Dance- Lady GaGa
  • Evacuate the Dance Floor- Cascada
  • Dance Dance- Fall Out Boy
  • Around The Clock- The Rocket Summer
  • Let’s Dance (Dojo Dominating Remix)- Hawk Nelson
  • Send My Love to the Dance floor- Cobra Starship
  • Floor Filler- A*Teens
  • Guilty Pleasure- Cobra Starship
  • Dancing Queen- A*Teens or ABBA
  • Dance Hall Drug- Boys Like Girls
  • Time to Dance- Panic at the Disco!
  • Dance Inside- All American Rejects
  • Lets Dance to Joy Division- The Wombats
  • Take Me On the Floor- The Veronicas
  • Sadie Hawkins Dance- Relient K
  • One Two Step- Ciara
  • That’s Just The Way We Roll- The Jonas Brothers
  • I Don’t Dance- HSM2
  • You Can’t Stop The Beat- Hairspray Cast
  • Step Up- Darin Zanyar
  • Pretty Rave Girl- I Am X-Ray
  • Loose Control- Missy Elliot
  • Let’s Dance- Vanessa Hudgens
  • Shake Ya Tail Feather
  • Hips Don’t Lie- Shakira
  • I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You- The Black Kids
  • Telephone- Lady Gaga Ft. Beyonce
  • We Belong to the Music- Timbaland ft. Miley Cyrus

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One Year Older and Wiser Too

Happy Birthday Kelli!

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I love Friday the 13th. I just think it’s funny. And someday I really want to meet someone who won’t leave their house on Friday the 13th. And when I meet them I am going to run out and buy a black cat just to see what happens when they see it. I don’t really get the whole superstitious thing, but I really like that hotels don’t have level 13s and such. Apparently some Asian cultures fear the number 4 and Italians don’t like 17. Who knew. Msn I guess.

Weird Phobias

  • Triskaidekaphobia- Fear of the number 13
  • Lutraphobia – Fear of otters
  • Didaskaleinophobia – Fear of going to school
  • Novercaphobia – Fear of mother-in-laws
  • Pteronophobia – Fear of being tickled with a feather (AHHHHH!!! NOOO!!! NOT A FEATHER!!!)
  • Alliumphobia – Fear of garlic
  • Rhabdopphobia – Fear of being hit with a stick (that kind of just seems like common sense to me)
  • Ouranophobia – Fear of heaven
  • Kleptophobia – Fear of stealing (like being stolen from or stealing?)
  • Ergophobia – Fear of working and/or being at work

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We LOVE summer. And summer mix tapes rock. Our collection is fairly huge and lucky for you are dear readers we have very few secrets and you get to see into the embarrassing depths of our music collection. EEK. but really its all cool, and you can pretty much guarantee if its a summer song we really do listen to it. Here they are! Songs about Summer!

  • Schools out- A*teens or Alice cooper. (We are A*teens fans)
  • Summer Time- Kenny Chesney
  • Boys of Summer- Ataris
  • Kids in America-Cascada
  • Holiday- Greenday (not actually sure if this counts… but it is a vacation…)
  • Summertime Guys- Nikki Cleary
  • The Drama Summer- Starting Line
  • Pieces of the Sun- Test Your Reflex
  • Perfect Day- Hoku
  • Hollywood- Collective Soul
  • Summer ’98- The Secret Handshake
  • When the Sun Goes Down- Kenny Chesney
  • Seasons- Good Charlotte
  • Mexican Whine- Fountains Of Wayne
  • Summer Girls- LFO (AKA the Chinese food makes me sick song)
  • Last summer- Lost prophets
  • Pocket Full of sunshine- Natasha Beddingfield
  • Summer Love- We the Kings
  • Doin’ Time (Summertime)- Sublime
  • No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems- Kenny Chesney
  • Summer Girls- Stereos
  • Nothing Like the Summer- Carmen Rassmussen
  • Summertime- The Click Five
  • Summer Hair = Forever Young- The Academy Is…
  • Summer ’79- Ataris
  • The Great Escape- Boys Like Girls
  • Summer Fades to Fall- Faber Drive
  • So long Sweet Summer- Dashboard Confessional
  • Summer Is Over- Allred

So all and all A pretty big list, and thats not even including our vast collection of California songs that we usually lump with the summer songs. I was going to go through and order them all from like starting of summer to end of summer but then I just got bored of it. maybe later.

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We realized we sort of aren’t very good at posting in the summer. So we thought of a good idea. Mix Tape Monday! Because really we are kind of weirdly obsessed with Mixes. So from now on every Monday we’ll post a play list. Look forward to it!

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So today we went and to test drive a car. It was a Sabb with a SUNROOF. YEAH! Sun roofs are made for the summer baby. And in this particular car there were some Mix CD’s. Curiosity killed the cat, but luckily we are still alive, and our library is thriving because of it… :) We left out some lame songs, but some of these are still pretty weird, but frankly we think it’s awesome they included The Goofy Movie Soundtrack on their mix. We especially like this Histrionics one. Thank you whoever used to own that car. Our Summer CD needed that.

  • Escapade- Janet Jackson
  • I Don’t Want To- Ashley Monroe
  • Only When I Sleep- The Cors
  • Histrionics- The Higher (Acoustic version)
  • Sugar We’re Goin Down- Fall Out Boy
  • My Mary Jane Shoes- Fergie
  • East Coast Girls- The Beach Boys
  • Until the Day I Die- Story of The Year
  • Tied Together with a Smile- Taylor Swift
  • Stand Out- The Goofy Movie Soundtrack
  • Behind These Hazel Eyes- Kelly Clarkson
  • Aint No Mountain High- The Temptations
  • Vulnerable- Secondhand Serenade
  • You’re Like Comin’ Home- Emerson Drive
  • Renaissance- Matt Kerney
  • How to be Dead- Snow Patrol

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