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Things We Know About Our New Room Mates

  • One is sort of a Vegan
  • One is a vegetarian and her parents own several Sonic restaurants
  • They have friends who seem to love fire crackers. At least if them setting some off inside our apartment while everyone was asleep is any indication.
  • 2 go to BYU and 2 (+us) go to UVU
  • The BYU room mates think our room is very cute
  • The mysterious 5th room mate is named Charlie, and he is a grey kitten.
  • One is allergic to cats
  • One went to Lone Peak High School
  • Two went to Bingham High School
  • 2 are Freshman
  • We think 2 are Juniors

To the people who used to live in our room: Did you guys really have to put up A BILLION little glow in the dark things on our ceiling? We’ve been peeling some off for about 10 minutes everday. We think if we keep doing this MAYBE they will all be gone by the end of the school year.

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The Mysterious 5th Room Mate


That is a great (extremly blurry) photo of some cat shampoo we found on our kitchen counter. When we took out the garbage yesterday we saw some little cans of cat food. We are pretty sure we have a stow away room mate. The idea was slightly coumpouned when our room mate innocently asked us, “So uh… just wondering…. are either of you allergic to cats?”

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Livin’ Large

Here we are repoting to you live from our new accomidations. cool right?  here are some pics.

Sadies Side

Kelli’s side (obviously sadie is neater)

the good news is the closet is Huge. which is Excellent, the bad news is the pantry is tiny. which is a problem because my mom bought e a ton of groceries.

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Today is our blog’s birthday, and so in honor of this monumental day we compiled a list of our fave posts. Sort of a little Academy awards for the blog.

Best List
Winner: Unusual Names
(BFB– In it’s own league)

Cleverest Post
Tie between: How Can They Look So Different Then How They Sound and Movie Cliches

Best Story
Winner: Lagoon Day
Honorable Mention: Tale of Random Boy

Best Picture

We posted this little prize after Sadie’s older brother found our blog. Isn’t he cute?
Jordan’s Star of the week photo

Honorable Mentions: Made My Day
Illustration of Having a Fun Time Shopping

Best Memories
Winner: HOME ALONe

Best Top 10 post
Winner: Top 10 Posts: Sadie Kelli

Best Guide
Winner: Road Trip

Best post about us
Winner: Unique Enough For You?
Honorable Mention: Life Lessons

Best playlist
Winner: Summer Songs

Best Paint
Winner: The Punishment

This is just a little pic for Zach (Sadies little bro) after he crossed the line

This is just a little pic for Zach (Sadie's little bro) after he crossed the line. He's an arachnophobe.

Cleverest Title
Winner: Viva Lost Vegas

Best Comment
Winner:  Fan Girl war zone that is the Tokio Hotel Post
Honorable Mention: Derek: I found your site while searching for: “directionally impaired girl divers” and “the ghost of Victoria Jones”

Most Embarrassing Post:
Winner (hands down): Jonas Brother Acoustic Poem– Are we proud that half our hits come from this ridiculous post? No. Are we complaining? Definitely not.

Best Month:
October – I think there are like 44 post in this month alone.

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Ok so, Its not actually the last day of summer. We don’t start till Wednesday. But Monday is move in day so we wont be home anymore. I used to be excited to go back to school, and I feel like maybe by Wednesday I will be. But right now, when people ask If Your excited for school to start I can barely muster the smile that goes with “yeah it should be really fun”. Anyways. that makes me sound depressed but I was thinking maybe there should be a list for our Best Moments of summer EVER

  • First comes tubing the river. Tubing the river is fun, pretty much no matter what happens. and people just think you are crazy and it is awesome.
  • Chalking at the hang out. Bringing out the kids hidden not very well in all of us. This includes eating Wendy’s like 4 nights of the week.
  • Late night No bake cookie cravings. I love those cookies…
  • Parade of Homes. Stealing candy, Dancing around in the hallways, singing about dead lambs, being crazy. ahhh good times
  • White water rafting on the Snake. Its freezing, Its AWESOME
  • Horseback riding. This Includes Horse club trail rides and shows. Horse club was the best of times
  • Bear Lake. Its just the greatest place, what more can be said
  • The random Nintendo phases Sadie’s house goes through and Everyone gets sucked in. Wave race, Mario Party, DDR, Smash bros. the cycle is never ending.
  • Going to the pool, even though we don’t really do anything
  • Midnight movie showings with the old gang. Huuu I sure do miss all those kids.
  • Sarah’s friends coming over and us acting like crazy people. Dressing up, Scaring them, running through the house doing whatever, getting super competitive.
  • Game nights. I love game nights.

Obviously Its pretty difficult to accept that in a few short years summer with nothing to do will be a thing of the past for me. NOOOO maybe I’ll be a teacher after all.

P.S. obviously we are both feeling pretty nostalic, I didn’t realize that you just posted about all the horse memories:D

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You know what I will miss most when we move away on Monday? Uh… I know my family goes here… umm after that though. Our horses! So in honor of our studly steeds I thought I would post a list of our best horse related moments

  • The time you ducked under a tree and it got caught on the hood of your jacket and then it flinged back and hit me in the face, and almost knocked me off my horse.
  • Munchi’s trip to the Post Office- Ok so sledding behind your horse on a snow tube is an awesome idea. But just a little tip… you probably shouldn’t leave that horse unattended when a strong gust of wind comes and blows the tube up behind it. I wonder what people were thinking when they saw a fully saddled riderless horse with a snow tube tied to it pounding up the side of the road…
  • Horse Club- aw horse club. Who wouldn’t love horse club? I mean a giant club of girls (occasionally 1 boy) who are all totally wimpy when it comes to riding horses and then me, you, and Elyse running around bareback and doing ballet on horses. They thought we were crazy, but we definitely had more fun then them. And Jessica who hates to love us, but just can’t help it. And lets face it did those wimpy girls ever win anything but Halter?
  • Horse Shows- haha must love horse shows and the crazy groom night before where you spend all night shampooing, braiding, clipping, and polishing and then by the end it looks like all the dirt that was once on your horse is now all over you. And we vowed to never win a Halter ribbon, because Halter is stupid and boring. I’m so glad we never won any. Oh yeah and remember the girl we both inexplicably couldn’t stand with the sparkly purple helmet cover and the plastered on smile? Or Elyse’s conspiracy theory about Helen winning all the blue ribbons. Or the time we accidentally wore our numbers on our backs at like Block Buster or Jamba Juice don’t remember which. Possibly both.
  • Jumping Lessons- Yeah! I miss jumping lessons. Those were intense and the girls there were SO NICE! Oh wait… this isn’t a barbecue… right so they were not nice at all. In fact all the girls there were pretty bratty, but jumping was awesome. Remember how sore it made us? Like the day after we’d be walking up the stairs at school and nearly dying. And I got those bleeding saddle sores once. Worth it though. Totally worth it. I love jumping. :)
  • The mitten game. Oh how genius was the mitten game? Very.
  • When we were seriously obsessed with the Triple Crown (and Smarty Jones) and we staged our own races. And made it a movie. That was hilarious. I wonder if that is still on our video camera?

Anyways wow that is long. I guess I’m feeling pretty nostalgic right now. :)

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So it’s the last week of summer and in order to maximize the last fading rays of sunshine and freetime we decieded to come up with a schedule of things we wanted to do this week.

Projected Schedule:
Monday- Work, Practice Smashbros, Ride horses,
Tuesday- College Supply shopping trip, Ride horses,
Wednesday- Pool Day, Ride horses, movie night
Thursday- River Run and ride horses
Friday- Shopping, squeeze in some smashbros practice (we want to win the championship against an arrogant boy) Party @ 7.
Saturday- Pack stuff, Ride horses, last minute shopping, Official end of summer snow cone run.

Actual Schedule
Monday- Work, Shop, Sit around, Made bulletin boards for our new room.
Tuesday- Ride horses, nothing
Wednesday- Almost go to the pool… but then Sadie falls asleep after taking pain meds and best sunlight hours are lost. Next… going to a B-day party causing us to miss Olympics and horseback riding and forcing us to buy a gift.
Thursday- We’ll let you know (Party moved up to today instead of Friday)
Friday- Sadie picks up an extra shift at work….
Saturday- Probably everything but the packing.

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East Coast Songs

  • Jersey- May Day Parade
  • Hey There Delilah- Plain White T’s
  • Big Casino- Jimmy Eat World
  • Williamsburg- Armor For Sleep
  • Coffee Shop Soundtrack- All Time Low
  • Boston- Augustana
  • Leaving New York- R.E.M.
  • Big Apple Heartbreak- Yellow Card
  • Given The Chance- Starting Line
  • East Coast- Saves The Day
  • Manhattan- Say Anything
  • East Coast/West Coast Killas- Group Therapy
  • East Coast Anthem- Good Charlotte
  • Naïve Orleans- Anberlin
  • Devil in Jersey City- Coheed and Cambria
  • I Woke Up In a Car- Something Corporate

West Coast Songs (mostly California songs)

  • California Dreaming- The Mamas and The Papas
  • California Girls- The Beach Boys
  • Dani California- Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Hollywood- Collective Soul
  • The Best In Me- Sherwood
  • California- Phantom Planet (The O.C. Theme song)
  • Slow Down- The Academy Is…
  • Hollywood- Jonas Brothers
  • Little Old Lady From Pasadena- The Beach Boys
  • California- Hawk Nelson
  • Heels Over Head- Boys Like Girls
  • Californiacation- Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Hollywood- NLT
  • West Coast Friendship- Owl City
  • Surfin’ USA- The Beach Boys
  • California Sky- Unwritten Law
  • Back To California- Sugarcult
  • Back Home- Yellow Card
  • Left Coast Envy- Starting Line
  • Hello Seattle- Owl City
  • California Callin’- Enrique Iglesias
  • California Bound- Carolina Liar

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Every So Often

I get the desire to be famous. Till I watch the Olympians who just lost be forced to talk to reporters about what went wrong. Or observe crazy freaky fans. And then I decide probably even the money isn’t worth all that obnoxious-ness.

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I just thought there were some things you should know about us. You know, because we’ve never met.

  • We like really wierd music, and you will have to listen to it if you are in our room or ride in our cars
  • By ourselves we aren’t cocky, but together we think we are pretty awesome
  • We are totally indisisive,  but if you boss us around your going down
  • If you are overly dramatic we will be annoyed and will ignore you. Probably
  • We will have entire conversations you wont understand, probably consisting of, “Remember  that one time?” “Yes! And then..” “Yeah!”

Now, some requests…

I would like one of you to be a serious music purist. Because you will be listening to all those classic bands and we will be listening to Jonas Brothers. I would also enjoy it if you perhaps talked about your contempt for music we like before you know we like it.

I want at least one fo you to be going to BYU so that when we go all UVU obsessed you just htink its wierd. Even better if all of you are from BYU

I would like One of you to live out of state, somewhere cool, So we can road trip to visit you.

Thats all. Have a lovely day.

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