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We have a history class together, and I think it might be my favorite class. The Professor is crazy. Really. She’s a hard core feminist who really wants girls to be added to the draft. She is constantly reminding us that she was a cheerleader. No one is surprised. She yells everything she says with a bark like quality. There are a lot of kids that really try hard to be on her good side. I don’t think any of them with succeed, and it is just hilarious. Plus we’ve made friends with this girl named Kathrine who went to our high school although we didn’t know her back then. She is totally hilarious. Anyways in our class we are starting group projects. We can’t wait. Our group is really interesting.  It has a great variety of people.

  • Us+Kathrine=The Jeebs. Don’t know where the name came from. Kathrine. Kathrine’s mind is where it came from.
  • Group Spirit Boy- This boy is stoked about our group. “Group 2 rocks!” “Yeah! Group 2 is the ultimate group!” What a force of unity.
  • Boy Kelli that hates- He sits next to me and makes a lot of comments usually designed to make him look like a genius but usually having the opposing affect.
  • Boy who sounds like a girl- A LOT. It’s quite shocking really. You have to do a double take every time he opens his mouth.
  • Classic Group Slacker Boy- Comes to group, and asks if it’s “the smart people group”, because he wants to be in group of smart people. I’m sure he will be a great contributor.
  • Chicklets- Girl who Kathrine says has chicklet teeth. Don’t know what this means.

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Tonight we went to our Room mates B-day party. It was quite interesting. Dancing is not really our thing. So we spent the first half laughing at people in the room. Particularly our room mate Annie’s “almost boyfriend” He is really tall and skinny and has a mohawk. He’s white, but he might think he is black if his hair is any indication. He had Chris Brown hair. You know like the little razor cuts in the side… Steps.

Chris Brown is in the Building

The last half we got into it a little more and danced around. But you have to be careful one look at how into the whole thing CB wannabe was and we were seized by fits of laughter and had to go off to the side and regain control.

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Just you wait. Introducing Vogue, one of Sadie’s kittens.

Models definetly
Models definitely


Me and Vogue are practically best friends. And Since I am such a wicked awesome artist and photog I decided I would take a few shots of her. Here are my Fav’s


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I found him while browsing other people with unprotected Itunes library’s on the schools networks. I love that about college. but it makes me wonder how easy I could hack into theses peoples computers, or how easy they could get into mine. freaky. anyways I was perusing his library, he likes the classics, Beatles, Areosmith, The Eagles, U2 ect. Oh and the Mo tab. And Hannah Montana. Cute.

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Check it out yo

These days we twitter.

Fun right?

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So the other night me and Kelli decided that we would actually attempt to cook something for the first time. (Something besides Pasta-Roni that is) And when I say attempt I don’t think anyone can really understand the extent of our awful cooking skills. I can’t even count all the things we’ve burned, forgotten about, not mixed in well enough, and or recieved bodily harm from while cooking. It’s a simple equation. Us + the kitchen = Disaster. But at some point you have to eat something besides pasta. We bought some chicken so we got on-line and started looking up “Easy Chicken Recipes” and “College Recipes”. Thisis a recipe we found. It’s Ramen Dessert. How disgusting is that? Apparently you cook the noodles drain it and then pour Strawberry preserves, honey, and sugar on it. All I’m saying is going to college means you are poor it does not mean that your taste buds are dead. They should at least think of something edible. I know you’re not supposed to disregard something until you try it, but I think I’d pass on this one.

P.S. Helpful Cooking Hint: Icecream tastes better than ramen.

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On Friday we did Lot’s of stuff. Sadie Got album art for my Itunes and I drew this.

Fun right? But actually we did go to the rock the block concert which was awesome. Some cool local guys played, Benton Paul and Allred… And some other boring guy who we don’t remember… John Pinney apparently. He played all his songs in minor which was annoying.

P.S. My computer is self healing. Like that girl from Heroes or something

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Kelli’s heart is broken. That and her hard drive.

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Today while I was sitting in the hallway of my favorite building (liberalarts) being a good little student and studying for my Humanities test I overheard a lot of great conversations. I love it when people just walk by and you just hear one line of whatever they are talking about, and it just sounds so funny. So anyways here are some funny things I overheard today.

Lady walking by: Hey cute shoes!
Girl: Oh, thanks!
*Lady leaves*
Girl:Too bad her’s were ugly.

Boy: Look I know I’m going into mental health, but I think I’m going crazy.

Boy standing by the TV that plays election stuff all day:Man government officals are liars. Liars who spend too much money.

Boy:Yeah my iPhone is cool. I don’t really know how to use it yet, but it is pretty cool.
Girl: Wait you’ve had it for like a long time now right?
Boy: Well yeah… so.

Girl: Hey!
Other Girl: Oh hey! Oh my gosh I didn’t even recognize you, you look cute!
*awkward silence*
Other Girl: Oh well just like always I mean.

Girl: Wow when did you get engaged?!?
Engaged Girl: This morning at 5.
Girl: Whoa, was it a nightmare?

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So apparently in our new ward they keep a ward directory with photos… Which I think is totally terrifying and a little bit horrible. I mean our friend lives in a place that’s ward directory is called the farmers market! Its like encouraging you to look at others like they are pieces of meat! I mean why not just have names and phone numbers? And also. what if you were like really unattractive on picture day? Boys perhaps looking for a date or something would totally just look over girls who weren’t I mean which boy wants sausage when he can have steak?? I can’t think of any. Or girls  could just like look for the  apartment with the most attractive boys and bring them cookies or something to lure them in.
SO anyways. Our ward unwisely posted what time it would be coming around to take ward pictures and me and Sadie being the geniuses we are decided to leave for dinner. Smart right? Then we would just be like two little blank squares, (really I would love it if our whole apartment was blank). SO we go waste an hour then come back and guess what?? they didn’t even come! Now who’s to know when they will be coming! hopefully we will have time to jump out he window before they come for us. We are still in grave danger my friends… grave danger indeed.

Update… they caught us. NOOOOOO

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