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We love all holidays, but we really love Halloween! It’s the best! So maybe we will put some pics of our costumes up later, but first here is a little list of costumes we saw at school today. This list has grown considerbly through out the day. Apparently our school LOVES to dress up. So you know if you are still having trouble deciding what you are going to be here is a GIANT list of ideas.

  • A Hindu monk- not offensive, because the kid is actually from India
  • 2 Twilight Vampires- I think possibly Alice. Apparently Utah county’s obsession for Twilight goes a little beyond the norm. They have a Twilight Fanfare booth in the mall.
  • A Hippie
  • Marc Antony and Cleopatra- who doesn’t love couples costumes?
  • An Indian
  • Boy with liter hosen
  • A mid-evil Arabic Dumbledore- ok we don’t actually know what this guy was, but it’s my (Sadie) Humanities Professor.
  • A Cat- this was a boy complete with some leather pants and a little purple bow around the tail
  • A Bunny- just the ears. You know animal ears= instant costume
  • 80’s work out girl- workin’ those leg warmers
  • A Saloon girl
  • A Pirate, not Jack Sparrow, another pirate
  • Identical Twin Cowgirls
  • Japanese Fisherman
  • A Hunter, the old standby for Eric. guaranteed he does it again this year
  • A peacock- this costume was actually really cool.
  • A slutty Raggedy Anne
  • A genie
  • 4 devils
  • Seriously into it witch
  • devil/ angel (very cool)
  • Sexy Ref
  • Baby- including the pacifier
  • 2 Ballarinas, one of them a boy in one of those fat blow up costumes
  • Flapper
  • Gorilla- nothing like seeing a giant Gorilla walking down the hallway.
  • Ladybug
  • Pajama Sam (love it)
  • Popeye the Sailor
  • iPod Person- goes the extra mile and even dances down the hall
  • The Space Jam alien with the helmet and no face just eyes
  • 2 Confederate Soilders
  • Spiderman
  • Wonder woman
  • Little Red riding hood
  • Super Man
  • Gypsie
  • Wednesday (you know from the Aadams Family?)
  • Sherrif
  • Doctor
  • A hawaiian
  • Pebbles from the Flintstones
  • Man in dress
  • Man bride (ew)
  • Prom Queen- real prom dress
  • Cowboy
  • Kimono person
  • Nancy Drew?
  • Santa
  • School Girl
  • Easter bunny
  • Zombie bride
  • Giant Elmo
  • Charlie Chapman- really into it, even walks all funny
  • OMG! BALLERINA BOY!!! as a hooker? drag queen? You would not belive! I wish I could get a picture, fishnets, thigh high boots, hot pants. hahaha
  • Taikwando Master
  • Waldo- Ah! Where is he?!?!
  • Court Jester
  • Farmer
  • Detective
  • Hashbrowns a.k.a. the boy I (Kelli) hate is Zoro
  • a Sugar Daddy
  • Mccain? or maybe just a weird looking old man (essentially the same thing)

Also I’ve noticed that sometimes it is hard to tell if people are wearing a costume or if they just dress like that everyday. Oh yes and I over heard a great conversation too

The Hindu Monk Boy: (trying to impress the Twilight Vampire) Yeah I’m a strong man, I work really hard *flexes arm* you think? But something about scary movies just really freaks me out. I think it’s the Devil.
Twilight Vampire Girl: Something I can not really hear
The Hindu Monk Boy:Yeah next time I watch one I’ll just look down at my muscle *flexes again* and then I’ll be ok.

Aw every girls dream come true. A strong Hindu monk to protect them from the Devil.

And here is our Halloween Playlist. (Yeah, yeah this post is getting rediculously long. Who cares it’s a holiday.)

  • This is Halloween- The Nightmare before Christmas Soundtrack
  • Ghostbusters theme song
  • Adams family theme song
  • Monster Mash (classic)
  • Vampire- from the Juno soundtrack
  • Hall of the Mountain King- from Manheim Steamrollers Halloween album
  • Black Magic Woman- Santana
  • I Put a Spell on You- some person I don’t want to bother to look up
  • Disturbia- Rihanna

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Some Jerk stole my confessions post about my lap top… and he didn’t even credit it to me! He credited it to NITROKART. Seriously?

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Here is a list of things that are the worst:

  • The fact that BOTH of us forgot our wallets at home. That’s right when we do dumb stuff we do it together. This has really limited our entertainment apparently you can not really go shopping, go to movies, or do most things anything unless you have money. Also I am out of bread and can not buy more.
  • Almost facial hair. You know sort of like the wispy almost half mustache that our room mates boyfriend(?) has.
  • The awkward moment surrounding meeting the boyfriend? of our room mate. We think she might change boyfriends as often as she changes her hair color (6 times since August).
  • Not knowing what we are going to do for Halloween. We have to do something. Our room mates have invited us to go “dancing” with them. This is unappealing.
  • The fact that our FHE is at a inconvenient time causing us to miss Heroes to watch “Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin”
  • Which reminds me. That show is the worst. It is so depressing! I can not understand why adults would give a poor child a rock instead of candy. It’s Halloween! You jerks! I have a really hard time watching it.

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So recently I was going through our comments and discovered that lots of cool people have commented on our blog. and I was like geeze we are amazing. I mean Freddy the Fish commented our blog. you know you are popular when animated computer characters are commenting your blog. Our personal fave is Voldemort. Yes. He who must not be named. Also all three of the Jonas Brothers. Woooo we are so cool the Jonai read our blog, and comment along with all the Spanish girls who are in love with them AWESOME. And Avirl Lavigne. SO this is just sortof a shout out to all our famous friends. Keep the comments coming!

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So this weekend involved a lot of horse related activities. Yesterday Sydnie and her little friend wanted to go riding so of course I had to go out and saddle the horses up for them, and then about 15 minutes later they are finished and ready for me to unsaddle them. So I took the opportunity to convince my Mom to ride too. Highly entertaining. Then today we were maybe going to move them to my G-pa’s field  so we rode them down there (it’s like 2 blocks away) and I completed a life goal of riding at the hang out. Way to accomplish. And do you know what the best thing about riding horses on the road is? People driving by you. There is something about being on a horse that just makes people feel like it would be hilarious to yell “YEE-HAW!” out their window at you. Or maybe “YEAH COWGIRL!” or “HOWDY!” Seriously. I wish people were more original. Besides. I don’t even wear the hat. Oh yeah and last night I dreamed that I got to go to Europe to be in some jumping competition. It was an awesome dream. I think I would give up half my life for that to be real. :) Oh yeah and today is the BREEDERS CUP! Whoo! Go Curlin.

P.S. Sorry this post is boring. I’m out of ideas right now, and apparenly Kelli is not, because she’s been posting like 4 to my 1 lately so I thought I should hurry and just put something up even if it is of little interest. :)

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I am sending my lap top into be serviced. I secretly (ok not so secretly) want it to be unfixable so I have an excuse to get the Macbook I want so desperately. Its been a long time coming to this fix. But I might wither up and Die while its gone. Also worth mentioning is the fact that I have homework to do on line. But enough complaining. This is sortof a goodbye for now post, (cause I feel dramatic right now.)

Peace out till then

Actually I might be back via Sadie computer or a school workstation:D

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An Open Letter To Rhett

Dear Rett,

Lets go to the Baja 1000 In November. Deal?

Two Crazy girls

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All I want…

Is a mac book, and to get into my major…


Ok thats a lie. I want WAY more stuff then that. Those are maybe just at the top of my list… Today.

P.S. you know what I love? kids who sortof dance down the hall groovin to their Ipod.

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4th folder, 4th picture. I actually wasn’t going to do this Tag when I saw it on other peoples blogs. But then I went and looked at my 4th folder, 4thpicture and couldn’t resist.

on the left is my little brother, on the right my cousin. you may think the white line on my brother is his underwear at first glance. WRONG. That is his burn line. We were in Hawaii and that was his 5th day without sunscreen. LOVE IT. Also the looks on their faces are pretty funny. Its obvious they both think they are wicked awesome.

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Today I…

  • Saw the boy who just walks around campus carrying a giant “Support Change, Support Obama” sign. He’s a walking advertisement! I wonder if someone pays him to do it or if he just thinks that if his fellow students see him walking around with that sign they will figure Obama must be pretty awesome and go vote for him.
  • Found out that apparently you can now put polls in your posts. Fun. 
  • Saw a kid who was just doing little circles and spins on his scooter…. in the hallway.
  • Listened to our Digital Media Professor talking about her love life (just threw up a little).
  • Just saw the ukulele girl. She just walks down the hall strumming her ukulele. Love the Liberal Arts building. Love it.
  • Could not think of a good poll to put in this. :(
  • Am sore from horsebackriding, and at some point last night I spilled salsa on my shoe, and I just barely noticed it.
  • Also I always thought it would be pretty awesome to get stuck in an elevator. I hope it happens to me someday.

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