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So Thanksgiving is a holiday and I love holidays. but I do think it is the most boring… of the major holidays. anyways its particularly boring when you go to your grandmas and its all the other families off years, where they go somewhere else you know? so its just my family minus my little brother who was fortunate enough to have to work my grand parents and my wierdyaunt and uncle. So its all sorts of dull cause you don’t even have anyone to joke with but your mom who doesn’t get alot of your brilliant witty remarks. For some un explicable reason this uncle is always called upon to cut whatever type of meat we are eating in this case turkey. no big right? false. Pretty much after every slice he licks all his fingers off. So by the time he is done you feel like alot of his spit might be in your food this bothers some more germaphobic people more then me but I still think its gross and my aunt (his younger sister) wasn’t even there to tell him how unbelievablydisgusting he was. disappointment. I some how mange through dinner answering all their grown up questions. Then it’s over but we all have to sit around and yack about boring stuff like such as: Harry Potter Vs Twilight, Texas, breast cancer, Alaskan oil, The evils of cable TV, benefits of gun control, Internet speed, the national debt… ect. you get the idea. (Really we did discuss every single one of those.) Then my Aunt who apparently is under the mis impression that we are all dying to know about her diabetes problems goes through her and her husband entire list of meals from this week.
Monday: T-bone moose steaks with a light side salad, My uncle has sugar free icecream for desert
Tuesday: Deer Meat with some sort of rice mixture my uncle goes and buys a box of Twinkies even though my aunt tells him to have more of the ice cream
Wednesday: Chef salad, with ham and ice berg and romain and spinach and ham and blah blah blah.

Then she starts to tell me all about her diet. she finally went off candy and soda and now she drinks 4 bottles of water everyday. she also stopped snacking at work so snaps for her.

Next she starts to give my mom parenting advice which is HILARIOUS because her children are in some interesting situations… I would go into the advice and my problems with it but that would be long and boring. sortof like this already it.

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Haha confession: I didn’t actually know a song that talked abotu the zoo so I had to look it up… but I still like it. Thank you simon and Garfunkle for providing me a title… ANYways. I went to the zoo today with my mom. they were doing some special feed the animals thanksgiving treatts thing and I was real excited cause I haven’t been in ages.  It was pretty fun. there was a lack of tigers… and Polar bears

Kelli and black bear
M feeling disappointed with the fact we have only black bears. that black spot is one
The tigers were gone but there was this great lepord that got real mad at this little girl standing to close to the glass and it started snarling and clawing the glass so that was real funny. We saw the girraffes which are like my second fav after polar bears. the zoo is alot smaller then I remembered… It used to take us all day. we were there for like an hour. Wierd.
Here is a picture of Bella a Sweet Spider monkey. I want one
spida monkey

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Yay for Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is great, and we LOVE holidays. So everyone have an awesome Thanksgiving.

5 (superficial) Things I am Thankful For:

  1. Black Friday Shopping (tomorrow!!)
  2. Our blog which is awesome
  3. Now people can’t get mad at me when I listen to Christmas music
  4. The pies my Mom is making in the next room
  5. My iPod isn’t broken like I thought it was

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Actually I wasn’t Stalking…ok only a little So my old beehive young women’s leader added me on face book. AWKWARD. Especially because she didn’t really like me as I was a rather rambunctious child. Also I was in her primary class and I was a devil child in primary. We were never really on good terms so her adding me was a little confusing. Anyways face book is like a bad habit so I was just on her page because real live grownups (such as over 35 people) who are on face book really confuse me… IDK it just seems weird. particularly if they are married with children on facebook. but actually this is like a post in it’s self. (My moms cousins have started to add me? Weird) Any ways back to this lady. At least 50. Might be older then my mom I giver her 50-55 no younger. So I look at her pictures She Plays Grand theft Auto!! She was at the midnight release! What is this world coming too?? She was wearing this shirt!

grand theft auto

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Monday: Here is someone we saw sleeping in the hallway at school Monday morning. They had a blanket over their face so I’m pretty sure they don’t know we took a picture.

Storm Trooper

Monday: We went on a little grocery shopping spree at the local Walmart and saw this awesome lego thing. It seemed very picture worthy.


Monday: We have a deep belief in not using carts.

Photo Wall

Tuesday: There was a big room mate discussion about how boring our apartment is and how we could really use some pictures so me, Kelli, the vegan, and the vegitarian went to the D.I. (local thrift store) and pretty much cleaned out their art section. Some All of them are really ugly.

Cleaning Check

Wednesday: We TOTALLY forgot all about Cleaning Checks this day, and so we realised while we were at a movie that they were supposed to be coming like right then so we rushed home. This is our room before cleaning check.


Wednesday: Here is our room after cleaning checks, and we passed. Yeah… apparently cleaning checks at this apartment are absolutely nothing to worry about.

Thursday was either really boring or we forgot to take pictures that day. Could easily be both. I don’t remember anything about Thursday to tell you the truth.

Movie Tickets

Friday: We went to see Bolt (not Twilight) and it was GREAT! We really liked it. Anyways while looking through my purse I realized how much money I waste on movies, and yeah some of those tickets are a little embarrasing.  But seriously add that up!

Me and Kelli

Us RIGHT NOW! This very minute. Ok no, like 5 minutes a go, and I sort of look like a chipmonk, but chipmonks can be fun.

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Alright, So I’m not. And I may have stolen this idea from the brilliant mind of Sadies sister Sarah. meh details anyways, One time about 2 months ago I was surfing blogger blogs. and suddenly by some genius stroke of luck I ran accross my dear cousins blog. I was unaware he had a blog… this made me smile because I get alot of joy spying on people. Unfortunatly his blog is quite boring, which makes his title of “my crazy college life” VERY misleading. So today in hopes of getting him to write something mildly interesting I decided to leave him a comment, however unwilling to let him know I read his blog, I created a new alterego for myself… LORD VOLDEMORT. I even created an email address so I was allowed to comment on his blog. It is voldemorttheevilgenius@gmail.com . I actually think this is so great i might start telling people to send my emails here. Here is what people will recieve if they email me there…

Harry Hunting BRB Re:‏
From: Voldemort (voldemorttheevilgenius@gmail.com)
Sent: Thu 11/20/08 6:02 PM
To: youremailhere@yourdomain.com
You have reached Lord Voldemort, Lord of all evil. I'm currently off
hunting that blasted boy. I'll get back to you ASAP

TTYL, Lord Voldemort


anyways I told him his life doesn’t seem crazy at all, hopefully now we will get something more interesting

Here is the link to my profile: http://www.blogger.com/profile/15406366828669540891

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Dear Blog,
      Are you feeling neglected and boring? That is probably because you are. Sorry. I have bloggers block(?) But you are pretty great, and we’ve shared some great times. So just know that you are still loved, even if you suck right now.

Ok anyways here are just some stuff that’s been going on recently.

  • Earlier today I watched a guy trying to pull a push door, which was funny, but not as funny as how long it actually to took him to figure out what he was doing wrong. 
  • I saw a guy fighting the cold snap wear a beanie from Disney land with goofy ears attached. Which would be weird if it was like a kid my age, but not as weird because this guy was at least 35 (being generous).
  • The word blog is not in the spell check on this blog website…
  • The other day my bio teacher was talking about species being extinct, and he was like, “99% of all species living on the planet today are extinct” He did not notice or correct himself.
  • The Jazz season started back up only it’s been sort of suckish since apparently there is some sort of curse that prevents us from ever having all 5 of our starters present. On the bright yet dim side I did see Collins try to run into Shaq and it nearly put him (Collins not Shaq) on the ground. So that was enjoyable.

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