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So my sister has always been sort of jumpy and easily scared ever since we were really young. If you are a long time reader you might recall the post about when some boy was asking her to a dance, and she thought he was an intruder and called the police on him. If not it’s a pretty great story. Here. Another time she came running into my room at 5 in the morning freaking out about something standing in our yard which later turned out to be a deer although she seemed inclined to think it was bear. She now denies she ever thought it was a bear, but we all know the truth. This led to many deer/bear jokes.  So last night I was awoken by the most unearthly sound I have ever heard. It was like some weird strangled cry and Sarah was like crying/panting/running to wake up my parents. For a few confused seconds I actually thought someone had died.  Turns out she had to use the restroom sometime during the night, and someone was outside the window obviously trying to break into our house and ransack all our Christmas goodies. Here is the culprit.

Cashmere Cat

That’s right a CAT BURGLAR! haha I personally have always felt armed robbers and cats were pretty interchangable, and don’t even get me started on the close relationship of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the Smokey the Bear.

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What About Bob Rob

I’m not sure If i have mentioned Rob before. I think I have but I cant be bothered to find a post. Anyways Rob used to own my phone number. I know this becuase I get at least one phone call a month for him. Also his grandparents called me. I have gotten to know Rob pretty well through the year, you might recall when I got my new number at this time last year and then I got about a call a day for him its Like he dropped off the earth. And I just got another call for him… Its been awhile. anyways… Things I know about Rob

  • He didn’t pay his tuition to Weber for a really long time
  • He drives Trucks
  • He didn’t tell his grandparents his new number
  • Apparently he didn’t tell anyone he changed his number.
  • He has flirty friends
  • I’d like to think he gives girls he doesn’t the wrong number. haha, I’ve spoken to a few confused girls.

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Merry Christmas everybody! Hopefully everyone is feeling bright and cherry and excited, because lets face it Christmas is the best. Plus it’s been snowing all week here. I love it. Snow is the best… until mid January then it’s the worst, but for now it’s the best! So have fun wrapping millions of gifts, baking, and going to millions of Christmas parties.

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Seriously. Probably one of the weirder ones I’ve ever had. My neighbors bought this water slide tower. and it was like really awesome except its winter, but did that matter? heck no! apparently cold in my dreams doesn’t exist! snow? Yes! Ice? Yes! Was I tubing down a water slide with my swimsuit and flying across ice jumps? Of course!


I know your all totally jealous squared of my paint mastery. any ways then in my dream Robots or something took over the world and everyone wore these huge metal collars with blinking numbers. and when normal people tried to run away the people wearing collars would shock them with electricity out of their hands and scream “YOU’VE BEEN ADOPTED!!”. And then people started talking in these weird robot voices but it turns out that was just the computer game my brother was playing when I woke up. So I should probably pull a Stephanie Meyer and turn that into a best selling novel yeah?

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I just got done taking my last final. You know what that means… CHRISTMAS BREAK! Already too excited for words. I have a feeling that my family may get sick of me the next two weeks… Anyways I have all this free time, because apparently I am a freakishly fast test taker, and so now I am just waiting for the Kellister to get our of her Math final so we can head home for the holidays.  The pluses to being a fast test taker are limited as me and Kelli disscussed this morning. You are left with too much time with nothing to do and a rule of silence imposed upon you. Although this time I earned a candycane for being one of the first 3 students done.  Whoo. So you might notice that this post is sounding pretty pointless so far. That is most likely because it is, and I am mostly just trying to entertain myself/waste time. You do a lot of that finals week I’ve noticed. No classes and only a couple of tests is like suddenly handing you hours upon hours of free time you are supposed to use for studying, but usually don’t. It’s awesome. Also it is snowing like CRAZY out there, and apparently the Provo/Orem area snow plows seriously need to get to work, only they haven’t. Even though the roads are a total mess for our drive home I still love the snow a great deal. Espeically in December. Also sledding is pretty much the best thing ever. Also I need to Christmas shop, but have no ideas. Also this post is pointless.

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I Love Forums

I’ve become pretty obsessed with the killers song Human.
If you want have a listen here:

SO as usual I was having a difficult time figuring out what this song is about. so I went to look it up. Apparently no one can figure it out or agree or whatever so I didn’t really figure anything out but I did find this great comment. “I’m not a big fan of this song or songs that harbor that techno, clubby, dance music. But I think a REMIX of “Are we human or are we cancer” Could be relatively successful. ” heh. Are we human or are we cancer? love it.

P.S. There is like two waring groups with this song and they are everywhere. the war is over whether he says “Are we human or are we dancer” or “are we human or are we denser”. There are those who say it is just so obvious that it is a long a sound and there are those who say it makes way more sense for it to say denser. I Don’t really care I just like to watch them war. My question is this why doesnt someone who owns the CD booklet just come out and tell everone?

P.S.S.: OMG!! look how gross-o this guy is!


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Stuff this World Could Stand to be Without:

  • Finals
  • Group projects
  • Rappers
  • People who don’t believe in Dinosaurs
  • Jazz player injuries
  • People who decide they do not want to attend Anberlin concerts with me.

Things There Should be More of:

  • Artists/Bands who give away their music free and make it public domain
  • Teachers who have you write a paper instead of take a final or better yet don’t have a final at all.
  • Christmas lights! I almost think they should be mandatory even if you don’t like Christmas.  Also I wish we kept them up all year long.
  • Jazz wins like last night
  • Breaks off school
  • Ideas of what gifts I should get people this year. Namely my parents and younger brother.
  • People who like going to Blockbuster for me since I hate going there.

P.S. Kelli…. I GOT YOUR PRESENT TODAY!!! I am so excited! You are so hard to shop for I hope you know.  Also I am going to try REALLY hard not to give it to you early or tell you what it is. No promises. I love Christmas.

P.P.S. Oh yeah earliar I was listening to “Love Lockdown” and Jordan would not believe me that it was Kanye West. haha Man I hate Kanye, but that song is pretty great.

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