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I just tried to feed my rabbit a carrot. Apparently shes not that into carrots… (what a weird rabbit). So not wanting to be wastefull I placed the carrot back in our carrot holder. Heh yes I am 1/2 my fathers side of the family. I might tell my mom next week. She’ll be horrified.

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Tonight I am feeling a little bored and to curb my boredom I thought I would flip through Yahoo answers.  Anyways I found this question and it was like “What is a good song to play at a friends funeral?” and then someone totally insensitive says “Another one bites the dust”  This reminded me of another hilarious question once seen on yahoo answers and featured in the fail blog.


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In case you were wondering

The results of our “Would You Eat a Sea Kitten” poll were:
9 of you said you would eat a sea kitten.
2 of you said only if you took the whiskers off.
1 said that you would not.

Now go vote in our new poll!

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So today I was looking at the for rent stuff in mesa arizona just to see what the price ranges are cause I am considering dental hygiene school down there. Craigslist is a great palce to find things and housing is no exception to this rule. It just may not be the sort of housing you are expecting. Here are a few of my favorite ads straight from Phoenix Arizona where apparently the creepers all live:

Fan of American Idol? Here’s ONE even better – Try out for Roommate Idol!
Millions are sure to apply, so get in line early. Instead of a record contract at the end, you get a fabulous new roommate – me!
Room for rent – private bathroom, private garage – all just for you! Recently renovated 999 square foot condo in South Scottsdale showcases granite countertops, new appliances, new carpet and the best roommate in the Valley. Me? 30 yo old professional female, works M-F, enjoys working out and hanging out with friends. No drugs, no drama (except for the kind once found on My So Called Life!) please! You – preferably female non smoker, grad student or professional, with great taste in roommates, able to pay the $500 rent plus utilities on a monthly basis (novel idea for some out there it seems) and a love of 90210 a real plus! Call or e-mail me if interested – you won’t be disappointed!
If you make it through the first round of try-outs, get ready for the vote-off show – ten finalists will make it and one will earn the right to move in with me!
Immediate availability, One month’s rent security deposit required, all rights reserved.

This girl really wants to show of her personality apparently. Besides having to “earn the right” to live with someone sound pretty crappy. Also this girl has like 5 ads put different ways in one she says “let St Valentine guide you into a new home”

have a spare room to rent. LADIES ONLY PLEASE. Nice home in NW Phoenix. High Speed Internet and cable access all utilities included. I live by myself am single and good looking. Would like to have a female roommate in good shape and willing to trade favors in exchange for rent. Please include a picture with your response.

AHHHH DON’T DO IT GIRLS!! Besides I hate it when boys are just like “I’m good looking”.

if you are looking to save some $$$$ or get away from a bad situation, i am willing to share my 1br apt with you at no cost. no need to pay for anything. you must be clean d&d free , feminine, OPEN MINDED & NO DRAMA. Tell me about situation & send pics, no pics no reply…


So really He is offering to get you out of a bad situation and into a worse one…

Free Looking for NUDIST female ROOMMATE

Need help in my nice home. I have reduced my rent from $400 with reductions for cooking, cleaning and shopping. Why am I offering this? I had 6 heart surgeries and I little stamina. I offer 1st week trial to see if we both like the living arrangement. Responsible person wanted to share a 2 bedroom (2000 sq ft) furnished house in south Chandler (YOUR bedroom is 18 x 18). Non-smoker, non-drug user.. 57″ TV in the main living area. Smaller one in YOUR room. Just me and the cat in it. I am respectful of the privacy of others. Looking for someone who will assist with cooking and cleaning. Want someone to share my home with. I want a friend and companion too.
Hahaha. I like that he only mentions the nudest thing in the title

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Late at night when I can’t sleep I often find myself asking deep questions to the universe. Which is exactly what I found myself doing last night. I was wondering where exactly all those stupid forward e-mails and chain letters come from. I mean someone has to sit down and type them up right? The more I thought about this the more I wondered why exactly anyone would take the time to make up some stupid story about 3 people either losing their soul mate forever, dieing, or being hospitalized because they didn’t send some stupid e-mail to 14 people before 11:11 pm. Or the ones that say some poor child with cancer will get a penny every time you send the e-mail. I did however understand the person who made up the Bill Gates will give you a million dollars if you send this email forward. I mean lets face it, it’s a great way to decide which of your friends is gullible enough for you to pull pranks on. If they will believe that they will probably believe anything. Then I thought it might be hilarious to make my very own forward and see if I ever get it back, but then I realized maybe that’s where half of them come from… So don’t worry I didn’t. But if you don’t re-post this on your blog and tag 500 people you will probably die. Just saying.

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So we realize that January is almost over, and if we were going to post about our goals we should have done it a long time a go… Oh well. Here are some things we want to do this year. New Years Resolutions if you will. Hope yours are as productive as ours.

  • Go to Target wearing a Red top with Khaki pants. Have a contest between ourselves to see which of us can get more  people to ask them for help.
  • Kelli would like to throw someone a curve ball. When some stranger says, “Have a nice day”  she would like to sarcastically reply “Yeah right” instead of the usual “Yeah, you too”
  • Use the time off school given to us for Spring Break to it’s fullest potential by going somewhere awesome.
  • Go to the Masquerade Ball they are having here. Seriously. MASQUERADE! That’s too cool to pass up. Plus it’s for charity and karma’s a trip.
  • Not die on the ice covered death trap they call our apartment complex parking lot.

Lofty goals I know, but what is a new year for if not to reach for the stars.

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So today my mom came across the “New Rules” list that we had when I was In about jr. high. I’m not positive though… Anyways this lists contains list of actions and then their monetary consequences. Lets just say I made BANK off this list from my brothers. And now I will share it with you. Parents take note… JK

Food and/or drink in living room- 50 Cents
Calling names- 25 cents
Making Faces- 50 cents (this is where I paid out the most)
Hitting- 50 cents ( I made pretty good money off of this)
Socks in face- 25 cents
Butter cupping- 1$
Blowing/ burping in face or ear- 50 cents ( I made BANK off of this)
Gleeking- 50 cents… if we still played by these rules this rule would make me rich
Water in house- 1$ to person squirted 1$ to mom AND loss of squirting device
Running into people with car- 50 Cents (this is my personal fav)
Spit wad above shoulders- 1$
Spit wad below shoulders- 50 cents
Swearing and Shut up- both 1$

I love that we had to differentiate between spit wad places. As if one is so much better then the other. Also I just discovered that this list was made in 03. heh love it. I imagine that the authors of all the parenting books my mom has read would be horrified

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