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Tell them what they want to hear

My cousin, Is actually my moms cousin. but to make it less confusing I just refer to her as my cousin. To her I am the teenage daughter he’s always wanted while she waits for her 2 year old to grow up. Every day when I come home from school I have to sit down on the couch and tell her about my day. keep in mind I have one class every morning so there isn’t much to tell. and she doesn’t care about the girls i meet, only the boys. IDK why so I try now to talk to at least one boy every day so I can tell her that “I met and talked to this boy named _____ he seems pretty cool.”  usually I have to end up going into detail about what we talked about which is a shame because usually all I find out is their name, major and maybe where they are from and then maybe a question about class.

Today the boy I talked to was my cashier at walmart named Bryan, we talked about school and printers…. really how it went is he asked me what I was buying printer paper for and I said school.

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  • When the opportunity arises to go see both Relient K and Owl City in concert, take it.
  • Road Trips are ALWAYS worth it. Even when they are totally spur of the moment, and you haven’t planned any of it.
  • Enrique Iglesias is obviously awesome
  • If you are babysitting and the kids want to watch cartoons Danny Phantom is far more preferable than Johnny Test.
  • Traveling to a Foreign Country requires a lot of phone time. Seriously. I’ve spent the last three days on the phone, and I hate to talk on the phone.
  • When it comes to packing I am a huge procrastinator. I hate packing.
  • Don’t keep your camera and iPod in a beach bag with a can of spray of sunscreen. You never know when it will just explode and ruin your prized possessions.
  • When playing Fugitive look where you run. Otherwise you might just run off a small cliff and somersault onto someone’s driveway and break your wrist.
  • It’s really hard to type with your right hand in a cast.
  • Get a black cast. It shows less dirt.
  • I can NOT make scrambled eggs. The last batch I made caused someone to throw up. Seriously.
  • Sleeping on the Beach in California is definitely a good time.

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Last weekend was easily the best weekend of my life. Long live the spontaneous road trip. Friday I went to Six Flags in California, and can I just say that Roller-coasters are quite possibly my favorite thing on the planet. So one of the coolest roller-coasters at the park is Tatsu.

TatsuAnd since I broke my wrist a couple of weeks ago, and I’m currently sporting a bright green cast I’m technically not allowed to ride it. Luckily I have some persistent friends, and the arm rests/hand grips are miraculously the exact same shade of green as my cast. So worth it.

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So My cousin desperately wants me to be a socialite so before I came she told everybody she knew my age I was coming and has had a ton of people invite me over and all this stuff. So last night I was just sitting there watching shark week minding my own business when all of a sudden  she decided I shouldn’t be sitting around I should be dong something so she calls her’s husbands cousin to see what he’s doing. he says him and his friends are going swimming and he’ll come pick me up. I continue to watch sharks eat people and watch out the window for this boy. a truck plus up to the curb so I go out. I pull on the door and it’s locked, the person in the front seat isn’t someone i recognize but I just figure her cousin sent a friend.

” Hi I’m Kelli”
“Hi Kelli are you  waiting for someone?”
“Yeah aren’t you one of Jordans friends?”
“Nope sorry, I’m not your date..” (It wasn’t a date…)
“Oh well it was nice to meet you. Bye!”

And then I jump out of the car and run across the grass up the front step, and before the boy has finished pulling away I slip on the front porch cause the grass had been wet… he definitely saw me.

PS this boy name jason has taken to calling me Kelli Cat. WHY ME?!

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