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China Town

So I am currently sitting in my apartment in China. I really love it here. The city I live in is AMAZING. And all the kids are so fun I love teaching. Easily the coolest thing I’ve ever done.

Things About China

  • The city I live in is a small one in a poorer province so most people here have never seen an American. Having blonde hair and blue eyes = instant celebrity status. Seriously, people just snap my photo all the time, students always want me to sign their books (not sure why), and I spend half my day waving at everyone who walks by me.
  • Everyone here is REALLY friendly. They always want to impress us too, so they are always giving us things and stuff.
  • Personal space? Not such a big thing here.
  • Also advanced notice…. Apparently in China things just aren’t as scheduled as they are in America. For example… even though the “holiday” is in like 2 weeks they have yet to decide when school will let out for it.
  • Another example of this would be the day Maddie and I started teaching. They totally just handed us our schedule and were like k, go for it! Your classes start now. haha
  • Or the time they just showed up at our apartment at like 7:00 pm and said the headmaster (whom we call Dumbledore in the privacy of our own apartment) would like to interview us. Maddie and I are thinking he wants to ask us about our classes and stuff. Well…. No actually we are just going to be on the news is all. (I think by time I get back I’ll be so go with the flow it’ll be insane).
  • American Chinese food is nothing like actual Chinese food. Well… they still eat rice. They also eat chicken feet….
  • The bathrooms…. You don’t even know….
  • The apples here taste better. Also I have this new favorite fruit that I don’t even think has an english name. It’s awesome though whatever it is.
  • Their technology talks a lot more than ours does.
  • Everything is really cheap here. I’ve got to the point that when I see something that cost 28 RMB and I think it’s too expensive. That’s like $4 in the US…
  • Suddenly I feel pretty tall
  • The illegal movie market is alive and well.
  • I’ve started using a lot more body language to explain myself… this might prove embarrassing when I get back to normal life.
  • I had to get a hacked ISP to get on this blog.

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This Song? It Makes Me Miss You.

haha bet you all thought this was going to be some gooshy I’m still in love with my ex boyfriend post PSYCH!!!

 Today in the car I was listening to my ipod, cause the radio stations her are terrible and I kept on coming to songs that remind me of people from home, and some times I even have to skip them because the make me to homesick. thats how pathetic I am.

Sadie- every song ever :) ok no but a ton, so many I cant list. Rockstar, Escape, SOS, and weekend warriors are all REALLY high

Sydnie- Boom Boom Pow, I can just imagin her dancing in my back seet, also Good Girls Go Bad and her little head move.

Tyler- Girlfriend. He’s the only boy I’ve ever met who wanted to listen to Avril lavigne on repeat.

Julie- The Adventure, and I still sing the words I can no live I can’t breath unless Julies with me in her honor

Eric- Anything Chris ledoux

Brent- Jesus walks, his “sunday song” which I think is really hilarious, because he always manages to convince my mom who hates rap music.

Zach- 7 things. I don’t even think this is his favorite miley song but whenever I lsiten to it I thik of him

Sarah- that Josh groban you raise me up song that always came on her Ipod during the shuffle game

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The Pig

Here is the only picture in existance of me in Arizona…

Yes. That is my cousin’s pet pig. Yes he is an indoor outdoor pig, no he doesn’t smell bad, and yes he bit my hand trying to get that carrot

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