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This is Quading Dirty


This weekend we went “camping” in a motor home. And although it was perhaps not real camping it was still equal in amounts of fun to real camping. perhaps at first glance you thought my face was really tan. look closely cause it is for sure all dirt. gross I know. but quading is really fun even if you are being driven by some maniac 12 year old. another thing I learned is that dance parties can be fun with pretty much anybody who is willing to dance. I taught 15 adults the hoedown throw down. I don’t really know whether to be proud or embarrassed

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Today when I was driving home from school on Mckellips I hit NO RED LIGHTS. not one. this i some sort of amazing.

My cousins husband has a harley. He wants a new harley and she doesn’t want him to get one. She found his cash stash (they each have their own cash stash that they hide from each other and activly earch for one anothers) She says if he buys a new harley she is going to go straight to the car dealership and drive home in an Audi TT that she plans to buy with his cash stash. I cannot wait for this to happen. Also he has no idea she has this planned or that she knows the location of his cash stash.

I taught the 2 year old to say “why you so obbsessed with me?” on command

I was given a hundred dollar bill. I don’t know why.

Friday I leave for mexico. I am JAZZED.

thats all really

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