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Nick Named Students
  • Romeo– Romeo is a junior, and he has a HUGE crush on this girl in his class. One time I came to class and he raises his hand and then he just yells out “Teacher! I want to kiss Wang Sha!” The poor girl. Luckily it worked out for him because a couple of weeks later he told me she was his girlfriend when she was sitting right there, and she didn’t deny it.  Whenever he has to come to the board to write a sentence or something he always uses it to profess his love to her.
  • Obama– I don’t know Obama’s real name. On the first day of school he introduced himself as Obama and it’s stuck all year long.
  • Game Boy– Game Boy is Maddie and I’s favorite senior student. He’s incredibly disruptive, but he ALWAYS wants to play games, and so we make him go first for everything. We teach his class together. Usually one of us will teach the lesson and the other one will keep Game Boy occupied. Other wise he just keeps raising his hand and asking questions or trying to get you to come over and “Chatter with him.” We like him because he has the most personality of all the kids we teach, but he can be a handful. One time he decided that he really wanted to hug us, and so he like practically tackled Maddie and I.
  • Monkey– This kid actually just asked to be called Monkey. I’m not sure why, but even the other students call him it.
  • Heart Breaker– Heart breaker is another favorite. Not only is he the star of the basketball team, but he has great hair. He’s like the Asian version of Troy Bolton, and he kind of knows it. He has a rather large ego, and we find it hilarious.
  • Camera Boy– Camera boy takes the cell phone photography to an extreme. He often waits at the door for me to walk in so he can take my photo. I think he’s training for a very lucrative career as a paparazzi.
  • Harry Potter– Harry Potter is a Senior and he loves to participate. He comes up to the board EVERY TIME we call someone up whether we picked him or not. Really we just call him Harry Potter because he has glasses and since this is a boarding school and they call their principle Headmaster we just decided that we were obviously at Hogwarts and so we’ve given a lot of things Harry Potter nick names.
  • Himione–  Himione is a junior and we call him that because we were sticking with the Harry Potter theme and he’s really smart and raises his hand every time.
  • Superman– Superman gave himself his nick name. Every time you call on him he does the superman gesture. Like puts one fist in the air and looks up like he’s flying or something. It can be pretty hilarious.
  • Fred and George– or just “The Twins” they are two boys who often wear matching t-shirts. They are best friends. If they did that in the US they would be mocked into the next century, but it’s ok here apparently.

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True Love is Shoe Love.

And actually I get little to no enjoyment shopping for shoes. which goes on the pro list of Arizona. I can wear flip flops year round. but really I have one pair of canvas shoes I wear and one pair of skate shoes that I wear… Not really a shoes girl. Clothes girl YES. Shoe girl. Meh. this weekend I did invest in a pair of boots but I don’t really know how to wear them. I just know they look cool when other people wear them… So aside from flip flops thats like 3 regular pairs of shoes. I don’t do flats, or wear heels any day but sunday…. And normally I like just low key shoes. but guys. I WANT THESE. and I don’t even know if I would have the guts to wear them but I think they’re rad.

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And almost all of my winter clothes are at home so I hardly had to pack anything. Also I just found out today I only have on pair of socks and i never really noticed becuase i just wear flip flops everyday.  I’m also trying to clean my room as I pack which is something I never ever do. usually I just make a mess and clean it up after but since i live with my cousin I’m trying to keep it a little clean… her husband hates that i’m a little bit messy… which is fine. but guys… I”M GOING HOME IN LESS THEN 12 HOURS wooo hoo!!! we’ll see if i meet anyone interesting on the plane tomorrow I always manage to be sitting next to the oddest chatty people in planes

also I created this.

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More From China

 A Day at the Races
Ok so I just got back from the race. It actually wasn’t too bad. It was the 400 m relay so I only had to run 100m which was super easy. They let me choose which leg I ran so I choose 3rd because the crowd is mostly at the beginning and end of the race, but then when Maddie and I went over to that side of the field all the students just moved over there with us so apparnently it didn’t really matter which one I ran. I’m not sure who won as the winners were announced in Chinese, but I know my team was in 2nd when I passed the baton so atleast I didn’t totally embarrass myself. And even though I didn’t hear the results I’m pretty sure the team with the lunch ladies lost. It wasn’t really fair to have them run anyways. The gym teacher’s team won the boys race, but luckily there’s only one girl gym teacher so I didn’t have to race the P.E. department. Pays to be a girl.  I’m a little sad sports week is going to be over after today. I mean no classes, sports, and fireworks…. things don’t get better than that.
P.S. Zackapalooza still waiting on the picture of your snuggie. It’s cheetah print isn’t it

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A Post From Sadie!!

The poor blog has suffered a lot lately. Unfortunatly it’s blocked here, and so if I want to get on it I have to use a Proxy Server and they are just a pain. Not even worth the trouble, but Kelli was telling me that Zackapaloza complained that we never post anymore. So I told her I would write something and email it to her for her to post up. So here are some things that have happened since I last posted.
  • I went to Beijing and saw tons of the cool sites, climbed the Great Wall, walked around the Forbidden City, etc. It was awesome. There’s tons to see in Beijing, and the Silk Market is really crazy.
  • I went shopping in Shanghai and got some great knock off stuff for pretty cheap
  • Went to a Hot Pot Restarurant. I’m not sure exactly how to explain this, but it’s kind of like a Fondue restaurant only different. You sit at this table that has this huge pot of soup on a little cooker thing and then you just order random ingredients and put it in the pot and then everyone just takes what they want using their chopsticks. It’s pretty fun, but Andy (the guy who took us, Andy is his english name I don’t know his Chinese name) ordered some interesting stuff…. I’m not really sure what half of it was. Most of it was really good, but at one point he really wanted me to try this one item, and I thought it might be octopus, but he informed me that it was a part of the cow that he couldn’t say in English…. I’d rather not know.
  • Went to Haungshan (Yellow Mountain) which was really pretty, and Maddie and I found out that we were slightly under prepared for it. We were thinking it was just like a hike… but then we got there and everyone had like those huge backpacking backpacks strapped on their backs and like walking sticks and stuff. It turned out to be fun though the part of the mountain we were on wasn’t too hard, and we really liked Huangshan city.
  • A few weeks back the Jazz lost to the Rockets. Everyone here loves this fact. They won’t let me forget it. The Jazz better shape up next time we play them.
  • Last week we were invited to go to another school and teach a class. I’d forgotten what it was like that first week of school…. but I remember now. Signing english books, photos, video cameras, mobs of children all over again.
  • This week is Sports week at our school, and tomorrow Maddie and I have been “invited” to be in one of the races… can’t wait…. we’re going to look totally foolish. Espeically since neither one of us packed gym clothes so we’ll have to run it in our jeans… should be fun.
P.S. I heard Real Salt Lake won the MSL against LA and Beckham…. what the heck?! I thought they were horrible…. I was under the impression that it was sort of miraculous if they won a game at all let alone made it to the championships. So when do they start filming for the feel good flick based on a true story of the underdog soccer team?

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Guys. I love people

So I went to the new moon midnight showing last night, which was very entertaning as midnight movie premiers always are. The screaming, the clapping ect, the insane fan girls ect. but look what I found today!!

That is funny

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  • If you must choose between a trampoline and a swingset choose the trampoline everytime
  • Some cell phones are more durable then others. I do not Reccomend LGs I do reccomend Samsungs
  • If you are going on a hike make sure you check the distance yourself because often times people lie about the distance
  • Don’t buy HP computers becuase they will break… over and over and over
  • If you are strapped for time otter pops make an excellent meal
  • With few exceptions and unless it could result in your death dares ought to be taken
  • Peanut butter does not go with any sort of meat
  • Drinks that arent smoothies or shakes or that sort should not include bananas they leave a funny after taste
  • youtube is endlessly entertaing
  • Just becuase someone older then you tells you a plant is wild parsley doesn’t mean you should believe them… It might be poisonous
  • Pokemon is the best game to play on the game boy
  • The best shooting game is 007. no other video games even come close. don’t let people lie to you and tell you different. halo smalo
  • Running into a 6 foot 3 man in an effort to tip him off balance is only going to end with you on your back.
  • Boys don’t like to play video games with you if you win

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The Dream Dies

But look guys I got it this fancy sarcophagus. That was nice of me huh? And inside instead of things to take to the underworld I’ll just throw in my dreams of escalades and houseboats and stuff:) but I’ll also throw in all the crap like science classes I hate and long hours talking to people with gross teeth.


Now taking recommendations for a new major.

And recommendations on how to get myself out of arizona without hurting feelings.

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