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Yipee! Now you can rent a hotel room! and get more than 3 speeding tickets without getting your license revoked! And when you get ID’d places people will feel especially stupid for asking you!

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!
Hope you all have a fantastic day.

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Hare Krishna

So this weekend was….. AWESOME. We went to the Holi Festival at the local Hare Krishna temple. So fun. Basically it involves people throwing huge amounts of colored chalk type stuff at other people with some added Hindi music playing in the background. Alright and now for another picture mosaic. Sorry we realize this is starting to turn into some sort of photo blog…..

Here is a video of the throw. Skip to about 1:35 for the exciting part.

P.S. How weird is it that that building is located in Spanish Fork, Utah?!? haha

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Do you guys love the festiveness of the banner??? Today is a great day… and not just because it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Today is also SPRING BREAK and the day we leave on a road trip with some friends of ours. Should be a blast. Expect a full report when we come back. So don’t forget to wear green (it can be painful). BYE!!!

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We hope you have a fantastic Valentines day. You should know that we LOVE Valentines Day.  So here’s a link to some Valentines Day songs, and if your really bored then here is another old Valentines Day post about different types of love.


As a special bonus today is also Chinese New Year! Year of the Tiger. I’ve been getting some hilarious poorly translated emails from all my Chinese friends. It’s really pretty enjoyable.  Plus I’ve always loved this holiday. Here’s a link to learn how to make a paper lantern.

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I know people probably really look forward to hearing our goals for the new year as they are usually pretty great. Here’s the 2010 version.

  • Wear crazier clothing. In Asia they wear awesome clothes (minus the Hello Kitty stuff). Who wants to be conservative and boring? Not us.
  • Take a road trip to Seattle and listen to Hello Seattle the ENTIRE time we are there.
  • Go to more concerts. Concerts are always a good time.
  • Have initialed T-shirts again. We used to have pink t-shirts with an S and a K on them respectively.  They were awesome.
  • Make up for lost time. We’ve been on separate sides of the world. Literally and figuratively.  Time to….. make mix CDs, drive people crazy, shop, go to midnight movies, and think up crazy plans just like the old days!
  • Return our blog to it’s former glory. Now that we are both home again it’s time to blog!

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Happy Forth of July!

Sorry our blog is so neglected, but holidays are important enough to deserve a post I think. So here we are. Hope everyone is having an awesome 4th of July. BBQs, Water fights, legal/illegal explosives…. awwww summertime.

Fourth of July Bandits

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