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Here are our pop culture predictions for the year.

  • The Jonas Brothers break up. One is married, one is pursuing acting (laughable), and one already has a solo side project…. It won’t be long.
  • Demi Lovato will date someone hideous like she always does.
  • Paramore will break up. Have you heard their last CD? Things are not happy.
  • Jesse McCartney’s new single will include the words “that thing you got behind you is amazing.”
  • Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beil will get engaged.
  • Taylor Momsen will get sent to Rehab.
  • American Idols last real run…. No Simon… No Paula…. sort of seems pointless.

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In case you were wondering

The results of our “Would You Eat a Sea Kitten” poll were:
9 of you said you would eat a sea kitten.
2 of you said only if you took the whiskers off.
1 said that you would not.

Now go vote in our new poll!

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This is WAR!…

Anyways. Our blog friend Zackapalooza recently wrote a very interesting post about Taylor Swift. You might remember, we love her. He asked for no disagreeing comments on his blog, and so being the polite people we are  we decided not to wage war in his comments. We decided to wage war on the blog.:D

He gives a list of 5 reasons he hates her…
1.She can’t sing at all.
2.Shes not very pretty, really.
3.She’s straight up boring.
4. Her songs are not that great
5. People are obsessed with her for no reason. She’s The human form of Twilight

We will now throw these 5 reasons back in his face. :D
1. She Can sing… Exhibit A:
Exhibit B: If you want to see her do a cover http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC-vENKF0hg
Exhibit C: If you want or need http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDgcVv0Gads
Exhibit D: List of awards she has won- Top new female vocalist (CMAs),  Favorite Female country Artist (AMAs), Best song 2 times and best country song (BMIs), Horizon Award (CMT’s), song writer of the year (NASI’s) and that is not including the ones that she got voted in for.

2.She is totally pretty He unfairly chose a picture of her with no make up on. How many famous ladies can you think of that look good without their make up?? I recommend googling Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie or Miley without make up. Observe our gallery for proof that she is actually really pretty. Also take note that he hair is not fake. It’s Naturally curly. Have you ever tried to manage naturally curly hair? Not That Easy.

3. She is far from boring… Her you tube videos are hilarious, and her interviews and award acceptance speeches are really funny because she gets so excited. Also she made her own music video for I’m Only Me When I’m With you.

4. Her songs are AWESOME. And she wrote or co wrote all of them. That’s pretty stinking rare in the musical world and her lyrics are clever. And she is really good at slipping in jabs at the boys. Observe.
From Forever and Always:
Was I out of line? Did I say something way to honest?
Did you run and hide like a scared little boy?
I looked into your eyes, thought I knew you for a minute
Now I’m not so sure

From White Horse:
That I’m not a princess
This ain’t a fairytale
I’m not the one you’ll sweep off her feet
Lead her up the stairwell
This ain’t Hollywood,
This is a small town
I was a dreamer before you went and let me down
Now its too late for you and your White Horse,
To come around.

From Pictures to Burn:
To state the obvious
I didn’t get my perfect fantasy
I realize you love yourself more than you could ever love me
So go and tell your friends that I’m obsessive and crazy
That’s fine I’ll tell mine you’re gay

5.It’s ridiculous to compare anything to the Twilight mania. It’s impossible to compare any obsession to that level of  crazy. 15 year old girls don’t regularly ask Taylor Swift to bite their neck. They do ask Robert Pattinson that.

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It’s been a while hasn’t it friends? This tradition died with summer and I’ll admit I wasn’t devastated to see it go, but its Christmas time so we have to talk a bit about Christmas music. Really when you get right down to it there are about 10 main Christmas songs. Ok probably more then that, but it just seems like there is a ton of remakes. So here are some excellent choices.

Best Version of Santa Baby- Taylor Swift
Best Version of Last Christmas- Jimmy Eat World
Best Version of I’ll Be Home for Christmas- Matchbook Romance
Best Version of All I Want for Christmas- Mariah Carey (yes, it pains us to say that as we are both sort of anti-Mariah Carey, but really did anyone actually like “Touch my Body” ?!?)
Best Version of Do You Hear What I Hear- Copeland
Best Version of Sleigh Ride- Relient K
Best Version of Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree- Miley Cyrus
Best Version of Baby Please Come Home- Anberlin (U2 and Death Cab for Cutie have good versions too)

Great Original Songs for your collection
Santa Clause is Thumbing to town- Relient K
Believe- Josh Groban
Girl of My Dreams- Jonas Brothers
Wonderful Christmas Time- Paul McCartney
Ho Ho Hopefully- The Main

Other Christmas Favorites:
-Manhiem Steamroller (this is on at my ((Sadie)) house pretty much 24/7 all during December)
-Trans Siberian Orchestra (Remember that guy with the crazy light display?)

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DOMA! A creepy little stuffed animal (?) we bought at Target today (no worries he was only 1 dollar can you believe this puppy was on clearance?!?) Anyways according to the little story in his tag he is a mysterious creature hatched from an egg and upon closer inspection we see his monster-like qualities conceal a gentle soul with a body of pure fluff. Whatever. Here is his photo shoot.

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Here at UVU you will see a variety of different people.  The best place to look would definitley be the Libral Arts Building. Here is a list of interesting people we have seen so far.

  • Ballerina Boy- Owner of fabulous green fishnets and quite the peformer.
  • Sk8er Boi- The boy who rides his skateboard down the halls of the libral arts building.
  • The Dancers- There are two groups. We don’t know what it is that seperates them. Maybe they do different types of dance, maybe they hate eachother. We just don’t know, but…. We demand a DANCE OFF!
  • The old people on campus- They are usually like 30 or something but try WAY hard to look and talk like they are still 19.  Often have rolling backpacks.
  • The reunioners- People that have very loud reunions with almost everyone pretty much everywere. “WHOA! Where you’ve been? I haven’t seen you forEVER! Oh my gosh.”
  • The barefoot kids- there are like 3 of these. They just walk around campus with no shoes all the time. Like they just don’t have shoes. Ever. It’s a little weird.
  • People here always have weird clothes. You know college is about expressing yourself, and that is well understood here at UVU. If you want to stand out it’s a good idea to have one or more of these items (the more the merrier!) extremly large jewlrey, a fadora or other “artistic” looking hat, a scarf, black rimmed glasses (for the studius look), or a t-shirt saying something about the enviornment, a band, or your political party.

P.S. you should know… this is the 300th (!!!) post WHOO!

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Things We Know About Our New Room Mates

  • One is sort of a Vegan
  • One is a vegetarian and her parents own several Sonic restaurants
  • They have friends who seem to love fire crackers. At least if them setting some off inside our apartment while everyone was asleep is any indication.
  • 2 go to BYU and 2 (+us) go to UVU
  • The BYU room mates think our room is very cute
  • The mysterious 5th room mate is named Charlie, and he is a grey kitten.
  • One is allergic to cats
  • One went to Lone Peak High School
  • Two went to Bingham High School
  • 2 are Freshman
  • We think 2 are Juniors

To the people who used to live in our room: Did you guys really have to put up A BILLION little glow in the dark things on our ceiling? We’ve been peeling some off for about 10 minutes everday. We think if we keep doing this MAYBE they will all be gone by the end of the school year.

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