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WE MOVED!! … Ok well we were hiding. Catch up with us at BFF bloggers =)

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Yipee! Now you can rent a hotel room! and get more than 3 speeding tickets without getting your license revoked! And when you get ID’d places people will feel especially stupid for asking you!

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So want to hear something really, really, really cool?

Are you ready?

We BOTH won radio contests tonight. That’s right everyone the golden hands are back!

Unfortunately Kelli won tickets to “Death at a Funeral” so…. yeah won’t be going to see that. Still it’s the winning that matters! Sadie won tickets to……………. MUSE!!!! Awesome?! Yes. Very. Ok…. we’re done.

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Prepare for Greatness

Are you not INSPIRED?! JK

Just Kidding

But seriously? It’s coming. We are road tripping with our two favorite allies (lyrics point) next week, and movie going and we’re going to throw some paint and then concert going and that puts us into April which means school is almost out which is really the best thing in the world… because that means it’s almost SUMMER!!!! I’m charging up my video camera for the road trip and I just ordered a new charger for my regular camera. WHOOOOO I am ready to go!!! Also I bought new shoes… It was time 

I was just looking through our weird search terms and I a little bit want to dedicate one post to each of them. Because they are really just so strange… I’ll keep thinking on that and you’ll know if/when I start ’cause the post titles will just be completely weird.

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I have a weird family… I have acknowledged this numerous time but seriously my older brother has a disease. And It’s called I will give people things that aren’t mine. Sometimes he will ask the person he is giving from and sometimes he won’t but even if he does ask he has already told the person he is giving to that they can have it. You can understand my annoyance with this trait as I have lost quite a few of my possession to it  and have had to rescue quite a few of them and that makes me seem like the bad guy. Today he tried to give my desk away to him and his wife. And I had to remind him it was my desk and that I needed it, but who just gives a desk away?! without asking its actual owner. and he does it like he’s doing you a favor. he’ll come up and put his arm around you (which is never a good sign in my family It means we have committed some sort of crime against you) and said “So I told my wife we could have your desk” and then I had to be the bad guy and tell him he couldn’t have it, and I just looked like a total jerk because I really am not using it right now but there is a chance I will need it when I leave for school again. Any ways here is a list of things he has tried to steal give away and stuff he has successfully stolen (marked with a star*)

*My snow thrower- This I actually had no need of and he gave it to my cousin who I would have given it to anyways but he still gave it without asking me first

A mattress… the mattress in his old room specifically. But I don’t know If you hold any sort of claim do your mattress but he really tried hard to give this mattress to his wife (fiance at the time)

*His ex girlfriends little brothers fly pole. He gave it to my little brother, and I just wonder if that boy ever misses it.

My printer, again to the then fiance. Just because I’m not using something at the moment doesn’t mean I never will again.

*My back packing backpack which admittedly I really never do use but now I don’t have it for the backpacking trip I am going on. Which is inconvenient.

*My moms crockpot. Like really couldn’t you just register for one?! I’m sure someone would get it for you.

* my computer mouse. He gave it to my younger brother which I don’t really get but I did get a new one out of the deal and it’s cute so I guess I’m ok with it

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Parenting 101

I have proved over and over to be the worlds worse anonymous blogger. Seriously… But I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned my place of employment which is great, because I don’t want to get “dooced” (Yes. I have always wanted to legitimately use that term.) But I’m pretty sure I have mentioned that I work with children… at a gym…. don’t find out where I work ok? Anyways apparently nothing brings out the stellar parent in everyone like a non competitive sport. because not only do parents yell at their children from the lobby to try harder ect, they also yell at them once class is done. But  really the worst are the parents are the ones who are on their phones the whole class, and they’ll be talking on the phone and then in the next second yelling at their kid….that has got to be so awkward for the person on the phone So here are some signs that really as far being a good parent you’re failing.

  • You’re telling you’re child they are losing… when there is no competition
  • You allow your child to wear a my mom is a hottie shirt…. thats just creepy
  • You sit and talk to other parents while some employee chases you’re unruly child around the gym
  • When your child PUNCHES (like a real angry punch) another child who then cries you do not encourage any sort of apology even though we all know you saw it happen.

As a side note there is alot of really great parents at my job, and I really like a lot of them but the jerks really do get on my nerves…

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  1. The Olympics start this Friday!
  2. It’s a long weekend. I love President’s Day
  3. I found my old gameboy color, and Pokemon red.
  4. We are the World-25 comes out. I’m pretty excited about this, so I hope they don’t disappoint me.
  5. Zach and I bought 5 CDs last week off amazon, and they are all coming in the mail this week.
  6. The Super Bowl was Sunday, and even though the commercials sucked this year, and the Colts lost it was still really fun. Mostly because we had a game party.
  7. I finished reading The Kite Runner
  8. Kelli found out you can by Bollywood stuff on iTunes
  9. Where’s The Comment Box party this weekend….
  10. Valentines Day!

Some Random Stuff on a post I started forever ago and never finished:

  • Cartoons are probably really bad for your kids. They give children really unrealistic ideas about what you can and can not do around cliffs. Not to mention the grossly exaggerated survival rate of people who have had 1 ton blocks dropped on their heads.
  • You know that song Tik Tok? What’s up with that line “and the dudes are lining up, cause they hear we got swagger, but we kick them to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger” ummm seriously has Ke$ha seen Mick Jagger?
  • Earlier today I saw a news segment on “Pants on the Ground” and now it’s stuck in my head,  and I can’t get it out for the life of me.
  • Everybody in the world should have a Goodreads account.

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