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NBA’s Worst Hair

So if you like basketball you know that it’s play off time.  We LOVE the Jazz a lot so we’ve been watching the games, and while we were watching the game last night we were talking about some of the bad hair in the NBA I think we mention a few of these people in various other blog posts, but I decided that it’s about time we dedicate an entire post to it. So here it is.

NBA’s Worst Hair

Ron Artest

Ron Artest often has weird hair. He likes to shave odd things into it, but once upon a time he bleached his hair this beautiful golden color. In case you and wondering it says “Defense” in 3 languages (Hindi, Japanese, and Hebrew).

Luis Scola

No worst hair list would be complete without a nod to Scola. The real question is what exactly does he use to hold it back? I can never tell. You can’t see it real well in this picture, but he has a thin black headband type thing. Not exactly sure what it is.

Walter Herrmann

Herrmann sort of looks like Fabio or something….

Mike Miller

The headband strikes again.

Andrei Kirilenko

Kirilenko experiments with his hair a lot. Right now I think he’s trying to look like Kyle Korver, unfortunately even though he keeps trying he doesn’t seem to have found a style that suits him.  In fact over at SLC dunk there is a whole post dedicated to his many styles.

Chris Anderson

Ok kind of a bad picture since his hand is covering most of it, but the point is that it looks like he’s never washed it in his life. I wonder if this makes his offense better. Maybe those guarding him would rather let him have the point then risk touching his hair.

Here are a few players who don’t play anymore, but who definitely deserve a shout out.

Scot Pollard

Here is Scot Pollard sporting a pigtailed beard and a bleached Mohawk. Such a good look.

And last but not least

Dennis Rodman

All hail the king of bad NBA hair.

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Having it, spending it, wasting it, wanting it ect…

Young Money- Vita Chambers
Girls and Boys- Good Charlotte
Money, Money Money- ABBA
I Gotta Feeling- Black Eyed Peas
Gold Digger- Kanye West
Rich Girl- Gwen Stefani
If I Had a Million Dollars- Bare Naked Ladies
Money- The Beatles
Waking up in Vegas- Katy Perry
Money, Honey- Lady Gaga
Celebrity- NSYNC
Material Girl- Madonna
Lifestyles of The Rich and The Famous- Good Charlotte

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I have a weird family… I have acknowledged this numerous time but seriously my older brother has a disease. And It’s called I will give people things that aren’t mine. Sometimes he will ask the person he is giving from and sometimes he won’t but even if he does ask he has already told the person he is giving to that they can have it. You can understand my annoyance with this trait as I have lost quite a few of my possession to it  and have had to rescue quite a few of them and that makes me seem like the bad guy. Today he tried to give my desk away to him and his wife. And I had to remind him it was my desk and that I needed it, but who just gives a desk away?! without asking its actual owner. and he does it like he’s doing you a favor. he’ll come up and put his arm around you (which is never a good sign in my family It means we have committed some sort of crime against you) and said “So I told my wife we could have your desk” and then I had to be the bad guy and tell him he couldn’t have it, and I just looked like a total jerk because I really am not using it right now but there is a chance I will need it when I leave for school again. Any ways here is a list of things he has tried to steal give away and stuff he has successfully stolen (marked with a star*)

*My snow thrower- This I actually had no need of and he gave it to my cousin who I would have given it to anyways but he still gave it without asking me first

A mattress… the mattress in his old room specifically. But I don’t know If you hold any sort of claim do your mattress but he really tried hard to give this mattress to his wife (fiance at the time)

*His ex girlfriends little brothers fly pole. He gave it to my little brother, and I just wonder if that boy ever misses it.

My printer, again to the then fiance. Just because I’m not using something at the moment doesn’t mean I never will again.

*My back packing backpack which admittedly I really never do use but now I don’t have it for the backpacking trip I am going on. Which is inconvenient.

*My moms crockpot. Like really couldn’t you just register for one?! I’m sure someone would get it for you.

* my computer mouse. He gave it to my younger brother which I don’t really get but I did get a new one out of the deal and it’s cute so I guess I’m ok with it

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Unfortunate Names

So the other day I was remembering our old Junior High Principle, and it inspired me to make this list of people I’ve met with unfortunate names.

  • Mr. Astle- This is the very Junior High Principle who inspired this list. Doesn’t take a whole lot of creativity to figure out what kids called him. Seriously you’d think that you’d avoid Junior Highs like the plague with that last name.
  • Mrs. Schenk- Pronounced Skank, and actually she is an AWESOME teacher. She was totally one of my favorites.
  • Mr. Handerhand- Mr. Handerhand was a substitute. A mean substitute. Who was missing a hand. Oh the irony.
  • Justin Love-  Justin’s one of those names you have to be kind of careful about depending on what your last name is.
  • Stormin Norman- I actually never met him,  his name was just on some list of students, and I can’t decide if his name is unfortunate or awesome.

Any more you know of?

P.S. Kell I just added my answers in a jump cut after your post. I felt like it was too long to have twice. :)

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  1. The Olympics start this Friday!
  2. It’s a long weekend. I love President’s Day
  3. I found my old gameboy color, and Pokemon red.
  4. We are the World-25 comes out. I’m pretty excited about this, so I hope they don’t disappoint me.
  5. Zach and I bought 5 CDs last week off amazon, and they are all coming in the mail this week.
  6. The Super Bowl was Sunday, and even though the commercials sucked this year, and the Colts lost it was still really fun. Mostly because we had a game party.
  7. I finished reading The Kite Runner
  8. Kelli found out you can by Bollywood stuff on iTunes
  9. Where’s The Comment Box party this weekend….
  10. Valentines Day!

Some Random Stuff on a post I started forever ago and never finished:

  • Cartoons are probably really bad for your kids. They give children really unrealistic ideas about what you can and can not do around cliffs. Not to mention the grossly exaggerated survival rate of people who have had 1 ton blocks dropped on their heads.
  • You know that song Tik Tok? What’s up with that line “and the dudes are lining up, cause they hear we got swagger, but we kick them to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger” ummm seriously has Ke$ha seen Mick Jagger?
  • Earlier today I saw a news segment on “Pants on the Ground” and now it’s stuck in my head,  and I can’t get it out for the life of me.
  • Everybody in the world should have a Goodreads account.

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Here are some songs with the word song in the title:

  • The Break-up Song- American Hi-Fi
  • Lovesong- The Cure
  • The Last Song- McFly
  • Song for a Mix Tape- The Ataris
  • Song in my Head- Sherwood
  • Love Song- Taylor Swift
  • Adam’s Song- Blink 182
  • Open Road Song- Eve 6
  • Simple Song- Miley Cyrus
  • All You Get From Love is a Love Song- The Carpenters
  • Potential Break Up Song- Aly & AJ
  • Downtown Song- Anberlin
  • Our Song- Taylor Swift
  • The Saddest Song- The Ataris
  • Jump Rope Song- Blue October
  • One More Song- Every Avenue
  • The Texting Song- Slumber Party Girls
  • The Only Song- Sherwood
  • The Zephyr Song- Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Do You Know (The Ping Pong Song)- Enrique Iglesias
  • Love Song- Sara Bareilles
  • Stupid Little Love Song- FeFe Dobson
  • Jen’s Song- Benton Paul

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Younger Brothers

Here is a little thing that we know… As a general rule younger brothers are cuter then older brothers. It’s just how it is. When you meet an older brother you can usually promise his younger brother is cuter. I could name ton’s of people from high school that this is true of but instead I decided to research it..

Casey Affleck is cuter then Ben Affleck. his eye’s are alot less slitty and he has better hair. although his movies are definitely not as good.

Liam Hemsworth (right) is far cuter then his older brother Chris Hemsworth (left obviously)

Kevin Jonas < Joe Jonas <Nick Jonas…. but it hasn’t always been this way… But they have both always been cuter then Kevin

Braison cyrus is cuter then  Trace Cyrus but really you don’t really have to be that good looking to be cuter then Trace… He;s a little freaky… and this is a picture before his face tattoos. he’s even weirder now


Eli manning is better looking then Peyton Manning, but peyton manning isn’t really ugly

And Last of all my little Brother Brent is alot cuter then my older brother Eric

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