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Spring Break 2010

Here is our Spring Break in pictures. :)


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So I was going to make a really cool comic to go with this post so you could imagine it in your minds eye, but then I was like… I don’t know how to draw dresses on people. SO I didn’t make one, so you guys will just have to use your imagination! Anyways… here we go

The Scene: Dance at a Church Youth Gathering (EFY)
Background info: I HATE dancing. with a passion, and I was on a mission not to dance with anybody and had been successful all night.
People involved: Sadie, Her cousin, and others to be revealed later.

So I think It was nearing the end of the dance, thought I cant really remember, We were all just talking in a circle, you know, Hanging out. I was pleased as I had escaped dancing all night by using my awesome be really involved in something else during the slow song skills. One came on and I was like eh no big deal boys are far to shy to break into a group of three girls who are obviously engaged in conversation. I didn’t notice the three boys who walked up, I saw two, and quickly excused myself from my friends. (read: run out the door) if you are the only one not dancing you are sure to get sucked in. Apparently I missed a few important points. The first being there were 3 boys. The second being that one said “Hey look it’s perfect 3 and 3”. at this point I was already dashing off. (It took me at least a year to convince Sadie that I really didn’t hear him.) SO one boy has to stand there awkwardly as Sadie came after me. Now a Side note. I was in the youngest part of the oldest group. The one boy who apparently wanted to dance with me was the oldest, I think he was 18, I was just turning 16. Sadie explains all about these 3 boys, I was a little humiliated, but It was the last night so I was like, Whatev you know? SO I hear the song winding down, we walk back in and WHAM! he is laying in wait by the door! So then Sadie leaves me and he’s like “uh, you ran away, I was going to ask you to dance” and I was like “um yeah, I didn’t see you there. heh” Which is really nice of me, and he probably totally thought I was lying. SO then we awkward dance for like 20 seconds till the song finally ends. I don’t remember how I excused my self but It was probably totally awkward and embarrassing.

and that pretty much sums it up. Obviously I am a genius

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♫Posted on this blog for the world to see♫… Ok I am done now. I don’t know If we have previously discussed the fact that very few photos of Sadie and myself together. I realize this may not seem weird to some of you, but the fact is we have been best friends for 6 years, and have been on vacations and to birthdays ect ect. So I decided to make a photo time line. I Think I am missing only two photos, which will be added later from Sadie’s files.

First Snake river and bear lake trip together

I think. The first Family vacation we went on together. Also Our first fabulous experience rafting the snake river whooo hooo! Age: 13-14

One of our three excursions to EFY.

we should have at least 4 EFY pictures. because we went 4 years. obviously we suck at being our own paparazzi. Age:16

Insert here a picture that will never see the light of day again of us at camp. imagine no make up, huge dark circles from staying up all night and tired smiles. Age:15

yellow stone round one, nice hats

Ahh Yellowstone. Good times. cool hats right? Age: 16 and 17 I believe

Emo day

Us being weird. actually there are more then one picture of this day, but I’m not counting pictures of the same situation. Age: 17

yellowstone again

Yellow stone again. only one picture of this vacation. and I look like a hunch back. Age: 17 and 18


Graduation, age: 17 and 18.

horse show!

Last horse show of the summer, showing off our killer ribbons and prizes. check out my hilarious hyper face. Age: 18

Road Trip

Road trip yeah yeah! age:18

most recent photo

Most recent photo, we are at the hangout and we just colored food pyramids. cool right??

P.S. I am extremely proud of the music notes in the title.

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Ahh St. Patrick’s day. The worst day of your life if you don’t wear green. Actually this doesn’t not apply to olda people. But fun school kids. College kids bore  me no one is wearing green. I remember in elementary people would always hide their green. Haha. Anyways, I would bet  money my little brother wore green boxers to school today. I would also bet he has pinched people who are wearing green just for kicks. Why is no one wearing green here at USU? You guys celebrate Marti gras but not St. Patrick’s day? Retarded. Anyways we do love holidays and pointless holidays rock. so here are some random facts I found about St. Patrick’s day.

  • St Patrick’s day is celebrated on St. Patrick’s death. … “HAPPY DEATH DAY!! WHOOO HOOO!”
  • St. Patrick isn’t even from Ireland… He’s English
  • Green isn’t a lucky color in Ireland. Wearing green on St. Patrick’s day was started in the US. Apparently the fairies would steal young children who wore  to much green. Haha
  • Chicago dyes their river GREEN on St. Patrick’s  day. AWESOME

Also… we love river dance… ok no. but Michael flatly is hilarious. His face is so hilarious. so enjoy this river dance vid.

He looks like a flying sheep… and check out the red head at the end. her legs are insured for like a million dollars. Also we think she secretly hates him. He  has like a perma smile and she just looks ornery.

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Well spring break was awesome. Just some things we learned in our travels.

  • Directions are awesome, and sometimes important…. maybe… no….
  • Do not leave your radio on for long periods of time. Apparently car batteries don’t live forever.
  • Billboards seem to be made of plasticy fabric stuff
  • Don’t tell your mom basically all we ate for breakfast was cookies and diet coke with lime everyday.
  • If you want to see the world….
  • Vegas has FREE parking everywhere! It is awesome. Everywhere should be like that… minus the 2nd hand smoke.
  • Dance parties with light up hedgehogs can be awesome.
  • When at an arcade you should take as long as you want picking your prizes. Apparently you can sometimes receive free items as the employees try to get rid of you.

P.S. THANKS ALIESE!!!! You are amazing!

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So when I got the Christmas quilt picture it set me off thinking of the random things I think about when I think about Christmas…. here’s a few-Your dad falling down the stairs and trying to save him self on the thumb tacked up quilt
-Your mom having us watch pat a pan. and she always says the same thing but I don’t remember what is now
-Your mom only seeing the most unfortunate part of movies
-Ice skating with your ward. insert comment about Jordan being a figure skater. that should have been in his star profile.
-Eric and Brent hurdling over our couch in the living room because it is flipped the other way.
-Zachary Playing the same ridiculous Christmas song over and over until everyone in the house wants to break the piano
– You and Sarah singing that sister song
– Sydnie going through the toy catalogs and wanting everything
-Jordan your dad and Rhett playing dance dance that one year
-Your mom always demanding that the TV go back downstairs but it always takes like 2 weeks for it to actually go.
-Annihilating your dad at wave race.
-Drinking like 4 cups of hot chocolate a day

** you know what annoys me? people who put wreaths on their cars…
Guilty pleasure-be as… that song just makes me laugh


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Dance hall drug

(Apparently Justin forgot to take it.)

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