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Yipee! Now you can rent a hotel room! and get more than 3 speeding tickets without getting your license revoked! And when you get ID’d places people will feel especially stupid for asking you!

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Younger Brothers

Here is a little thing that we know… As a general rule younger brothers are cuter then older brothers. It’s just how it is. When you meet an older brother you can usually promise his younger brother is cuter. I could name ton’s of people from high school that this is true of but instead I decided to research it..

Casey Affleck is cuter then Ben Affleck. his eye’s are alot less slitty and he has better hair. although his movies are definitely not as good.

Liam Hemsworth (right) is far cuter then his older brother Chris Hemsworth (left obviously)

Kevin Jonas < Joe Jonas <Nick Jonas…. but it hasn’t always been this way… But they have both always been cuter then Kevin

Braison cyrus is cuter then  Trace Cyrus but really you don’t really have to be that good looking to be cuter then Trace… He;s a little freaky… and this is a picture before his face tattoos. he’s even weirder now


Eli manning is better looking then Peyton Manning, but peyton manning isn’t really ugly

And Last of all my little Brother Brent is alot cuter then my older brother Eric

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The Heat Miser

My brother

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First days at anything can be pretty awkward but I hate first days at new jobs almost as much as I hate first days of school which was also today… But I’m only taking 2 online classes so it hardly counts.

Anyways. new job first days are even more awkward when you can’t get ahold of your boss to find out what time your supposed to come in and when you do come in the employee in charge of training you pretty much gives you a run down of all the things about your boss that are hard to deal with. But really what I hate most about first days is just being the new kid and everyone else is all already friends and stuff so you’re just like the awkward one. And there are two engaged girls working there which can get real annoying if they never stop talking about being in love..

However I did learn this. Carlos Boozer… you know Utah Jazz star? Brings his family to my place of employment… and apparently his kids are the brattiest ones there and will lie to you if you ask them if their dad plays basketball they will lie to you. That my friends is hilarious.

Also… my boss is a hugger. She hugged me on my first day there!!! WHO DOES THAT?

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Why I LOVE Cafe Rio

1. The Food Is DELICIOUS. Seriously I love that stuff

2. the burritos are as big as my faceface burrito

3. I really enjoy the way they yell FREE MEAL!! Whenever someone fills up their free meal card

4. The way the people working there say “black or pinto beans?”

5. The fact that when you go you are bound to see someone you know. Last night I saw a teacher from my elementary, some high ranking Stake official, one of my friends grandmas,and some girls who were cheerleaders at my high school

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But there are some things you just cant help. SO here you go and you should know there are far more then 5 but I’m trying to keep this series of sorts short and a little uniform.

Number 1 Dane Cook- I can hear a zillion voices telling me he isn’t funny. In fact the entire internet is yelling at me right now I just know it. But I say that guy is funny.

Number 2 Playdough Ice cream- Gross right?? I even know that it’s gross and I still like it.

Number 3 Bumper cars. I’m to old probably but those things are buckets of fun… once you figure out how to steer them properly

Number 4 Hannah Montana. More internet rage and I can hear certain people rolling their eyes. But that show is superior to every other Disney program. Even Wizards and especially Sonny With a Chance, I’ve only seen previews and one small clip but there are some things you just know. And Hannah/Miley songs are way better then either of those. I think most people just hate her cause its the thing to do… Or they find her voice extremly annoying

Number 5 The smell of bleach. That stuff smells delicious and If I didn’t know it would kill me I would totally drink it.

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More LOVE!

SO I actually had big plans to do a post about things I love everyday before valentines. FAIL. But. In an effort to entertain myself during a great lecture, I will now post a list of the foods I love. I will even go so far as to say I wouldn’t so much mind living strictly on these foods.

1st the cereals. I LOVE cereal. it might run in my family. in fact I’m sure it is. At home my family drinks approximately 3 gallons a week. I drink about 1 all by myself in college. The best cereals? Cap’n Crunch and Frosted Flakes. hands DOWN. I have on occasion eaten these for all 3 meals.

2nd Pizza. Oh my gosh. LOVE it. Pretty much any kind as long as it doesnt involve mushrooms or olives. And if there is Bacon on this pizza? EVEN BETTER.

3rd Fried Rice. Whats not to love??

4th skittles. There was a time when every driving trip my family went on I would buy a whole bag not the 98 cent kind the 2 dollar kinds and there have been times I have finished the whole bag in 1 stretch. Gross right? but they are delicious

5th Otter pops. I generally live on these during the summer. the are the greatest inventions ever. And No. Off brands will not do

I feel like if I went on a my favorite foods diet I would die swiftly of malnutrition. There are cooler ways to die.

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