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1. What is your name? Sadie
2.  What is your favorite food? Chinese Food
3. What is your home town?
4.  What is your favorite color?
5. What is your favorite movie? Ghandi
6. What is your favorite drink? Orange Juice!!!
7. What is your dream vacation? India
8. What is your favorite dessert? Sherbet
9. What is one word to describe your self? Aware ; )
10. How are you feeling right now? Excited
11. What do you love most in the world? People
12. What do you want to be when you grow up? A Teacher


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Whoa guys. We made it to 400 posts. and Since I don’t feel like making a list of 400 things or whatever we just made this!

F- Famous people, We have them on our walls teen girl style
O- Obsessed. With whatever it is… A song, a person, a phrase
U- Un- Graceful. (not a real word, I know) Something we both are, and something we both have scars to prove
R -Roommates, we are roommates, we have weird roommates

H- Hyper. Particularly if we drink a rock star. Seriously it was only once and it was AWESOME
U- Un- organized. Ok actually Sadie is organized but our desk looks like a tornado hit it
N- Nostalgic. Particularly with high school or vacations
D- Daredevils. Because D’s are hard to come by.
R- Random. Anytime Sarah’s friends come over we will randomly decide to do something crazy.
E-Embarrassing. Movies, music you name it we probably like it
D- Dynamic… Like Dynamic Duo.. also I couldn’t think of another D

And that actually took way more work then I wanted it too.

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Monday: Here is someone we saw sleeping in the hallway at school Monday morning. They had a blanket over their face so I’m pretty sure they don’t know we took a picture.

Storm Trooper

Monday: We went on a little grocery shopping spree at the local Walmart and saw this awesome lego thing. It seemed very picture worthy.


Monday: We have a deep belief in not using carts.

Photo Wall

Tuesday: There was a big room mate discussion about how boring our apartment is and how we could really use some pictures so me, Kelli, the vegan, and the vegitarian went to the D.I. (local thrift store) and pretty much cleaned out their art section. Some All of them are really ugly.

Cleaning Check

Wednesday: We TOTALLY forgot all about Cleaning Checks this day, and so we realised while we were at a movie that they were supposed to be coming like right then so we rushed home. This is our room before cleaning check.


Wednesday: Here is our room after cleaning checks, and we passed. Yeah… apparently cleaning checks at this apartment are absolutely nothing to worry about.

Thursday was either really boring or we forgot to take pictures that day. Could easily be both. I don’t remember anything about Thursday to tell you the truth.

Movie Tickets

Friday: We went to see Bolt (not Twilight) and it was GREAT! We really liked it. Anyways while looking through my purse I realized how much money I waste on movies, and yeah some of those tickets are a little embarrasing.  But seriously add that up!

Me and Kelli

Us RIGHT NOW! This very minute. Ok no, like 5 minutes a go, and I sort of look like a chipmonk, but chipmonks can be fun.

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Back in the day when the blog first began we used to list a Guilty Pleasure at the end of every post. Here is a list of a few of our many guilty pleasures. Most of them seem to be embarrassing music, which makes sense. We have A LOT of embarrassing music.

  • Christmas Music in October
  • Celebrity Gossip
  • See You Again- Miley Cyrus (you know you secretly liked it too)
  • Jonas Brothers (probably most embarrassing)
  • The Power Rangers Theme Song
  • Don’t Turn Around- Ace of Base
  • The song “Manic Monday”
  • Romeo- The Basement Jaxx
  • New Girl In Town- Song from Hairspray Soundtrack
  • Be As… (weird song from Canada that Kelli found on youtube)
  • I Want Candy- Aaron Carter
  • I Think I Love You- Kaci
  • Move On- Jonas Brothers
  • Let Your Heart Do All The Talking- A*Teens
  • If We Were A Movie- Hannah Montana
  • ABBA- all of it
  • Thinking Gerard Way is hot
  • Upside Down- A*Teens
  • Online Shopping
  • Party With Us- Hannah Montana and The Jonas Brothers (double embarrassing)
  • Sudden crush on the main singer of “Lifehouse”
  • Pop Princess- The Click Five
  • Let’s Dance- Vannessa Hudgens aka Baby V- heh
  • The A*Teens
  • Hannah Montana (both the TV show and the music)
  • Star Girl (the book)
  • This hilarious ‘Bachlorette CD” we bought at the Dollar Store once.
  • Sadie Hawkins Dance- Relient K
  • This is Halloween- The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack

So anybody  who listens to more embarrassing music than us raise your hand! No hands. Weird.

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    We own nail polish with names like “pink promenade” or “big money green”
    We are sort of bad at talking on the phone somehow
    We are REALLY good at making mix CD’s
    We run everywhere we go
    No one was more made for a road trip then us and we have the same Spring Break
    We go to the park and swing more than any other college kids I think
    We ride horses
    We are the same, but not
    We have a dedicated readership (Rhett)
    We play more board games than almost anyone
    We have long memories and many inside jokes
    There aren’t actually words invented to describe us
    We embrace our guilty pleasures
    We never fight
    We laugh more than normal people
    We get obsessed with stuff and that is awesome
    We waste time productively (i.e. this blog, this list, and our many paint drawings)
    We invent lines that can only be crossed by us
    We own “shared” items
    We are up for almost anything
    We invented the Mitten Game
    We are going to Arizona!

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