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Here are our pop culture predictions for the year.

  • The Jonas Brothers break up. One is married, one is pursuing acting (laughable), and one already has a solo side project…. It won’t be long.
  • Demi Lovato will date someone hideous like she always does.
  • Paramore will break up. Have you heard their last CD? Things are not happy.
  • Jesse McCartney’s new single will include the words “that thing you got behind you is amazing.”
  • Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beil will get engaged.
  • Taylor Momsen will get sent to Rehab.
  • American Idols last real run…. No Simon… No Paula…. sort of seems pointless.

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Things I Want to Do

  • In the summer I live in flip flops and Old Navy has those ones in every color imaginable for like 4 dollars or whatever. I need to go pick up some new ones
  • Horse Grooming party (before horse shows we just have this big groom fest, it takes hours, and somehow all the dirt/hair that was once on your horse ends up on you, but it’s truly fun somehow)
  • Go to Bear Lake…. living in Utah means your beach options are fairly limited, but I seriously love the lake.
  • Go buy some new books to read. In the summer I read a lot. I wake up unseemly early for a teenager on summer vacation and thus have a lot of extra time on my hands in the morning. Which would be why I am doing this extremely pointless post right now.
  • Finish the Summer ’08 mix CD. You just can’t survive summer without a great mix CD you can listen to with the windows rolled down.

Summer Goals For This Year We Have Already Completed:

  • dye our hair a new weird color…. purple…. It’s already faded out though.
  • Go tubing in the pond behind my house

Also Kelli I guess I’m finally ok about American Idol. I don’t know why it made me sad. I always thought David Cook would win, but I just think David Archuleta is better and deserved it more…. oh well. Oh yeah and have fun in Yellowstone. I wish I could have gone oh man. Take a picture of a do not enter sign for me ok?

P.S. If you’ve been wanting to go see Made of Honor… don’t. It’s pretty much one of the worst movies ever. Total waste of time and money. We went and saw it with some friends last night… yeah it totally sucked.

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So today, we went to see David Archuleta from American Idol! It was pretty crazy, but hilarious and fun. We took the new Public transportation train dealio. here are the high lights of our trip.

  • The onrey man who didn’t want to admit he was taking the train. Public transit is so second rate
  • The hilarious boy at the train station who told us “We’re going to see Davy!”
  • Stroke of luck, We ride for FREE!! Thank you broken ticket machine.
  • The cool mom who let her children be checked out of school, and later lost one of them. She wanted to seem alot harder then she actually was…
  • Us being dumb, and not knowing what to do when the door shut right in front of us to get off the train. ” uhhh uuhhh what?” man who thought we were idiots “You just push this button” *said in disdainful voice*
  • Small girl from above mentioned family “There really aren’t any people here!” oh you sweet naive little girl. Yes there is.. A ton.. Just wait
  • Unsuspecting woman gateway shopper to us, “Hey guys do you know whats going on here?” us”oh yeah, David Archuleta’s here, you know from American Id..” “OH! riiiggghhht”. like all those screaming fan girls must have been quite the shock.
  • Us being lucky again and standing just feet from where David Archuleta exited his limo. of course we are not wise enough to bring a camera.. psh.
  • The MOB of girls sprinting up the down escalator as he went up the up one. also the up escalator being packed so there was like 5 people a stair.
  • Us being interviewed by a nice reporter who asked what we thought of the crazy-ness
  • The girls, about 10 of them who were all writing their names and numbers down on a piece of paper (ridiculous) and then claiming they were not stalkers.
  • The girl who shrieked in Sadie’s ear about David Archuleta touching her hand. Why is this even a big deal?
  • The girl bragging on the way home about David Archuleta’s camera man breaking her nose. And bragging about how everywhere she goes she see famous people. Sorry buddy, your nose isn’t broken, and lets be honest no one really cares that you saw Hayden Panettiere across the street from you…

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