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CD Art

I was reading Cadegoestocollege’s blog, and he posted a picture of his CD art. Which made me want to post my CD art since Kelli and I are both sort of obsessed with Mix CDs.  So Wala.

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For Nandango

Foot Writing

For Nandango. It’s harder than I thought it would be!

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I LOVE Sharks

And really, who wouldn’t want a shark coffee table?!



Heh. If I ever have $3000 to blow on a coffe table you will know exactly which one I bought

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collage college

: D new banner again. And actually not all of theses pictures are from college. At least one is from 9th grade. But it is still really awesome.

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Monday: Here is someone we saw sleeping in the hallway at school Monday morning. They had a blanket over their face so I’m pretty sure they don’t know we took a picture.

Storm Trooper

Monday: We went on a little grocery shopping spree at the local Walmart and saw this awesome lego thing. It seemed very picture worthy.


Monday: We have a deep belief in not using carts.

Photo Wall

Tuesday: There was a big room mate discussion about how boring our apartment is and how we could really use some pictures so me, Kelli, the vegan, and the vegitarian went to the D.I. (local thrift store) and pretty much cleaned out their art section. Some All of them are really ugly.

Cleaning Check

Wednesday: We TOTALLY forgot all about Cleaning Checks this day, and so we realised while we were at a movie that they were supposed to be coming like right then so we rushed home. This is our room before cleaning check.


Wednesday: Here is our room after cleaning checks, and we passed. Yeah… apparently cleaning checks at this apartment are absolutely nothing to worry about.

Thursday was either really boring or we forgot to take pictures that day. Could easily be both. I don’t remember anything about Thursday to tell you the truth.

Movie Tickets

Friday: We went to see Bolt (not Twilight) and it was GREAT! We really liked it. Anyways while looking through my purse I realized how much money I waste on movies, and yeah some of those tickets are a little embarrasing.  But seriously add that up!

Me and Kelli

Us RIGHT NOW! This very minute. Ok no, like 5 minutes a go, and I sort of look like a chipmonk, but chipmonks can be fun.

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Just you wait. Introducing Vogue, one of Sadie’s kittens.

Models definetly
Models definitely


Me and Vogue are practically best friends. And Since I am such a wicked awesome artist and photog I decided I would take a few shots of her. Here are my Fav’s


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On Friday we did Lot’s of stuff. Sadie Got album art for my Itunes and I drew this.

Fun right? But actually we did go to the rock the block concert which was awesome. Some cool local guys played, Benton Paul and Allred… And some other boring guy who we don’t remember… John Pinney apparently. He played all his songs in minor which was annoying.

P.S. My computer is self healing. Like that girl from Heroes or something

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OK so not really at all. but I am really proud of my most recent creation… I Made it all by myself! which is impressive considering my skill level. me and scissors and sewing machines? dont really get along. BUT I buckeled down and came up with this! dum dadu dum!  My very own Laptop cover! *deep breaths*

But wait… It gets EVEN BETTER…


Thats right!! its Reversible! haha.

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Ok so SOMEONE… told me my paint art wasn’t very good. and I was like yeah, I’m no artist, but really how good can you be at paint… here is my very favorite piece of paint art work.

Unless you are looking for my fav. blog paints which are weekend warriors and the punishment. Neither are really fabulous but I enjoy them. But the lake Powell one is my best I would say. I enjoy the shadow of the rocks. and Actually I won the paint contest I was having with my brother. I would post his but he didn’t save it. but here is an example of his.

Unicorn attempt

So obviously I have him beat no contest.. I mean that unicorn looks like it has 3 legs, but one of them is actually a tail. So obviously I can be that bad right? 

and then, foolishly I went looking to prove my point. observe.

Really??? who has time for that?? I bet it took these people like a million years to finish.  But obviously I have a long way to go.

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Round 2

I was going to link you back to an old post. but found that I either didnt tranfer it in the move or just never posted it. so I will post both picutres now. as you can tell my paint people have evolved. but it is the same guy.

The first encounter

And now he’s ba-ack

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