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AND I use that title EVERY YEAR. woooo. but cause I’m bored and have no actual funding I am making this list of things I want that I will never buy either for the price or because it’s like a joke so it would be a waste of money. So if you’re a millionaire or want to waste money on me here is a really good list for you.

1. True religions. These jeans = BEST JEANS EVER. I don’t get the designer hand bags or the juicy couture track suits but I GET designer jeans. I’ve borrowed a pair a couple of times and I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong. Cost: upwards of $250

2. Macbook. in white. These computer are fun, and they look cool and yeah I’m a little shallow right now sorry. but also my computer sucks and I need a new one with a working screen. cost: Like $1000

3. Naluwaver. Seriously cool guys. I’m sure i would fry my fingers using it and probably wouldn’t get the same results but I think the idea is BRILLIANT. cost: $175

4. XM radio. Guys I hate normal radio now.  my cousins car has XM and it is RAD. cost: I’m to lazy to look it up

5. Samsung dual view camera. SO cool. and convenient if you’re the sort who never want to ask other people to take photos of you and your friends

6. Net flix 1 year 2 dvd subscription. There are lots of Movies and TV seasons I want to watch that I don’t feel like renting from block buster. **ASIDE* it cost $10 to rent a wii game from blockbuster. I’m boycotting*

7.BAND TEES. guy’s I’ve been banned from them down here cause my cousin says they make me look like a boy but I LOVE them and I want a ton of them.

8. A kindle. I’m pretty sure this is one of those things I would buy and then not use but every time I see someone with one I really want one

9. :D J/K alright so really I couldn’t think of any other random expensive stuff that wasn’t like cars or vacations :)

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And I am here to tell you. I woke up late, I played “tennis” with the 4 year old next door. I walked my dog. I did some fliers for my brother I jumped on the trampoline ect ect. I also Got in a biking accident!!! Have a peek. If you dare.. here I’ll make them small for those who don’t love the blood….


So all and all a pretty eventful day…  And here is the best part of all of it. I ran into my dog. Seriously. My dog made me get into a biking accident. stupid dog. I was just going along and all of a sudden… WHAM right in front of me. I get in the most ridiculous accidents. BUT I didn’t break my arm.. or rip my shirt which I was concerned about. I do however have a small rock sized hole in the top of my foot.

Tomorrow I leave for Moab and we were supposed to mountain bike there… we will see if I can even walk:D

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I like the outside. In Fact a lot all of my favorite activities have the requirement of being outside. Including but not limited to: Horseback riding, Snow Boarding, Wake boarding, Camping, and Going to the Beach. Recently as in just today I was voted NUMBER ONE person to be stranded on a desert island with on face book. WOW. I was thrilled/honored and then My cousin Jen said that I was one of the top 10 people she would save if the whole earth burned and she was the only person with a fire extinguisher. Obviously I am pretty high on most peoples list of people to survive with. If I’m not already on your list, here is why I should be.

  1. I can tread water for 5 minutes ( obviously a good choice for desert island)
  2. I have big lung capacity, I could blow up my inflatable turtle by mouth in very little time( dunno what this is good for, if we had a raft…)
  3. I always over pack so we would have a lot of bonus supplies whoo hoo
  4. I’m not a whiner… OK I am a little, but I’m not a crier which would be awful for either situation
  5. I can climb trees good. you want a coconut? I’m on it
  6. I’m small. more food for you, more room in the shelter, ect ect
  7. I can start a fire with flint and steal. not much help for the fire scenario, pretty awesome for the island. As an added bonus i might be able to do the whole rub a stick in a hole in a log, I’ve never tried but the concept as been well explained by my little brother who has done it many times
  8. I am related to said brother who taught me all about his experiences at survival camp
  9. My dad was a master scout, maybe such talents are inherited
  10. If we are stranded on a desert Island with perhaps a wild black stallion I may be able to catch it and tame it. And my name is way cuter then Alec…
  11. I’m amusing… and loyal. I wont vote you off the island
  12. I have read: My Side of the Mountain, Hatchet, The Black Stallion, Island of the Blue Dolphins, The Cay, and A Girl Named Disaster. all great survival books, and that’s not even counting the ones I cant remember.
  13. As stated in the title. I’m pretty incredible

Also. changed the banner So now we’re all festive

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Check it out yo

These days we twitter.

Fun right?

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