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The Heat Miser

My brother

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Croc Heels… *shudder*

Croc High Heels

Ummm… actually no it isn’t…

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like really… that dress?? the styel is cute and it fits her and stuff . but whats with the bleeding Bambi’s… I do think the pink hair is sortof awesome though… sometimes I think I would like that… and sometimes I don’t haha. but really the dress..

Shes crazy

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That this was an April Fools joke…. alas. The most Beautiful of the Jonas brothers is no more… NOOO! Curse you shaggy hair fad! and wierd clothes… I dont really care who he is or isnt dating. it doesnt matter. But really… whats with the hat??


Not to deny my love for the Jonas brothers or anything…

*borrowed the photo from good ole’ Perez Hilton, its a link to his site… A virtual pot of gold for celeb gossip:D

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Lately we have been noticing that horse gear is kind of high fashion. So today I was looking at the horse catalog websites in my favorites and I found some great fashion for our next riding adventure.

What guide to bad fashion in the horse world would be complete with out the formidable overly sparkly slinky? This one reminds me of “fruity pebbles.” And really this was just on the first page. I’m sure if I would have kept looking I could have found an even uglier one, slinky makers love cheetah print. Remember spending hours and hours looking for decent one?

OK so obviously breaches are never very attractive, but that’s not even the worst part. First of all these are apparently “low rise” breeches. So you know…. totally in style, but what else can we do to make these even cooler… hmmm… well aren’t 80’s coming back? Leg warmers it is! Oh wait…. just pink knee high tights, and weird ankle boots… ankle boots are in.
Keep that pesky sun from your eyes, with these sierraclubish/cartoonish/plasticy sun visors!
This is my favorite. I mean like a helmet isn’t totally nerdy enough. And then you add the sequined cover (Are you also being haunted by memories of the purple helmet cover girl with the fake plastered on smile from all the horse shows?) Then since it’s winter you add this great little warming/bank robbery thing. If I was into wasting money I would totally buy you one of these for Christmas.

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I’m not really sure who told her, but apparently they got to this lady too. Gotta love animal print. It can make anyone look hideious.

Guilty Pleasure: My sudden crush on the main singer of Lifehouse. I even bought the new CD earlier today. I love it.

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I want to know who told this girl this outfit was a good idea for wimboldon. Honestly. Get real. Its like a cheetah exploded on her :D

Guilty pleasure of the day: pretty much any thing Jonas I guess

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