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So tomorrow is NEW YEARS EVE! I’m pretty excited. Especially since my clock is still a little off, and I’ve been staying up till 3 am anyways. Plus I love New Years Eve. It’s just a fun time, and then all these Greatest ____ of 2009 lists come out. I love lists, and since it’s the end of the year DJ Earworm made his annual Mashup of this years top billboard songs.  It’s pretty cool, and you can download the mp3 for free right on the site.

I think the 2008 one is pretty cool as well. Viva la Vida and Disturbia  just make for good mashup songs.  United State of Pop 2008

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Today is our blog’s birthday, and so in honor of this monumental day we compiled a list of our fave posts. Sort of a little Academy awards for the blog.

Best List
Winner: Unusual Names
(BFB– In it’s own league)

Cleverest Post
Tie between: How Can They Look So Different Then How They Sound and Movie Cliches

Best Story
Winner: Lagoon Day
Honorable Mention: Tale of Random Boy

Best Picture

We posted this little prize after Sadie’s older brother found our blog. Isn’t he cute?
Jordan’s Star of the week photo

Honorable Mentions: Made My Day
Illustration of Having a Fun Time Shopping

Best Memories
Winner: HOME ALONe

Best Top 10 post
Winner: Top 10 Posts: Sadie Kelli

Best Guide
Winner: Road Trip

Best post about us
Winner: Unique Enough For You?
Honorable Mention: Life Lessons

Best playlist
Winner: Summer Songs

Best Paint
Winner: The Punishment

This is just a little pic for Zach (Sadies little bro) after he crossed the line

This is just a little pic for Zach (Sadie's little bro) after he crossed the line. He's an arachnophobe.

Cleverest Title
Winner: Viva Lost Vegas

Best Comment
Winner:  Fan Girl war zone that is the Tokio Hotel Post
Honorable Mention: Derek: I found your site while searching for: “directionally impaired girl divers” and “the ghost of Victoria Jones”

Most Embarrassing Post:
Winner (hands down): Jonas Brother Acoustic Poem– Are we proud that half our hits come from this ridiculous post? No. Are we complaining? Definitely not.

Best Month:
October – I think there are like 44 post in this month alone.

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