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Happy Birthday Kelli


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The Big TWO OH


Happy Birthday Sadie!

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For Zackapalooza

I don’t know when your birthday is, but this is what I would get you.

Shark Repellent

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Today is our blog’s birthday, and so in honor of this monumental day we compiled a list of our fave posts. Sort of a little Academy awards for the blog.

Best List
Winner: Unusual Names
(BFB– In it’s own league)

Cleverest Post
Tie between: How Can They Look So Different Then How They Sound and Movie Cliches

Best Story
Winner: Lagoon Day
Honorable Mention: Tale of Random Boy

Best Picture

We posted this little prize after Sadie’s older brother found our blog. Isn’t he cute?
Jordan’s Star of the week photo

Honorable Mentions: Made My Day
Illustration of Having a Fun Time Shopping

Best Memories
Winner: HOME ALONe

Best Top 10 post
Winner: Top 10 Posts: Sadie Kelli

Best Guide
Winner: Road Trip

Best post about us
Winner: Unique Enough For You?
Honorable Mention: Life Lessons

Best playlist
Winner: Summer Songs

Best Paint
Winner: The Punishment

This is just a little pic for Zach (Sadies little bro) after he crossed the line

This is just a little pic for Zach (Sadie's little bro) after he crossed the line. He's an arachnophobe.

Cleverest Title
Winner: Viva Lost Vegas

Best Comment
Winner:  Fan Girl war zone that is the Tokio Hotel Post
Honorable Mention: Derek: I found your site while searching for: “directionally impaired girl divers” and “the ghost of Victoria Jones”

Most Embarrassing Post:
Winner (hands down): Jonas Brother Acoustic Poem– Are we proud that half our hits come from this ridiculous post? No. Are we complaining? Definitely not.

Best Month:
October – I think there are like 44 post in this month alone.

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One Year Older and Wiser Too

Happy Birthday Kelli!

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Sadies dad turned 50 on wednesday… which means he is pretty much an old man now. We threw him a nice little Hawaiian party… Which he loved… here he is enjoying the spotlight.

The hawaiian Hottie

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The count goes on

Days till the weekend- 3

Days till School is out- 33, this includes finals week so its actualy more like 26. AWESOME

Days till your birthday- 52

Days till my birthday- 93

Days till Summer oficially starts- 98

Days till UVSC- 167

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