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This is WAR!…

Anyways. Our blog friend Zackapalooza recently wrote a very interesting post about Taylor Swift. You might remember, we love her. He asked for no disagreeing comments on his blog, and so being the polite people we are  we decided not to wage war in his comments. We decided to wage war on the blog.:D

He gives a list of 5 reasons he hates her…
1.She can’t sing at all.
2.Shes not very pretty, really.
3.She’s straight up boring.
4. Her songs are not that great
5. People are obsessed with her for no reason. She’s The human form of Twilight

We will now throw these 5 reasons back in his face. :D
1. She Can sing… Exhibit A:
Exhibit B: If you want to see her do a cover http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC-vENKF0hg
Exhibit C: If you want or need http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDgcVv0Gads
Exhibit D: List of awards she has won- Top new female vocalist (CMAs),  Favorite Female country Artist (AMAs), Best song 2 times and best country song (BMIs), Horizon Award (CMT’s), song writer of the year (NASI’s) and that is not including the ones that she got voted in for.

2.She is totally pretty He unfairly chose a picture of her with no make up on. How many famous ladies can you think of that look good without their make up?? I recommend googling Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie or Miley without make up. Observe our gallery for proof that she is actually really pretty. Also take note that he hair is not fake. It’s Naturally curly. Have you ever tried to manage naturally curly hair? Not That Easy.

3. She is far from boring… Her you tube videos are hilarious, and her interviews and award acceptance speeches are really funny because she gets so excited. Also she made her own music video for I’m Only Me When I’m With you.

4. Her songs are AWESOME. And she wrote or co wrote all of them. That’s pretty stinking rare in the musical world and her lyrics are clever. And she is really good at slipping in jabs at the boys. Observe.
From Forever and Always:
Was I out of line? Did I say something way to honest?
Did you run and hide like a scared little boy?
I looked into your eyes, thought I knew you for a minute
Now I’m not so sure

From White Horse:
That I’m not a princess
This ain’t a fairytale
I’m not the one you’ll sweep off her feet
Lead her up the stairwell
This ain’t Hollywood,
This is a small town
I was a dreamer before you went and let me down
Now its too late for you and your White Horse,
To come around.

From Pictures to Burn:
To state the obvious
I didn’t get my perfect fantasy
I realize you love yourself more than you could ever love me
So go and tell your friends that I’m obsessive and crazy
That’s fine I’ll tell mine you’re gay

5.It’s ridiculous to compare anything to the Twilight mania. It’s impossible to compare any obsession to that level of  crazy. 15 year old girls don’t regularly ask Taylor Swift to bite their neck. They do ask Robert Pattinson that.

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collage college

: D new banner again. And actually not all of theses pictures are from college. At least one is from 9th grade. But it is still really awesome.

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Alright, So I’m not. And I may have stolen this idea from the brilliant mind of Sadies sister Sarah. meh details anyways, One time about 2 months ago I was surfing blogger blogs. and suddenly by some genius stroke of luck I ran accross my dear cousins blog. I was unaware he had a blog… this made me smile because I get alot of joy spying on people. Unfortunatly his blog is quite boring, which makes his title of “my crazy college life” VERY misleading. So today in hopes of getting him to write something mildly interesting I decided to leave him a comment, however unwilling to let him know I read his blog, I created a new alterego for myself… LORD VOLDEMORT. I even created an email address so I was allowed to comment on his blog. It is voldemorttheevilgenius@gmail.com . I actually think this is so great i might start telling people to send my emails here. Here is what people will recieve if they email me there…

Harry Hunting BRB Re:‏
From: Voldemort (voldemorttheevilgenius@gmail.com)
Sent: Thu 11/20/08 6:02 PM
To: youremailhere@yourdomain.com
You have reached Lord Voldemort, Lord of all evil. I'm currently off
hunting that blasted boy. I'll get back to you ASAP

TTYL, Lord Voldemort


anyways I told him his life doesn’t seem crazy at all, hopefully now we will get something more interesting

Here is the link to my profile: http://www.blogger.com/profile/15406366828669540891

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Dear Blog,
      Are you feeling neglected and boring? That is probably because you are. Sorry. I have bloggers block(?) But you are pretty great, and we’ve shared some great times. So just know that you are still loved, even if you suck right now.

Ok anyways here are just some stuff that’s been going on recently.

  • Earlier today I watched a guy trying to pull a push door, which was funny, but not as funny as how long it actually to took him to figure out what he was doing wrong. 
  • I saw a guy fighting the cold snap wear a beanie from Disney land with goofy ears attached. Which would be weird if it was like a kid my age, but not as weird because this guy was at least 35 (being generous).
  • The word blog is not in the spell check on this blog website…
  • The other day my bio teacher was talking about species being extinct, and he was like, “99% of all species living on the planet today are extinct” He did not notice or correct himself.
  • The Jazz season started back up only it’s been sort of suckish since apparently there is some sort of curse that prevents us from ever having all 5 of our starters present. On the bright yet dim side I did see Collins try to run into Shaq and it nearly put him (Collins not Shaq) on the ground. So that was enjoyable.

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Psh… I Can’t believe we didn’t know. ok I didn’t Sadie probably did. huuu national blog post month, post everyday. FAIL. This month has almost been as desolate for us as summer. And the worst part? I actually have nothing to post about. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TOO? Anyways its obvious that i need to go on some sort of hunt for genius blog worthy material.
Note to self: go sit in the liberal arts building

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Some Jerk stole my confessions post about my lap top… and he didn’t even credit it to me! He credited it to NITROKART. Seriously?

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So recently I was going through our comments and discovered that lots of cool people have commented on our blog. and I was like geeze we are amazing. I mean Freddy the Fish commented our blog. you know you are popular when animated computer characters are commenting your blog. Our personal fave is Voldemort. Yes. He who must not be named. Also all three of the Jonas Brothers. Woooo we are so cool the Jonai read our blog, and comment along with all the Spanish girls who are in love with them AWESOME. And Avirl Lavigne. SO this is just sortof a shout out to all our famous friends. Keep the comments coming!

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