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I have no idea why, but suddenly wordpress is no longer blocked (also myspace). Kind of pointless since I have like a week left in China, but it’s still kind of nice. Recently I’ve been wondering something. Is there some sort of law that requires Boy Bands to have a photo shoot where all the members dress in all white outfits? I think it might be, and look the law is universal…. even in Asia it’s a requirement!

Searching for those photos was actually highly entertaining. Boy bands have some hilarious and ridiculous photo shoots. If you are bored you should totally just check out any of these NSYNC photos. I might even end up devoting a post to some of the best/worst ones when I have more time.

P.S. Kelli we should really think about updating our poll….

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SO I’m leaving for yellowstone today which isn’t really important to this story but whatever. So ANYWAYS I’ve been listening to the new black eyed peas song alot this morning and all of a sudden I get a text message that say’s “I’m so 2008 your so 2000 and late boom boom pow”. Which you know, is part of the song…. And I’m listening to it. So I of course freak out and like search my house for friends of my little brother… I didn’t find any. Now I will just transcribe the rest of the conversation for your enjoyment.

Creeper-I’m so 2008 your so 2000 and late boom bom pow…
Kelli- Oh my gosh! Who is this!?
Creeper- No habla ingles
Kelli- That’s a Lie, you just texted me a song. Is this Brent? (my little brother who would love a trick like this)
Kelli- Also You got the Lyrics wrong it’s 3008 not 2008
Creeper- Is this EM?
*here is where I call the number. no one answers I get a message that sounds a little like brent, so I call the number on erics phone, no answer so I call brents phone and its not the same message.*

Kelli- Do I even know you?
Creeper- I think So. this is jason p your old class mate
Kelli- from what class?
Creeper-Is this robi? (remember rob guys?!)
* I am completely relieved that someone is not stalking me*
Kelli- um no He got rid of this number like 2 years ago
Creeper- Oh sorry.
Creeper- I will delete the number. Or maybe we could go see startrek today. I’m not working
*at this point I cannot believe I have practically been stalked AND asked on a date by one of robs old friends. another one called and told me my voice sounded hot. so cool I know*
Kelli- um I’m going to yellowstone today. sorry
Creeper- oh ok
Creeper- sorry again
Creeper- Have fun friend
Creeper- dont feed the bears
*so now the guys trying to flirt me up… AWKWARD*


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What About Bob Rob

I’m not sure If i have mentioned Rob before. I think I have but I cant be bothered to find a post. Anyways Rob used to own my phone number. I know this becuase I get at least one phone call a month for him. Also his grandparents called me. I have gotten to know Rob pretty well through the year, you might recall when I got my new number at this time last year and then I got about a call a day for him its Like he dropped off the earth. And I just got another call for him… Its been awhile. anyways… Things I know about Rob

  • He didn’t pay his tuition to Weber for a really long time
  • He drives Trucks
  • He didn’t tell his grandparents his new number
  • Apparently he didn’t tell anyone he changed his number.
  • He has flirty friends
  • I’d like to think he gives girls he doesn’t the wrong number. haha, I’ve spoken to a few confused girls.

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So I was going to make a really cool comic to go with this post so you could imagine it in your minds eye, but then I was like… I don’t know how to draw dresses on people. SO I didn’t make one, so you guys will just have to use your imagination! Anyways… here we go

The Scene: Dance at a Church Youth Gathering (EFY)
Background info: I HATE dancing. with a passion, and I was on a mission not to dance with anybody and had been successful all night.
People involved: Sadie, Her cousin, and others to be revealed later.

So I think It was nearing the end of the dance, thought I cant really remember, We were all just talking in a circle, you know, Hanging out. I was pleased as I had escaped dancing all night by using my awesome be really involved in something else during the slow song skills. One came on and I was like eh no big deal boys are far to shy to break into a group of three girls who are obviously engaged in conversation. I didn’t notice the three boys who walked up, I saw two, and quickly excused myself from my friends. (read: run out the door) if you are the only one not dancing you are sure to get sucked in. Apparently I missed a few important points. The first being there were 3 boys. The second being that one said “Hey look it’s perfect 3 and 3”. at this point I was already dashing off. (It took me at least a year to convince Sadie that I really didn’t hear him.) SO one boy has to stand there awkwardly as Sadie came after me. Now a Side note. I was in the youngest part of the oldest group. The one boy who apparently wanted to dance with me was the oldest, I think he was 18, I was just turning 16. Sadie explains all about these 3 boys, I was a little humiliated, but It was the last night so I was like, Whatev you know? SO I hear the song winding down, we walk back in and WHAM! he is laying in wait by the door! So then Sadie leaves me and he’s like “uh, you ran away, I was going to ask you to dance” and I was like “um yeah, I didn’t see you there. heh” Which is really nice of me, and he probably totally thought I was lying. SO then we awkward dance for like 20 seconds till the song finally ends. I don’t remember how I excused my self but It was probably totally awkward and embarrassing.

and that pretty much sums it up. Obviously I am a genius

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Broken Heart

So songs about breaking up. This is probably the best playlist we even own. We love angry break up songs. Let us know if we missed an important one.

  • The Break-Up Song- American Hi-Fi
  • Picture to Burn- Taylor Swift
  • Red High Heels- Kelly Pickler
  • Breaking Up is Hard to Do- The Carpenters
  • Move on- The Jonas Brothers (you can only get the live version of this. It’s never actually been released)
  • Kerosene- Miranda Lambert
  • Bye Bye Boyfriend- FeFe Dobson
  • There’s More to Me Than You- Jessica Andrews
  • Single- Natasha Beddingfield
  • Time to Waste- Alkaline Trio
  • Up Against The Wall- Boys Like Girls
  • Don’t Want You Back- The Backstreet Boys
  • Famous Last Words- My Chemical Romance
  • Your So Vain- Carly Simon
  • Over It- Katherine McPhee
  • Are You Happy Now- Michelle Branch
  • All Good Things Come To An End- Nelly Furtado
  • Mix Tape- Brand New
  • Revenge is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)- The Veronicas
  • Take a Bow- Rihanna
  • Love is Wicked- Brick and Lace
  • It’s Not Me, It’s You- Skillet
  • Cry- Faith Hill
  • Behind These Hazel Eyes- Kelly Clarkson
  • Cry for You- September
  • I Don’t Want to Be In Love- Good Charlotte
  • The Hardest Part of Breaking Up is Getting Back Your Stuff- 2gether
  • Bye Bye Bye- *NSYNC
  • Forget You- LAX
  • Hate( I Really Don’t Like You)- Plain white Tee’s
  • Everything I’m Not- The Veronicas
  • You Are So Last Summer- Taking Back Sunday
  • Potential Breakup Song- Aly and AJ
  • Before He Cheat’s- Carrie Underwood
  • Never Again- Kelly Clarkson
  • Fighter- Christina Aguilera
  • So What- Pink
  • Beautiful Liar- Beyonce & Shakira
  • Breaking Dishes- Rihanna
  • No It Isn’t- Plus 44
  • Your Love is a Lie- Simple Plan
  • Stupid Kid- Alkaline Trio
  • Don’t Come Crying to Me- KSM
  • Goodbye- Kristina DeBarge
  • According to You- Oranthi
  • Life of the Party- A Rocket to the Moon
  • Jaded (Forget You)- Boys Will Boys

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We want to dance like this.

If the video won’t work click here

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So today, we went to see David Archuleta from American Idol! It was pretty crazy, but hilarious and fun. We took the new Public transportation train dealio. here are the high lights of our trip.

  • The onrey man who didn’t want to admit he was taking the train. Public transit is so second rate
  • The hilarious boy at the train station who told us “We’re going to see Davy!”
  • Stroke of luck, We ride for FREE!! Thank you broken ticket machine.
  • The cool mom who let her children be checked out of school, and later lost one of them. She wanted to seem alot harder then she actually was…
  • Us being dumb, and not knowing what to do when the door shut right in front of us to get off the train. ” uhhh uuhhh what?” man who thought we were idiots “You just push this button” *said in disdainful voice*
  • Small girl from above mentioned family “There really aren’t any people here!” oh you sweet naive little girl. Yes there is.. A ton.. Just wait
  • Unsuspecting woman gateway shopper to us, “Hey guys do you know whats going on here?” us”oh yeah, David Archuleta’s here, you know from American Id..” “OH! riiiggghhht”. like all those screaming fan girls must have been quite the shock.
  • Us being lucky again and standing just feet from where David Archuleta exited his limo. of course we are not wise enough to bring a camera.. psh.
  • The MOB of girls sprinting up the down escalator as he went up the up one. also the up escalator being packed so there was like 5 people a stair.
  • Us being interviewed by a nice reporter who asked what we thought of the crazy-ness
  • The girls, about 10 of them who were all writing their names and numbers down on a piece of paper (ridiculous) and then claiming they were not stalkers.
  • The girl who shrieked in Sadie’s ear about David Archuleta touching her hand. Why is this even a big deal?
  • The girl bragging on the way home about David Archuleta’s camera man breaking her nose. And bragging about how everywhere she goes she see famous people. Sorry buddy, your nose isn’t broken, and lets be honest no one really cares that you saw Hayden Panettiere across the street from you…

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Boys I want to date before I get Sucked in Married. I realize this list is Shallow. but its MY list and thats how its going to be

The bullet bike kid- And he has to let me ride on the back. and maybe drive it once just so I can feel really awesome

The football Enthusiast- I love football, he Loves football, he can explain stuff I don’t get, we can argue who’s favorite team is better. But If he likes the patriots he is OUT

The Sports Fanatic- who likes all sports and gets all into them. I find this highly amusing

The Skateboarder- I just think they are hot ok? with their little skateboarder bodies and their skateboarder attitude. they are like athletic without actualy playing a sport.

The band boy- Similar to the Skateboarder in looks, but plays music…

Concert Scene Kid- And he knows like all the local concert places and bands.

The prankster- because He’ll be fun, always tricking people and I can help him pull his little pranks.

The Well Traveled Boy- SO he can give me souvenirs from all the cool places He has been, and invite me on his vacations

Boy from another country- preferably England, or Australia. those accents are AWESOME

The computer whiz- SO he can fix mine whenever it is broken, free of charge.

The surfer- Tan, beach body, Laid back Cali boy? I think so

The Athlete- particularly soccer. soccer players are hot, and they are obsessed with their sport. heh

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Made my day

So today I was walking home from campus and I hear someone talking on a mega phone. I suddenly became quite excited. you see today is walk a mile in her shoes day, and all these boys wear high heels and walk together a mile around campus as a protest against rape and other crimes against women. when I saw them I could not stop laughing. I swear. boys in high heels. SO hilarious. I giggled about it all the way home. people probably thought I was crazy.and really maybe you had to be there to see it. I wish I had a camera on me at the time but alas. At anyrate heres a photo I borrowed form the school news paper

Note the Hairy Legs...

Not to say I dont think its an awesome cause. I just think its hilarious. and I dont think you could pay my brothers to do that.

P.S. Today I had a revelation. Simba and Nala Are half siblings. *snickers* Love it. Also I wish we had a side blog. Alas… I dont think you can with out paying… RATS

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This is for you


Sadie\'s future Boyfriend

I hope you love it. Its the first attractive picture I’ve seen of him in…. ever I guess. Must be the recently washed and flat Ironed hair.

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