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The Heat Miser

My brother

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So today my mom came across the “New Rules” list that we had when I was In about jr. high. I’m not positive though… Anyways this lists contains list of actions and then their monetary consequences. Lets just say I made BANK off this list from my brothers. And now I will share it with you. Parents take note… JK

Food and/or drink in living room- 50 Cents
Calling names- 25 cents
Making Faces- 50 cents (this is where I paid out the most)
Hitting- 50 cents ( I made pretty good money off of this)
Socks in face- 25 cents
Butter cupping- 1$
Blowing/ burping in face or ear- 50 cents ( I made BANK off of this)
Gleeking- 50 cents… if we still played by these rules this rule would make me rich
Water in house- 1$ to person squirted 1$ to mom AND loss of squirting device
Running into people with car- 50 Cents (this is my personal fav)
Spit wad above shoulders- 1$
Spit wad below shoulders- 50 cents
Swearing and Shut up- both 1$

I love that we had to differentiate between spit wad places. As if one is so much better then the other. Also I just discovered that this list was made in 03. heh love it. I imagine that the authors of all the parenting books my mom has read would be horrified

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The First Day

haha So today was a pretty funny day. some things that happened…

We forgot to make a banner to hang on our garage like alot of people to. luckily the Dahls made one.

My mom forgot about the banner hanging on the garage, opened the garage and ripped the banner all over.

Erics flight was early and the traffic was bad. I began to feel as if i was watching my mother unravel at the seems

since we were late she dropped me and brent off. We went in and I saw Grandpa garrett like 3 minutes before he saw us and he was getting all worried about not being able to see us, craning his neck and everything heh.

we Also forgot to make posters for at the air port which is apparently something you do. so we were the only family with out a sign of some sort or balloons ect.

Eric nearly freaked out about having nothing to do today. he would do stuff for like 3 minutes then on to the next thing.

Brent has been making jokes about playing halo and watching black hawk down all day. they did get old but the first time was funny.

I went to the mall with Eric to look for some jeans. anyone who was walking Along he would say ” hey hows it goin” to. which was humorous. people were probably like huh?? heh.

Guilty pleasure: Move on by the Jonas Brothers. its a good one huh? I really think its funny when he screams BAMBOOZLE

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