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First days at anything can be pretty awkward but I hate first days at new jobs almost as much as I hate first days of school which was also today… But I’m only taking 2 online classes so it hardly counts.

Anyways. new job first days are even more awkward when you can’t get ahold of your boss to find out what time your supposed to come in and when you do come in the employee in charge of training you pretty much gives you a run down of all the things about your boss that are hard to deal with. But really what I hate most about first days is just being the new kid and everyone else is all already friends and stuff so you’re just like the awkward one. And there are two engaged girls working there which can get real annoying if they never stop talking about being in love..

However I did learn this. Carlos Boozer… you know Utah Jazz star? Brings his family to my place of employment… and apparently his kids are the brattiest ones there and will lie to you if you ask them if their dad plays basketball they will lie to you. That my friends is hilarious.

Also… my boss is a hugger. She hugged me on my first day there!!! WHO DOES THAT?

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So I was on the Jazz website, and they have this section where you can read little quiz things that the different players took, and my favorite question was the hidden talents one. For example Matt Harping who is like this huge guy likes to garden, and Carlos Boozer is apparently an artist and actually Daron Williams too. That’s not really that weird, but it’s just hard to imagine him like sitting at a desk drawing a horse or something. So here is a little list of funny hidden talents.

  • Matt Harping- Gardening
  • Carlos Boozer- Drawing
  • Derron Williams- Drawing
  • Mehmet Okur- Cooking
  • Barack Obama is apparently a really good dancer?
  • Halle Barry plays the flute
  • Joe Jonas said his hidden talent was that he could make pancakes appear….
  • Nick Jonas said his hidden talent was playing the drums, but that’s not really hidden… I mean he plays the drums in concerts all over the place
  • Ben Stein can dance the Jitterbug
  • Zac Efron says his hidden talent is blowing bubbles with his spit…. Whoo!
  • My hidden talent is that I am really good at hula hooping. I won a blue ribbon for it at the fair once. :D

Anyways I could probably find like a million more with out much effort, but I am in a hurry. Maybe I’ll come back and add some extra ones later.

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