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In case you were wondering

The results of our “Would You Eat a Sea Kitten” poll were:
9 of you said you would eat a sea kitten.
2 of you said only if you took the whiskers off.
1 said that you would not.

Now go vote in our new poll!

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Geniuses I tell you. Apparently the want schools with fish names to change their names to Sea Kittens. Because obviously if people start calling fish kittens no one would want to eat them. PETA is ridiculous sometimes. So suddenly your very own white fish high (I’m talking to you Montana) could become Sea Kitten High! WE ARE THE MIGHTY SEA KITTENS HEAR US ROAR!!! Terrifying. And check out this awesome picture they have to go with it!


Image courtesy of PETA. thanks guys

They also think people would not want to go see fish in aquariums were they called sea kittens. I say this is false. I would certainly want to see a sea kitten.  Wouldn’t you??  They would also would like the Fish And Wildlife Services to stop promoting the killing of sea kittens. AND check it out you can create your very own sea kitten on their website. Here is mine.

might warrior

Cute huh?

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So my sister has always been sort of jumpy and easily scared ever since we were really young. If you are a long time reader you might recall the post about when some boy was asking her to a dance, and she thought he was an intruder and called the police on him. If not it’s a pretty great story. Here. Another time she came running into my room at 5 in the morning freaking out about something standing in our yard which later turned out to be a deer although she seemed inclined to think it was bear. She now denies she ever thought it was a bear, but we all know the truth. This led to many deer/bear jokes.  So last night I was awoken by the most unearthly sound I have ever heard. It was like some weird strangled cry and Sarah was like crying/panting/running to wake up my parents. For a few confused seconds I actually thought someone had died.  Turns out she had to use the restroom sometime during the night, and someone was outside the window obviously trying to break into our house and ransack all our Christmas goodies. Here is the culprit.

Cashmere Cat

That’s right a CAT BURGLAR! haha I personally have always felt armed robbers and cats were pretty interchangable, and don’t even get me started on the close relationship of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the Smokey the Bear.

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So I was looking at Sugar Gliders on ksl classifieds. Uh yeah…. I know I’m really weird. There was a picture of one in the slide-show in my bio class today, and you can totally have one as a pet! Awesome right? Who wouldn’t want a flying squirrel type animal as a pet? And then I don’t really know how but I some how ended up on the cats page, and found this great little ad:
Terrorist Kittens
5 very cute male tabby kittens born 9-11-08. All eating solid food and potty trained. Pic. available soon (Grey-blue/Brown eyes)
Next up:
I’m a Jerk Cat and I need a home.
Meow-Mow my name is Stinky and I’m a 2 1/2 year old jerk cat that needs a home. I’m litter-trained, love catnip, sun basking, kitty treats and sleeping in. I’m a very low maintenance cat, because I’m very independent and do not need affection all the time. I come with soft paws, igloo cat litter box, scratching post, and auto feeders. Children better be nice to me but I think I’d be better off with intellectual adults with good conversations.

Best way to sell your cat: name it stinky and call it a jerk.

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Just you wait. Introducing Vogue, one of Sadie’s kittens.

Models definetly
Models definitely


Me and Vogue are practically best friends. And Since I am such a wicked awesome artist and photog I decided I would take a few shots of her. Here are my Fav’s


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The Mysterious 5th Room Mate


That is a great (extremly blurry) photo of some cat shampoo we found on our kitchen counter. When we took out the garbage yesterday we saw some little cans of cat food. We are pretty sure we have a stow away room mate. The idea was slightly coumpouned when our room mate innocently asked us, “So uh… just wondering…. are either of you allergic to cats?”

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