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Here are our pop culture predictions for the year.

  • The Jonas Brothers break up. One is married, one is pursuing acting (laughable), and one already has a solo side project…. It won’t be long.
  • Demi Lovato will date someone hideous like she always does.
  • Paramore will break up. Have you heard their last CD? Things are not happy.
  • Jesse McCartney’s new single will include the words “that thing you got behind you is amazing.”
  • Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beil will get engaged.
  • Taylor Momsen will get sent to Rehab.
  • American Idols last real run…. No Simon… No Paula…. sort of seems pointless.

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I have no idea why, but suddenly wordpress is no longer blocked (also myspace). Kind of pointless since I have like a week left in China, but it’s still kind of nice. Recently I’ve been wondering something. Is there some sort of law that requires Boy Bands to have a photo shoot where all the members dress in all white outfits? I think it might be, and look the law is universal…. even in Asia it’s a requirement!

Searching for those photos was actually highly entertaining. Boy bands have some hilarious and ridiculous photo shoots. If you are bored you should totally just check out any of these NSYNC photos. I might even end up devoting a post to some of the best/worst ones when I have more time.

P.S. Kelli we should really think about updating our poll….

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like really… that dress?? the styel is cute and it fits her and stuff . but whats with the bleeding Bambi’s… I do think the pink hair is sortof awesome though… sometimes I think I would like that… and sometimes I don’t haha. but really the dress..

Shes crazy

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So today, we went to see David Archuleta from American Idol! It was pretty crazy, but hilarious and fun. We took the new Public transportation train dealio. here are the high lights of our trip.

  • The onrey man who didn’t want to admit he was taking the train. Public transit is so second rate
  • The hilarious boy at the train station who told us “We’re going to see Davy!”
  • Stroke of luck, We ride for FREE!! Thank you broken ticket machine.
  • The cool mom who let her children be checked out of school, and later lost one of them. She wanted to seem alot harder then she actually was…
  • Us being dumb, and not knowing what to do when the door shut right in front of us to get off the train. ” uhhh uuhhh what?” man who thought we were idiots “You just push this button” *said in disdainful voice*
  • Small girl from above mentioned family “There really aren’t any people here!” oh you sweet naive little girl. Yes there is.. A ton.. Just wait
  • Unsuspecting woman gateway shopper to us, “Hey guys do you know whats going on here?” us”oh yeah, David Archuleta’s here, you know from American Id..” “OH! riiiggghhht”. like all those screaming fan girls must have been quite the shock.
  • Us being lucky again and standing just feet from where David Archuleta exited his limo. of course we are not wise enough to bring a camera.. psh.
  • The MOB of girls sprinting up the down escalator as he went up the up one. also the up escalator being packed so there was like 5 people a stair.
  • Us being interviewed by a nice reporter who asked what we thought of the crazy-ness
  • The girls, about 10 of them who were all writing their names and numbers down on a piece of paper (ridiculous) and then claiming they were not stalkers.
  • The girl who shrieked in Sadie’s ear about David Archuleta touching her hand. Why is this even a big deal?
  • The girl bragging on the way home about David Archuleta’s camera man breaking her nose. And bragging about how everywhere she goes she see famous people. Sorry buddy, your nose isn’t broken, and lets be honest no one really cares that you saw Hayden Panettiere across the street from you…

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Love tuxes hate the hair

I love the Jonas Brothers… I really do. Sometimes you might not believe me. But I was late to work so I could get their CD on the day it dropped. But sometimes I struggle with their choices. Joe is my Jonas of choice He is really good looking. And I truly belived his hair couldn’t get worse. And then he goes to the white house corespondents dinner with that hair… Really Joe? whats with the extra fluff and the shwoopy bangs.  But I did enjoy that some one said they were more popular then the president. Haha. And I do love the Tuxes…

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This is for you


Sadie\'s future Boyfriend

I hope you love it. Its the first attractive picture I’ve seen of him in…. ever I guess. Must be the recently washed and flat Ironed hair.

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Dream Diary

So last night I had such a weird dream… My mom was like Bff with Gwen Stefani. Yeah I dunno. but anyways we were like shopping with her and she would just like randomly walk away from us. and then we went to like this rodeo or something I don’t even know what it was. But we had to climb these Ice mountains to get there. so random. and then once we get there Gwen just like leaves because she sees a mirror or something I don’t even remember but it was SO weird. and my mom would be like “Gwen says, well Gwen thinks, Me and Gwen…” ect ect. And then she kept introducing us to all these people but I had never heard of any of them.  I was like why is my mom Friends with Gwen Stefani?

Note to self, Never read Celeb gossip right before sleeping.

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That this was an April Fools joke…. alas. The most Beautiful of the Jonas brothers is no more… NOOO! Curse you shaggy hair fad! and wierd clothes… I dont really care who he is or isnt dating. it doesnt matter. But really… whats with the hat??


Not to deny my love for the Jonas brothers or anything…

*borrowed the photo from good ole’ Perez Hilton, its a link to his site… A virtual pot of gold for celeb gossip:D

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So I was on the Jazz website, and they have this section where you can read little quiz things that the different players took, and my favorite question was the hidden talents one. For example Matt Harping who is like this huge guy likes to garden, and Carlos Boozer is apparently an artist and actually Daron Williams too. That’s not really that weird, but it’s just hard to imagine him like sitting at a desk drawing a horse or something. So here is a little list of funny hidden talents.

  • Matt Harping- Gardening
  • Carlos Boozer- Drawing
  • Derron Williams- Drawing
  • Mehmet Okur- Cooking
  • Barack Obama is apparently a really good dancer?
  • Halle Barry plays the flute
  • Joe Jonas said his hidden talent was that he could make pancakes appear….
  • Nick Jonas said his hidden talent was playing the drums, but that’s not really hidden… I mean he plays the drums in concerts all over the place
  • Ben Stein can dance the Jitterbug
  • Zac Efron says his hidden talent is blowing bubbles with his spit…. Whoo!
  • My hidden talent is that I am really good at hula hooping. I won a blue ribbon for it at the fair once. :D

Anyways I could probably find like a million more with out much effort, but I am in a hurry. Maybe I’ll come back and add some extra ones later.

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People who were in the running for my top ten and either they got beat out or a good picture was not available any ways in no particular order here they areChanning Tatum
David Beckam
Hugh Grant
Chris pine
Jesse McCartney
Wentworth Miller- He’s bald, but his eyes are so cool
Adrien Griener
Tom Welling
plus more that I cant remember right now. Once again I am writing in the blog instead of doing home work. Oh cool! lol WOOT WOOT!!! Its weekend TIME!!!! YEAH!!! *bursts into song* WEEKENDS ARE FOR THE WARRIORS ALL THOSE LATE NIGHTS WALKIN THROUGH FRONT DOORS AT DAY BREAK!…
That’s all hahaha

Guilty pleasure- Hook me up by the Veronicas… its addicting haha

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