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  • I ate 7 cinnamon rolls yesterday. Yep 7
  • I sold all my text books from last semester for more then I bought them for today
  • I cannot abide girls in books who have abusive boyfriends.
  • I recently decided that not only am I a shop aholic I really like having things come in the mail for me so I like to buy off the internet
  • Filling out camp applications is pain in the side… but if we get in it will be so worth it. but if I have to write one more essay about how awesome I am I might tear out my hair
  • The hunt for a good singles ward continues…
  • The song lessons learned really makes me miss not living at home, and makes me want just a bunch of cool crazy room mates

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Cause After Today

Our brains will be snoozing :D

We packed up today.
Ssee ya later school, HELLO SUMMER!!

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Because I was real bored last night at 2:00, I filled out a bracket. Mine is a mascot to mascot theory, except the tar-heels who I actually do think will win. But their mascot is only a ram and that wouldn’t stand up to great against the tigers they have to face… inconvenient for my strategy really… I even went so far as to research who would win if a bear and a wild cat fought… the wild cat would win. Weird right?? but I looked it up on you tube and the bear totally ran away.  And check it out the scientific name for a Brown bear is Ursus arctos horribilis I like that horribilis is very much like horrible and will believe that whoever named it scientifically, hated bears. Anyways here is my bracket…

Mascot to mascot

you’ll have to get about 3 inches from your computer screen but thats just how it is I Guess. I can’t figure out a better way…. WordPress is such a jerk…

Also… Me and Barack picked the same winner… but our brackets are very different. He has strategy. I don’t

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So There’s This Guy….

And I a little bit want to punch him in the face…
Not that it would matter cause he’s already real ugly


And dead incidentally.

But I really hate this guy. And the dudes name is Avogadro… its practically like he’s BEGGING to get punched. And he invented this number called 6.03×10 to the 23rd and it sucks.

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I got asked out… OVER FACEBOOK! By a boy who moved to Arkansas my Freshman year of highschool. And he’s wierd.
I don’t like!
Lesson to be learned: do not under any circumstances be nice over face book to someone who is crazy for your own amusement.

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So today I was looking at the for rent stuff in mesa arizona just to see what the price ranges are cause I am considering dental hygiene school down there. Craigslist is a great palce to find things and housing is no exception to this rule. It just may not be the sort of housing you are expecting. Here are a few of my favorite ads straight from Phoenix Arizona where apparently the creepers all live:

Fan of American Idol? Here’s ONE even better – Try out for Roommate Idol!
Millions are sure to apply, so get in line early. Instead of a record contract at the end, you get a fabulous new roommate – me!
Room for rent – private bathroom, private garage – all just for you! Recently renovated 999 square foot condo in South Scottsdale showcases granite countertops, new appliances, new carpet and the best roommate in the Valley. Me? 30 yo old professional female, works M-F, enjoys working out and hanging out with friends. No drugs, no drama (except for the kind once found on My So Called Life!) please! You – preferably female non smoker, grad student or professional, with great taste in roommates, able to pay the $500 rent plus utilities on a monthly basis (novel idea for some out there it seems) and a love of 90210 a real plus! Call or e-mail me if interested – you won’t be disappointed!
If you make it through the first round of try-outs, get ready for the vote-off show – ten finalists will make it and one will earn the right to move in with me!
Immediate availability, One month’s rent security deposit required, all rights reserved.

This girl really wants to show of her personality apparently. Besides having to “earn the right” to live with someone sound pretty crappy. Also this girl has like 5 ads put different ways in one she says “let St Valentine guide you into a new home”

have a spare room to rent. LADIES ONLY PLEASE. Nice home in NW Phoenix. High Speed Internet and cable access all utilities included. I live by myself am single and good looking. Would like to have a female roommate in good shape and willing to trade favors in exchange for rent. Please include a picture with your response.

AHHHH DON’T DO IT GIRLS!! Besides I hate it when boys are just like “I’m good looking”.

if you are looking to save some $$$$ or get away from a bad situation, i am willing to share my 1br apt with you at no cost. no need to pay for anything. you must be clean d&d free , feminine, OPEN MINDED & NO DRAMA. Tell me about situation & send pics, no pics no reply…


So really He is offering to get you out of a bad situation and into a worse one…

Free Looking for NUDIST female ROOMMATE

Need help in my nice home. I have reduced my rent from $400 with reductions for cooking, cleaning and shopping. Why am I offering this? I had 6 heart surgeries and I little stamina. I offer 1st week trial to see if we both like the living arrangement. Responsible person wanted to share a 2 bedroom (2000 sq ft) furnished house in south Chandler (YOUR bedroom is 18 x 18). Non-smoker, non-drug user.. 57″ TV in the main living area. Smaller one in YOUR room. Just me and the cat in it. I am respectful of the privacy of others. Looking for someone who will assist with cooking and cleaning. Want someone to share my home with. I want a friend and companion too.
Hahaha. I like that he only mentions the nudest thing in the title

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So Stanford. they’re a pretty good college… Good at sports excellent at academics ect. Their Mascot??   A dancing connifer tree? Really. and actually this is only unofficial.Dancing tree they are so boring they don’t even have a real mascot. they are simply known as “The Crimson” sounds Ominous huh?? But really that’s not even close to as cool or big Alas ominous as the CRIMSON TIDE (sounds like they are totally going to drown their opponents). They even have a real mascot, big Al  the elephant. apparently its pretty difficult to make an anthropomorphic elephant. UC Santa Cruz had a Banana slug as its mascot until the late 80’s. what kind of mascot is that? A crappy one I say. good thing they changed it to a sea lion. Artie the fighting artichoke is the mascot for Scottsdale Community Collegartiee. I’ll tell you what I don’t think that an artichoke would fair very well in a fight against any mascot also the North Carolina school of the arts mascot is a fighting pickle… weak sauce. I’m pretty fond of Sparky the Sun Devil from ASU but he looks sortof crappy in real form.  seawolfUniversity of Alaska Anchorages Mascot is a Sea wolf. This is probably an actual breed but I far prefer a combination of the two…  Worcester Polytechnic university’s mascot is the bronzed head of a dead goat that used to be their mascot when it was alive. weird right?I don’t think that bug’s make very good mascots buckyand sure boll weevils kill trees but Bucky the boll weevil doesn’t look very mighty. However I do think real boll weevils are creepy. Apparently Ohio States mascot is a buckeye I say that a nut is a stupid mascot. People crack nuts, break nuts, shell nuts, and smash nuts into a gooey paste. not exactly the mighty warrior you should probably be looking for in a mascot. My final submission is Wu shock which reminds me of wu-tang clan  but that’s not the point. Wu shock is wushocka shock of wheat. AHHH!  He is from Wichita state. really I think that of all the pansy mascots he takes the cake. The Tree, the Artichoke, the boll weevil and the banana slug could totally take a shock of wheat.

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Got your attention? That’s actually a quote from a favorite movie of my youth Our Lips Are Sealed featuring the Olsen twins. And actually thinking about that movie sortof makes me want to watch it again ’cause I KNOW that the acting is TERRIBLE. I’ll have to see if our VCR still works. *spasms* VCRS are so the 90’s. Anyways back to my original point which I actually haven’t even introduced yet.

In church on Sunday I was thinking very seriously about Religous things what would happen if I got put in the witness protection program. Wouldn’t that be so weird? I mean starting off they move you someplace random where you don’t know people. Then? THEY TAKE AWAY YOUR NAME! Can you imagine how hard it would be to remember to turn your head when someone called your new name? Seriously. “Winnifred! do you have the answer to questions 7?… Winnifred? WINNIFRED!”

So while I ought to have been paying attention to speakers I was planning my time in the witness protection program. I decided my name should at least start with the K sound so I might start to turn my head. I like the names Kacey and Kayla alright. And If I don’t get the K I better at least get an awesome name. They’d have to ship me off to some college and get me into a program which would be awesome cause its like a free pass. I guess they could put me in high school for one more year butthat just seems a little pointless. hopefully they would send me someplace cool. My top places would be Arizona, Washington, California, Texas, or Oregon. So If I ever get put in the program these names are probably out. But they all have colleges I wouldn’t mind going to.

And think of how weird it must be for people who know you. They call your house cause your cell is disconnected and your mom answers. “Um Kelli… Yeah She doesn’t live here anymore. She… moved to Antarctica?” Seriously.T hats got to be rough explaining someones disappearance… And what if you managed to like, fall in love and decide to get married or something. “So you know how I said my name was ______? Well it’s actually Kelli. And I’m from Utah not Kentucky, And actually I lied when I said my whole family was dead. Hopefully you don’t mind all the lies, I mean I’m in the witness protection program…” *crickets chirp*

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I just got done taking my last final. You know what that means… CHRISTMAS BREAK! Already too excited for words. I have a feeling that my family may get sick of me the next two weeks… Anyways I have all this free time, because apparently I am a freakishly fast test taker, and so now I am just waiting for the Kellister to get our of her Math final so we can head home for the holidays.  The pluses to being a fast test taker are limited as me and Kelli disscussed this morning. You are left with too much time with nothing to do and a rule of silence imposed upon you. Although this time I earned a candycane for being one of the first 3 students done.  Whoo. So you might notice that this post is sounding pretty pointless so far. That is most likely because it is, and I am mostly just trying to entertain myself/waste time. You do a lot of that finals week I’ve noticed. No classes and only a couple of tests is like suddenly handing you hours upon hours of free time you are supposed to use for studying, but usually don’t. It’s awesome. Also it is snowing like CRAZY out there, and apparently the Provo/Orem area snow plows seriously need to get to work, only they haven’t. Even though the roads are a total mess for our drive home I still love the snow a great deal. Espeically in December. Also sledding is pretty much the best thing ever. Also I need to Christmas shop, but have no ideas. Also this post is pointless.

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She dumped her last boyfriend on Tuesday after 2 days of deliberation. His crimes? He was too nice to her, brought her too many flowers, and bought her too many presents. Horrible right? I hope I NEVER get a boyfriend like that. Anyways you might recall he was like number 7 give or take… Anyways it seems like he is in the process of being replaced as we speak, they are in the next room playing a game together. I cant think of many good games you can play with only 2 people.

*Edit* We’ve seen him now… and she either has A: terrible taste or B: really low standards cause he is almost as unnatractive as almost mustache boy

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