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Stuff this World Could Stand to be Without:

  • Finals
  • Group projects
  • Rappers
  • People who don’t believe in Dinosaurs
  • Jazz player injuries
  • People who decide they do not want to attend Anberlin concerts with me.

Things There Should be More of:

  • Artists/Bands who give away their music free and make it public domain
  • Teachers who have you write a paper instead of take a final or better yet don’t have a final at all.
  • Christmas lights! I almost think they should be mandatory even if you don’t like Christmas.  Also I wish we kept them up all year long.
  • Jazz wins like last night
  • Breaks off school
  • Ideas of what gifts I should get people this year. Namely my parents and younger brother.
  • People who like going to Blockbuster for me since I hate going there.

P.S. Kelli…. I GOT YOUR PRESENT TODAY!!! I am so excited! You are so hard to shop for I hope you know.  Also I am going to try REALLY hard not to give it to you early or tell you what it is. No promises. I love Christmas.

P.P.S. Oh yeah earliar I was listening to “Love Lockdown” and Jordan would not believe me that it was Kanye West. haha Man I hate Kanye, but that song is pretty great.

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On Friday we did Lot’s of stuff. Sadie Got album art for my Itunes and I drew this.

Fun right? But actually we did go to the rock the block concert which was awesome. Some cool local guys played, Benton Paul and Allred… And some other boring guy who we don’t remember… John Pinney apparently. He played all his songs in minor which was annoying.

P.S. My computer is self healing. Like that girl from Heroes or something

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  • Sometimes scary mosh pit boys try to hit you in the head
  • Sometimes scary mosh pit boys ram you in the back
  • Sometimes scary mosh pit boys put water in their hair and fling it everywhere
  • Sometimes best friends can save your life from scary mosh pit boys
  • Sometimes scary mosh pit boys get escorted out of the building by body gaurds
  • Sometimes you get awesome free stuff (CDs, T-shirts, headphones etc)
  • Sometimes concerts can be very convient for spying on certain people…
  • Sometimes your old friends become groupies
  • Sometimes dancing circles can be way fun
  • Sometimes announcers make mistakes and announce the wrong band to win battle of the bands
  • Sometimes it’s important to check exact location of concerts you are attending…


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Summer Love!

Whoo! It’s getting warmer or atleast it was until it snowed again today. Dang it. Oh well yesterday was totally warm, and it made me pysched for summer. So here is a list of the best things about summer.

  • No School (WHOOO!!!)
  • The heat
  • Always good horseback riding weather
  • Swimming
  • Waterfights (who doesn’t love a good waterfight?)
  • River Rafting espeically on lobster tubes
  • Lemonade
  • Free Time
  • Playing Night games
  • Warped Tour

Basically I totally can’t wait. Summer is the best. Here is me and Kell’s summer playlist (well part of it actually).

  • In this Diary- The Ataris
  • Summertime Guys- Niki Cleary
  • Thunder- Boys Like Girls
  • Perfect Day- Hoku
  • Hollywood- Collective Soul
  • Holiday- Greenday
  • Dani California- Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Summer of 98- The Secret Handshake
  • The Great Escape- Boys Like Girls
  • California- Phantom Planet
  • Summertime- Kenny Chesney
  • Walkin’ On Sunshine- Jump 5
  • California- Hawk Nelson
  • Boys of Summer- The Ataris
  • Song In My Head- Sherwood

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You are so right the blog has been neglected. Especially from me! What the heck. And really, what is up with all the extremely boring blogs of note. Last week there was some boring bird watching one. Today we officially enter into obsession. I want those Jonas Brother concert tickets SO SO SO bad! Hopefully we don’t dissolve into screaming fan girls, but no promises. I will look for some night and day! No sleeping… well ok…. for awhile… so I can dream about the concert. I have faith though. eBay is a beautiful thing. I mean those Jazz tickets I scooped up were red hot :D Whoa. Is it really possible to be this obsessed so suddenly? So I finished watching The Horse Whisperer and now I want to ride SO bad. What’s up with it being night? Lame! I want to ride really bad. Whenever I watch horse movies I want to ride like crazy. It stinks not having you here to ride with though. But still I don’t care how cold it is tomorrow I will be out there. I will most likely look like a Yeti after I put on all my layers, but I couldn’t care less.

Things I Am Looking Forward To:

  • The Jazz game tomorrow (YEAH-YA!)
  • That amazing concert
  • Not having to work tomorrow
  • Super bowel Sunday

Things I Really Want To Buy, But Shouldn’t:

  • Concert Tickets
  • A Jazz T-shirt (with either Boozer, Okur, or Korver on the back… haven’t actually found and Korver ones. Probably because he isn’t even a starter)
  • Shoes (I am randomly in a shoe phase which is weird. I’m not a shoe girl really)
  • That StupidCupid T-shirt from Threadless

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News Flash

I was hanging out with Pindsi Elm today. Her B-day is coming up this week. We should get her a crazy present. Something totally hilarious. I am thinking a Zucchini. If I was rich I would say the Jet Ski Blow Up thing for a future river run. Gotta love Team Splash! Tomorrow me and Sydnie are going to see Les Mis again. Sydnie is totally crushing on red vest boy. She just can’t wait to see him again. ;)

Bad News: You left your letter and pictures here.
Good News: I scanned them, and I’ll send you the file.
Bad News: The Colts lost
Good News: It’s Martin Luther King extra long weekend!
Bad News: You left your camera tapes here.
Good News: You’ll be down to pick them up in a mere 5 days.

Also. Why do we not live in North Carolina?

“Come to our show this Wednesday, Jan 16th, @ Greene Street w/ Armor For Sleep, Four Year Strong, and The International Drive. When you pay at the door simply say the word “mercy” and you will receive a voucher for a free cd and signed poster @ our cd release on Feb 6th! Seriously, how much better could it get?? I dunno. You tell me.LOVE YOU ALL <3>
I want to go to a Mercy Mercedes concert so bad! That would be a total high energy one, and it would be awesome. Plus free Cd’s. What the heck! Get a label already so you can go on real tour. I’m obsessed with Perfect Scene it’s way way way awesome. Everyone should definitley look them up on myspace or pure volume whichever you prefer. They are awesome.

P.S. Elyse took a “kissing quiz” with some valuable information. hmm..hmmm.. :D

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Well that was pretty much AWESOME! We are totally going to more concerts from this point on. So I am like spilling over with energy still, I keep jumping, and then I get really weird looks which I suppose makes sense.

Highlights of the Night:

  • Us looking for Justin and Tyler and Justin totally saw us, and just made fun of us. Like wouldn’t normal people wave or stand up so we could see them better?
  • People cheering really loud when Jerrytown said it was their last song. It would totally suck to be an opening band.
  • Ryan Peek, who hates you, being two rows down from us, and also behaving like the maniac that he is.
  • Us jumping and screaming and just generally being wild and crazy, Tyler dancing, Dustin shaking his head around, and Justin standing there with his hands in his pockets the whole time.
  • Justin’s brother wanting a picture of Sarah so he can make fun of her for thinking he had a mullet.
  • Watching all those girls freak out whenever the lead singer threw his empty water bottle out to the crowd.
  • Justin making fun of those girls by screaming really high pitched. I’m serious, I wish you had been standing by him so you could have heard it, because it was hilarious.
  • The fact that the main singer’s name is “Martin”
  • Tyler not being able to handle the bright lights, because he’d just had his eyes dilated.
  • The main guy, Martin (heh), totally looking like a panda.
  • The entire band’s pants…. haha what the heck!
  • Us at the gas station afterwards…. people think we are crazy (and most likely we are).

Obsession: BOYS LIKE GIRLS (mostly “Heels Over Head” still)

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Running and screaming

So today I wore my Boys Like Girls shirt, I go to work, and walk into the second grade classroom and they are in the middle of like a little class math activity, one kids turns around and really loudly says “BOYS LIKE GIRLS! GROSS!!!!” and then of course the whole class just like busts up laughing. and the poor substitute didn’t even know what to do. heh elementary substitutes were so cool

All day I have been just like randomly breaking into boys like girls songs, and like as loud as I would have at home, like the top of my lungs. apparently I have no shame. My roommates think I am really weird:D

this is the best part of this post you will love it…. SO I am driving to work today, Jamming out you know to boys like girls of course, SO I am listening to hero heroine. and I am just like thinking…’ this song is so weird, what does heroin have to do with being a hero, that is so weird’ and then I was wondering why a band would be talking about doing heroin, nobody admits that… after mulling this over oh you know pretty much all day it finally occurred to me that he was talking about a heroine not heroin. needless to say it was very confusing

I am still like wired from that concert OH MAN!!! that was so fun, and it was hilarious when we were dancing around the gas station. Obviously we should repeat that experience, we can just choose some random parking lot. and right now boys like girls makes me way hyper. heh I accept your decree for another Sleepover we will be hilarious

obsession: anything Boys like girls particularly broken man, Also general concert stuff

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Dance hall drug

(Apparently Justin forgot to take it.)

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This post will probably not be that great since I don’t actually know what I am going to say in it. That was really funny last night. “So… did I call you or did you call me?” “Well I called you, because you told me to.” “No I didn’t” “Uh yes, actually you did.” Still not used to the new cell phone huh? It is officially D-Day. Sarah’s Party. Luckily I am planning to not be home during this. Me and my purse will be long gone and out of sight. Running as far away from her “so called boyfriend Joesph” as I can get! Hey maybe I’ll just pick me up some of those Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers tickets. They’re in Salt Lake tonight. http://cgi.ebay.com/2-HANNAH-MONTANA-CONCERT-TICKETS-UTAH-OCT-27-SECTION-1_W0QQitemZ130165303118QQihZ003QQcategoryZ16122QQcmdZViewItem You know right after I buy that “It’s About Time” CD.

Guilty Pleasure: S.O.S. – Jonas Brothers (you know in prep for that concert tonight)

Little Known Fact: For a long time I thought Ciara and Missy Elliot were the same person, although I have no idea why. Just know that the line “shake it like Jell-o” takes on a whole new meaning when you are as confused as I was.

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