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collage college

: D new banner again. And actually not all of theses pictures are from college. At least one is from 9th grade. But it is still really awesome.


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OK so not really at all. but I am really proud of my most recent creation… I Made it all by myself! which is impressive considering my skill level. me and scissors and sewing machines? dont really get along. BUT I buckeled down and came up with this! dum dadu dum!  My very own Laptop cover! *deep breaths*

But wait… It gets EVEN BETTER…


Thats right!! its Reversible! haha.

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Check out our awesome eggs. We made them today. We got a little over zealous… I think we dyed 24+ eggs…. oh well it was eggcellent!

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Be Mine

My roomate F asked me and my other Roomate C. to make Valentines to send to her missionaries companion. She didn’t want him to feel left outincase he didn’t have some nice girl back home sending him stuff to. SO I begrudgingly agreed while C enthusiastically Agreed. C got out all her wall paper samples (because she is an interior Design major) and we set to work. They Started pulling out all the nice valentines-y colors and I sat and waited for inspiration…
I thought the wire was an exspecially nice touch. I hope he loves it.

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