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collage college

: D new banner again. And actually not all of theses pictures are from college. At least one is from 9th grade. But it is still really awesome.


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New Look!

Taking a Cue from nandango we decided to update our look. So here it is. Really we wanted it to be more summer-y. This is my first real try in the digital scarpbooking world. My aunt insisted my mom buy me a program. And now my mom has been bugging me to use it. I hope she’s happy. heh

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OK so not really at all. but I am really proud of my most recent creation… I Made it all by myself! which is impressive considering my skill level. me and scissors and sewing machines? dont really get along. BUT I buckeled down and came up with this! dum daduย dum!ย ย My very own Laptop cover! *deep breaths*

But wait… It gets EVEN BETTER…


Thats right!! its Reversible! haha.

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the collage. i spent the better part of my day doing this and really its probabaly embarassing but i like it…

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