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So my favorite uncle, Derek, actually showed this to me like 3 years ago. I had completely forgotten about it until today and after watching it again I knew it was blog worthy. So here it is…. the worst music video ever made (seriously that’s what I searched to find it).

Some important things to pay attention to:

  • The horrible choreography (i.e. the use of “the lawnmower”)
  • If you watch the dancers in the back at the beginning you will notice that one of them seems to have forgotten the moves, and lets face it they are pretty complicated.
  • What is up with the main singer?!?! The Michael Flatley shirt and also his hair!?!?!

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There is just so much there. And Check out his little treasure.

I particularly love the dancing and the fact the school teacher is dressed like one of our very own pioneers.

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Tonight we went to our Room mates B-day party. It was quite interesting. Dancing is not really our thing. So we spent the first half laughing at people in the room. Particularly our room mate Annie’s “almost boyfriend” He is really tall and skinny and has a mohawk. He’s white, but he might think he is black if his hair is any indication. He had Chris Brown hair. You know like the little razor cuts in the side… Steps.

Chris Brown is in the Building

The last half we got into it a little more and danced around. But you have to be careful one look at how into the whole thing CB wannabe was and we were seized by fits of laughter and had to go off to the side and regain control.

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So I was going to make a really cool comic to go with this post so you could imagine it in your minds eye, but then I was like… I don’t know how to draw dresses on people. SO I didn’t make one, so you guys will just have to use your imagination! Anyways… here we go

The Scene: Dance at a Church Youth Gathering (EFY)
Background info: I HATE dancing. with a passion, and I was on a mission not to dance with anybody and had been successful all night.
People involved: Sadie, Her cousin, and others to be revealed later.

So I think It was nearing the end of the dance, thought I cant really remember, We were all just talking in a circle, you know, Hanging out. I was pleased as I had escaped dancing all night by using my awesome be really involved in something else during the slow song skills. One came on and I was like eh no big deal boys are far to shy to break into a group of three girls who are obviously engaged in conversation. I didn’t notice the three boys who walked up, I saw two, and quickly excused myself from my friends. (read: run out the door) if you are the only one not dancing you are sure to get sucked in. Apparently I missed a few important points. The first being there were 3 boys. The second being that one said “Hey look it’s perfect 3 and 3”. at this point I was already dashing off. (It took me at least a year to convince Sadie that I really didn’t hear him.) SO one boy has to stand there awkwardly as Sadie came after me. Now a Side note. I was in the youngest part of the oldest group. The one boy who apparently wanted to dance with me was the oldest, I think he was 18, I was just turning 16. Sadie explains all about these 3 boys, I was a little humiliated, but It was the last night so I was like, Whatev you know? SO I hear the song winding down, we walk back in and WHAM! he is laying in wait by the door! So then Sadie leaves me and he’s like “uh, you ran away, I was going to ask you to dance” and I was like “um yeah, I didn’t see you there. heh” Which is really nice of me, and he probably totally thought I was lying. SO then we awkward dance for like 20 seconds till the song finally ends. I don’t remember how I excused my self but It was probably totally awkward and embarrassing.

and that pretty much sums it up. Obviously I am a genius

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So basically some guy is really rich or has a sponsor or something and he travels all around the world and this is what he comes back with. Or possibly he is really good at video editing. It’s really long. I don’t think I even watched the whole thing, but it’s actually pretty hilarious. I especially like watching the random dancers in Spain and trying to figure out what exactly what that guy in London is doing. Choking someone? I don’t know. All I’m saying is I totally wish I could dance like I was from South Africa.

P.S. Oh man Kelli this lady is hilarious. http://seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com/

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Dancing Songs! We love to dance in the car and sometimes people look at us a little funny…. but as you know we have no shame.

  • Find a New Way- Young Love
  • Just Dance- Lady GaGa
  • Evacuate the Dance Floor- Cascada
  • Dance Dance- Fall Out Boy
  • Around The Clock- The Rocket Summer
  • Let’s Dance (Dojo Dominating Remix)- Hawk Nelson
  • Send My Love to the Dance floor- Cobra Starship
  • Floor Filler- A*Teens
  • Guilty Pleasure- Cobra Starship
  • Dancing Queen- A*Teens or ABBA
  • Dance Hall Drug- Boys Like Girls
  • Time to Dance- Panic at the Disco!
  • Dance Inside- All American Rejects
  • Lets Dance to Joy Division- The Wombats
  • Take Me On the Floor- The Veronicas
  • Sadie Hawkins Dance- Relient K
  • One Two Step- Ciara
  • That’s Just The Way We Roll- The Jonas Brothers
  • I Don’t Dance- HSM2
  • You Can’t Stop The Beat- Hairspray Cast
  • Step Up- Darin Zanyar
  • Pretty Rave Girl- I Am X-Ray
  • Loose Control- Missy Elliot
  • Let’s Dance- Vanessa Hudgens
  • Shake Ya Tail Feather
  • Hips Don’t Lie- Shakira
  • I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You- The Black Kids
  • Telephone- Lady Gaga Ft. Beyonce
  • We Belong to the Music- Timbaland ft. Miley Cyrus

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We want to dance like this.

If the video won’t work click here

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Here is Sarah’s friends… and their band, Bazeika (Whoo…. where the heck did they come up with that name?). They are twins. One of them is the one she went to Sweethearts Dance with. Anyways Wahoo to high school bands, and extremely weird dancing.

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Jeepers Creepers

So… Last night I went to some dance party with my roommates and one of their friends. Anyways, we went to this party which was awesome. Except for oh yeah, Dancing at high-school stomps is not the same as dancing with a bunch of college kids. So my roommate K. who actually doesn’t live with us anymore was here and she like goes clubbin and stuff so she is like this awesome dancer and my other roommate is good too. SO fortunatly I was surrounded by people who knew how to dance and I just pretended I did. I think that a girly figure  really helps people to dance better. Because like Elyse was a good dancer and my roommates are both good dancers. Maybe I just don’t have rhythm. who knows? Anyways It was pretty fun. but there were alot of guys there. Starers. or creepers at the roomies call them and they were TOTALLY CREEPING ON US! AHHH I hate people who stare at me. and there was one really tall one that I just wanted to walk up to and be like, “what is your problem?” Tall people sortof creep me out. particularly if they are watching me

Not until after I finished writing this did I realize how pointless it was….. sorry:D

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