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Here is a list of things that always make me laugh.

-People falling.. on ice, down the stairs, up the stairs… doesn’t really matter I just think it’s funny. I think it’s funny when I fall too, which uh… happens quite often actually.

-Bollywood films. Especially Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Kal Ho Naho. Both classics.

-Reading my fellow classmates “introductions” for a class I’m taking.  Our first assignment was to write a paragraph about our selves and post it on our class website. So far my classmates seem really… interesting… Especially the one claiming to be a ninja.

-Cade goes to college

– This embarrassing photo of Kyle Korver, I mean the guy is in the NBA. You can’t have photos like this lurking around.


This photo reminds me of another hilarious photo I have in my possession. It is of my sister, and really every time I look at it I laugh so hard I actually cry…. however, something tells me she wouldn’t want it on the Internet..


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♫Posted on this blog for the world to see♫… Ok I am done now. I don’t know If we have previously discussed the fact that very few photos of Sadie and myself together. I realize this may not seem weird to some of you, but the fact is we have been best friends for 6 years, and have been on vacations and to birthdays ect ect. So I decided to make a photo time line. I Think I am missing only two photos, which will be added later from Sadie’s files.

First Snake river and bear lake trip together

I think. The first Family vacation we went on together. Also Our first fabulous experience rafting the snake river whooo hooo! Age: 13-14

One of our three excursions to EFY.

we should have at least 4 EFY pictures. because we went 4 years. obviously we suck at being our own paparazzi. Age:16

Insert here a picture that will never see the light of day again of us at camp. imagine no make up, huge dark circles from staying up all night and tired smiles. Age:15

yellow stone round one, nice hats

Ahh Yellowstone. Good times. cool hats right? Age: 16 and 17 I believe

Emo day

Us being weird. actually there are more then one picture of this day, but I’m not counting pictures of the same situation. Age: 17

yellowstone again

Yellow stone again. only one picture of this vacation. and I look like a hunch back. Age: 17 and 18


Graduation, age: 17 and 18.

horse show!

Last horse show of the summer, showing off our killer ribbons and prizes. check out my hilarious hyper face. Age: 18

Road Trip

Road trip yeah yeah! age:18

most recent photo

Most recent photo, we are at the hangout and we just colored food pyramids. cool right??

P.S. I am extremely proud of the music notes in the title.

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Sadies dad turned 50 on wednesday… which means he is pretty much an old man now. We threw him a nice little Hawaiian party… Which he loved… here he is enjoying the spotlight.

The hawaiian Hottie

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Flag Day

Wow can’t wait. Hopefully I can get my dreadlocks to work out before I get there so I fit in. This morning I was up very early. You know how the scouts have to put up those flags up on different holidays i.e. The Forth of July, Flag Day, September 11th etc.. anyways last night I’m reading my awesome new psychology book, and my Dad comes into my room and says, “Hey Sadie you can drive my truck tomorrow to take Sarah and Zach to do flags.” Translation: No one wants to wake up at 5:30 to put flags in front of people’s yards so we are making you do it, and trying to act like we are doing you a favor, because you can take the truck. The terrorists should be the ones putting up the flags. Why are we punished for their transgression? Anyways happy September 11th memorial day? Seems like that was forever ago huh. If I had no sense of self embarrassment I would post that picture of my family @ the World Trade Centers pre 9/11, but unfortunately I am wearing a ridiculously embarrassing fanny pack in that picture, and my self preservation just kicked in.

Guilty Pleasure: Right now all I do is listen to Lifehouse, but I suppose it is probably that Pop Princess song still.

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