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12 Movies

We got tagged by Just a Girl to do this movie Tag.

“The Meme that asks what if YOU could pick 12 movies to run at the New Beverly Cinema?”

1) Choose 12 Films to be featured. They could be random selections or part of a greater theme. Whatever you want.

2) Explain why you chose the films.

3) Link back to Lazy Eye Theatre so Piper can have hundreds of links and she can take those links and spread them all out on the bed and then roll around in them.


I’ll be honest I have no clue what the New Beverly Cinema is. But we like movies and we are game for tags. This is the problem… I like Embarrassing movies more then normal ones usually…

1.Pocahontas- The best Disney cartoon. I mean she jumps off waterfalls and has a pet Raccoon! That is AWESOME 
2. Meet the Robinson’s- Even though the time thing totally messes with my head in this movie I still think its real funny.

I probably should never have seen this…
3.Bratz- Ahhh we have discussed this movie before but really it’s so stupidly funny that you just have to love it. I mean really Its totally Dramatic. you can laugh but if you haven’t seen it a part of you hasn’t lived yet.
4. Saddle Club Movies- Ummm we like horses.  And this show is SO dramatic. And the actors forget to have accents sometimes. And actually apparently they are or were popular in Australia

Kids movies that rock
5. Nancy Drew- It’s funny, It has a way cute boy. Its enjoyable all around
6. Sky High-It’s awkward sometimes, the characters are hilarious, bad hair, and weird super powers. plus a best friend boy which you know we love

Random Teen Movies
7.Drive Me Crazy- If you haven’t seen it WATCH IT. It’s hilarious. And as an added bonus its a little bit best friend boy and a little bit girl next door.
8. Stick it- I Adore this movie. Funny all around.

Be Glad This isn’t your Family
9. Yours mine & ours- There are so many of them! But really its like chaos all the time. Their house is really cool though
10. She’s the Man- Her mom is delusional, her brother is practically a runaway and she has to cover for him and her dad wears a sweater around his shoulders *shudder*

Foreign Film (cause we’re cultured like that)
11.Kuch Kuch Hota Hai- Love, action, great song and dance, crazy eyebrows, runaways subtitles… This Bollywood film has it all and more. you probably wont find it at your local movie store, but it’s on netflix and it comes highly recommended

Pre emptive this movie will probably be awful but I’ll like it anyways
12. Twilight- I just don’t know that it can go in to movie form correctly, and the trailers make is seem ultra dramatic. But Sadie Thinks it’ll beat Quantom of Solace and I think shes right.

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Great Example Kelli

As children My cousins and I were a rambunctious group, and a certain time at the cabin about 4 of us got sent to the back room for a punishment… together. Not a very effective punishment you know? We were all feeling a bit indignant and began to compose a song, this song was directed at my mother mostly she must have laid down the law. So our tune for our song was the primary song I am a child of god obviously as children we were sacrilegious or something. so being the brilliant children we were we changed the words to

I am a child of Terry, and she has sent me here
has given me a punishment, I got caught drinking beer
Hit me, Kick me, Walk Behind me, hurt me all the way
Teach me all that I’ve done wrong
I know I’ll Learn someday

We thought it was hysterical and sung it all the time for the rest of the trip. Ever since then we will sing it occasionally. Any ways I was in the nursery at church today and we started singing time. they decided to sing I am a child of god and I totally bust into the I am a child of Terry version. Whoops. That’s embarrassing, I caught myself before people noticed but still.

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I did one of these when I left Logan. Now I feel another is necessary. Tomorrow Is the last day of my job at the Aviary. WEIRD. A part of me has waited all summer for this day. And now I sortof dread it. perhaps that is due to the fact that As my job ends so does summer. NOOOO. Anyways.

Things I’ll Miss

Some of the weird people I work with
Dirt cheap Popsicles
Working outside
Having a flexible schedule
Listening to all the crazy Bird people over the radios

Alright SO there isn’t much there…. Now

Things I Wont

Our Archaic Credit Card Machines. (we have one slider and one that still uses that carbon paper. no lie.)
Dressing up as the pelican (this might get a whole post some day)

Awww cute, Thats not actually me. it's Conner

fun right? NOT






Having both bird shows memorized
Our Phone System from the 70’s
Our really Gross floors
Some of the weird people I work with
Having to think up new fun crafts
Our broken ticket window
Counting Money
The nasty water
Being a good customer server when I really just want to tell them how dumb they are
Having to remind myself not to answer my phone and say “Aviary, this is Kelli”
Being yelled at by bird show for being late

Obviously I’m not that broken up about leaving..

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So I was going to make a really cool comic to go with this post so you could imagine it in your minds eye, but then I was like… I don’t know how to draw dresses on people. SO I didn’t make one, so you guys will just have to use your imagination! Anyways… here we go

The Scene: Dance at a Church Youth Gathering (EFY)
Background info: I HATE dancing. with a passion, and I was on a mission not to dance with anybody and had been successful all night.
People involved: Sadie, Her cousin, and others to be revealed later.

So I think It was nearing the end of the dance, thought I cant really remember, We were all just talking in a circle, you know, Hanging out. I was pleased as I had escaped dancing all night by using my awesome be really involved in something else during the slow song skills. One came on and I was like eh no big deal boys are far to shy to break into a group of three girls who are obviously engaged in conversation. I didn’t notice the three boys who walked up, I saw two, and quickly excused myself from my friends. (read: run out the door) if you are the only one not dancing you are sure to get sucked in. Apparently I missed a few important points. The first being there were 3 boys. The second being that one said “Hey look it’s perfect 3 and 3”. at this point I was already dashing off. (It took me at least a year to convince Sadie that I really didn’t hear him.) SO one boy has to stand there awkwardly as Sadie came after me. Now a Side note. I was in the youngest part of the oldest group. The one boy who apparently wanted to dance with me was the oldest, I think he was 18, I was just turning 16. Sadie explains all about these 3 boys, I was a little humiliated, but It was the last night so I was like, Whatev you know? SO I hear the song winding down, we walk back in and WHAM! he is laying in wait by the door! So then Sadie leaves me and he’s like “uh, you ran away, I was going to ask you to dance” and I was like “um yeah, I didn’t see you there. heh” Which is really nice of me, and he probably totally thought I was lying. SO then we awkward dance for like 20 seconds till the song finally ends. I don’t remember how I excused my self but It was probably totally awkward and embarrassing.

and that pretty much sums it up. Obviously I am a genius

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Last Night I dreamed I was a Vampire…. I know embarrassing right? A vampire… I dont really remember it well. I do remember being really hyperactive in the dream, I know  I was a vampire, And I was with a odd assortment of other I know who were also vampires. I wish I remembered more of it. But I did finish Breaking Dawn SO I sortof have an excuse for dreaming about that.. (In case your dead to the world: Its from the twilight series about a girl who falls in love with a vampire. I’m sure your feeling sceptical of my taste in books now.) Anyways. I did really want to know how the series ended. SO we decided to go to the midnight party for it at our local B&N. Don’t be confused and think we are fanatical. we just like to attend theses things, People at them are Hilarious. (think the David Archuleta fan girls in Two Crazy Girls Daytrip) People always have shirts that are funny and stuff. and there was a boy wearing a team Edward shirt. I have always thought boys who read that book are a little weird but there were plenty of them there. my other favorite shirts were:

Only a vampire can love you forever
Looking for Mr. Tall Dark and Immortal
Cold and sparkaly
Any team Jacob or Edward Shirt

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Sometimes we are pretty embarrassing really. For example here are some embarrassing movies we actually really love and probably definitely shouldn’t….

  • Nancy Drew…. yeah it’s for like 12 year olds, but we really like Ned. Plus it’s just so quotable.
  • Bratz- this might be the most embarrassing, but they do have awesome clothes in that movie, and it just has so many plot holes that it’s hilarious.
  • Brother Bear- We like the moose on this show
  • Sky High- Man we love this show. The first time I (Sadie) saw it I hated it, but then… I don’t know. It just has so many great quotes, and it’s a best friend boy, and it’s just amazing let’s face it.
  • The Goofy Movie- It’s just hilarious that’s all. We totally have it all memorized. We haven’t seen it for a really long time now actually, but I bet we would still have it.
  • Yours Mine & Ours- The new one, because we like the parts with Drake Bell in it.
  • Barbie Diaries- this gave us an awesome idea. When we were in High School we would have “Movie Night” with our friends, but you start watching a movie that starts with “A” and bring snacks that start with “A” like apples dipped in caramel or something to that effect. Anyways it was awesome. Plus this show is a best friend boy too, and in our defense I do have a little sister…
  • Pocahontas- We love this show. It’s totally our favorite Disney show of all time.
  • Saddle Club- It has horses and best friends. Plus horrible acting, plot holes, and bad accents. What’s not to love?
  • Spirit- It’s a horse movie too. We love horses.
  • Aquamarine- you know with the mermaid? I have no idea why…
  • Sleepover- The brother on this show is hilarious. Plus it’s just impossible.
  • Meet the Robinson’s- Yeah it’s for like 7 year olds…. Still hilarious.
  • Ice Princess
  • Kuch Kuch Hota Hai- Ok so I’m positive most people have no idea what this even is. It’s a Bollywood film, and you have read subtitles the whole time, but it’s totally hilarious. We watched in school once when were studying Indian Culture. Only we didn’t get to see the end…. so we ebay’d it. It’s a Best Friend Boy, They sing, they have hilarious dances, and they wear Polo and Gap. It’s hilarious.

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Summer’s all about fresh starts. So we just need to get a few things off our chests. Whoa. Deep breaths.


  • I purposely left time on the microwave because it bothered my OCD roommate, and after she cleared it I would always go put more time back on.
  • Whenever I found bugs in my room I always threw them in above mentioned roommate’s room.
  • Occasionally I put soap on my brothers toothbrush when he makes me mad.


  • I hate gum. I know, I know, everybody loves gum. Not me.
  • I still avoid stepping on cracks in the sidewalk.
  • I used to read my little sister’s diary…. a lot actually…. but she knows, and I stopped…


  • There is a strict exchange rate for our secrets. Like we only tell each other secrets if we can get equally good one from the other person.
  • If perhaps you were parked at the Walmart nearest to us last summer and walked out to see “Just Married” written on your car… yeah that was probably us.
  • We may have looked up Chasing Zoey on youtube, because we really just wanted to know what happened. But really that doesn’t explain why we watched it twice.
  • So maybe our giant iTunes libraries didn’t really all come from the iTunes store.
  • We just might own every Saddle Club DVD available in the U.S.
  • Ummm maybe once we went to a Jonas Brother concert, and we might have screamed like fan girls, and talked about it way too much afterwards….. yeah we know….

The Concert

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Lately we have been noticing that horse gear is kind of high fashion. So today I was looking at the horse catalog websites in my favorites and I found some great fashion for our next riding adventure.

What guide to bad fashion in the horse world would be complete with out the formidable overly sparkly slinky? This one reminds me of “fruity pebbles.” And really this was just on the first page. I’m sure if I would have kept looking I could have found an even uglier one, slinky makers love cheetah print. Remember spending hours and hours looking for decent one?

OK so obviously breaches are never very attractive, but that’s not even the worst part. First of all these are apparently “low rise” breeches. So you know…. totally in style, but what else can we do to make these even cooler… hmmm… well aren’t 80’s coming back? Leg warmers it is! Oh wait…. just pink knee high tights, and weird ankle boots… ankle boots are in.
Keep that pesky sun from your eyes, with these sierraclubish/cartoonish/plasticy sun visors!
This is my favorite. I mean like a helmet isn’t totally nerdy enough. And then you add the sequined cover (Are you also being haunted by memories of the purple helmet cover girl with the fake plastered on smile from all the horse shows?) Then since it’s winter you add this great little warming/bank robbery thing. If I was into wasting money I would totally buy you one of these for Christmas.

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Well today was pretty eventful. Wicked is pretty good as long as you are judging by Lagoon standards. And I saw some really great stuff like a man that REALLY did look like George Clooney.

Also I was just walking by, and I saw this guy sleeping on a bench, and I was like what the heck? I mean he can’t be a bum it’s not like Lagoon is a cheap place to be. Apparently he was just a little tired so he was like oh perfect a bench in a crowded amusement park!

So this is why I asked you if Chantelle was still alive. Apparently she’s been dead for a while. At least that is her name tag. We did not even get invited to the funeral. What the heck!
Apparently Huckle is really lucky, because not only did he find this beautiful pink bat, he also found one of those giant stuffed snakes, and a quarter. The snakes name is “The Snake” but you have to say it a certain way or it just doesn’t work.
Also when you are at a large public place you can overhear some pretty hilarious things.

I want to go on WICKED!
Teen Girl: Your not tall enough.
Kid: What about Piranha?
Teen Girl: I don’t know what that is
Teen Girl: I thought Piranhas were fish.
Kid: Pf! No!

Random creepy punk girl: Me and my friend take showers together all the time! Like save the planet you know? I mean like it’s not enough that we already are wasting water for a shower when people need it to drink and stuff.

Lincoln: Hey! Look I found a quarter!
Huckle: AWESOME! You could feed the ducks.
Lincoln: Who cares about ducks? I’m throwing it in the lake!

Further Proof I Should Never Seek to be a Ballerina: So we are waiting in line for the Haunted House, and while we are waiting we decide to just go through the totally lame outdoor one that you just walk through. It’s for like 10 year olds. Like seriously lame. So anyways we go in there, and there is this creepy wolf guy in there, and Madelyn is way freaked out by him so he is just following us everywhere. She’s like seriously clinging on to me like crazy, and he keeps getting right up to my face so finally I’m like, “Ok Madelyn, we can see the ending so lets just run.” So I start to run, and of course the guy starts chasing us, and then when we are like right at the exit he accidentally trips me, and I just totally SLAM down on the cement. Like way hard! And then he trips on me and falls so it’s like this heap of Wolfman and me. And in front of a ton of people too, because we were right at the exit, and there is just this like collective gasp, and then I’m up in like a split second. Seriously I got up so fast, and then I just start walking away, before the kid has even started to get up. And before anyone even had time to say anything to me. It must have looked hilarious. Some old girl comes running out of the pre-teen spook ally like a maniac and then just totally falls on her face. Yeah that would be me. And I now have a really cool purple bruise on my whole right cheek, one on my hip bone, and a huge one on my knee. Awesome I know.

Update: The Wolfman was seen exiting the park on crutches. Whoops… Just call me Sadie the Werewolf Slayer from now on….

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Well Sarah’s party is about to start, and I just thought I’d get on here, and you know just tell you whats going on. So they have a bonfire outside, and my Dad set up all these lawn chairs and hay bales for them to sit on, and a toilet. Yes a toilet. This is another one of my Dad’s ill fated jokes (there are many). Anyways he thought it would be hilarious. Sarah thought it was the most embarrassing thing on the planet, and so it was moved. Shame really. Now I am being sent off to get 3 dozen donuts. Yay. More updates to come.

Update: This has nothing to do with the party but is hilarious none the less. Sarah just totally fell down the stairs. Like from the top step, and I was there to see it. I love it when that happens. Then she went downstairs, and she was like “I just fell down the stairs!” and my Mom just said all nonchalantly, “Oh. I thought that was Sadie again.”

Update: Well the guest are just arriving. I had a nice little reunion with Chelsea (who is basically the coolest person invited). Ah Chelsea. She’s hilarious. And as soon as I get word Joey is here me and my purse are out of here! Although I was talking to Derek earlier, and we did think it would be fun to scare them. No idea if we actually will though.

More Updates: Well we’ve handed the scaring business over to Zachary and Brett. They are hiding in the trees as we speak. I am being sent out with a note for Joesph that says “Girls rule Boys are LAME!!!” from Sydnie. Also a little earlier I had a rather awkward coversation with Justin on the phone…

Update: Well somehow I got roped into the scaring thing, and Joesph for unknown reasons was in on it too. So there I was in my black cords, grey button up, and the black sequin flip flops crawling in a muddy pipe. Nice huh. I eventually took off my shoes, because they got all wet and I kept tripping causing Joey to offer me his arm too many times (this kid is way too polite) so I just took them off and then I could actually run a lot faster too. Then at the end I accidentally stepped on a Russian Thorn Tree branch and the thorn went all the way up my foot. I didn’t actually notice it much though. Well I felt it go in and I pulled it out, and I could tell it was bleeding, but it didn’t really hurt. Only today it is, and it feels really weird because I can even feel the inside part of my foot that it went up.

Update: Next bit of drama Zach lost my Mom cell phone somewhere out in the field. (We were using them to communicate with each other when we had to spilt off in to twos.) Then the kids went on the hay ride, and Joey actually staid back to help look for it, and expressed a wish to be away from the girls. So for one night at least he was cool, and he didn’t even mention stealing my purse until the very end (sort of spoiled the magic a little). We did not find it.

CMM (Classic Munchi Moment): The horses were all pretty freaked out by all the people so they were like running back and forth non stop so my Dad’s like “why don’t you throw them some more food to distract them.” So I do and Jokkar just keeps running and I’m like “oh come on. It has to tempt Munchi at least!” but then he makes as if he is going to keep running to, and I’m like “WHAT!?!” and then he just stops dead. Runs back grabs a bunch of hay in his mouth and then keeps running.

Just a little side note: We have the annual Family Halloween party today and so Zach was all “I know a costume that will the scare the pants off of everyone!” “I’ll be you!” So now he is parading around in that one black sundress. Yeah embarrassing I know.

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