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I’ve noticed that “The Google Game” has been pretty popular on facebook lately. (Similar to the “25 Random things” fad). I learned my name is AWFUL for this game. I don’t know if you are aware (my brother has made sure I am aware), but a few years ago Sadie was one of the top pet names in America. This causes some real problems as my google game results look like this…..

Sadie likes: smelly socks
Sadie likes: to chase her tail
Sadie needs: to be walked
Sadie needs: a new saddle pad
Sadie is: a rescue dog
Sadie is: not fond of tennis balls

There are a few results about Sadie Frost, Sadie the best Belly Dancer in Denver, and a lot of baby blogs mixed in, but it seems the majority were Labradors….

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I got asked out… OVER FACEBOOK! By a boy who moved to Arkansas my Freshman year of highschool. And he’s wierd.
I don’t like!
Lesson to be learned: do not under any circumstances be nice over face book to someone who is crazy for your own amusement.

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Actually I wasn’t Stalking…ok only a little So my old beehive young women’s leader added me on face book. AWKWARD. Especially because she didn’t really like me as I was a rather rambunctious child. Also I was in her primary class and I was a devil child in primary. We were never really on good terms so her adding me was a little confusing. Anyways face book is like a bad habit so I was just on her page because real live grownups (such as over 35 people) who are on face book really confuse me… IDK it just seems weird. particularly if they are married with children on facebook. but actually this is like a post in it’s self. (My moms cousins have started to add me? Weird) Any ways back to this lady. At least 50. Might be older then my mom I giver her 50-55 no younger. So I look at her pictures She Plays Grand theft Auto!! She was at the midnight release! What is this world coming too?? She was wearing this shirt!

grand theft auto

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I usually don’t get into the whole social networking thing. It so cliche, but who could resist facebook? It’s like the easiest way to spy on your friends ever… that and it has flair. I love flair. Some flair is really stupid, and a lot of it reminds me of T-shirts that I would laugh at, but never wear, but it’s just too awesome for anyone to truly hate. Anyways though here are some of mine and Kelli’s favorite pieces of flair.

This question gets asked too often. Next time I think I will answer it with this.

London Olympics Link for President

Ok I don't think Obama is even remotly close to Hitler, but it's still funny, because this was a really popular flair. Sore losers are funny. All My Friends are Dead hairy men

So I made sure I had one insulting each of the major political parties. How ambiguous! Now no one will ever be able guess what political party I am affiliated with. Oh wait…. I’m from Utah. Oh well. The Team Edward one: hmm probably about 95% of all flair is about Twilight, but this is funny, because really hair is gross. Also that Pikachu flair reminds me of the game Apples to Apples. Which might seem weird at first, but Pokemon is my favorite card in that game, because no matter what the adjective is Pokemon will always be hilarious next to it. Scary, Sexy, Fabulous, the possibilities are endless, and they are always hilarious. So if you ever happen to be playing Apples to Apples with me and you draw the Pokemon card…. play it on my turn. I’ll pick you guaranteed.
P.S. Uh just so you know I don’t actually think that Obama and Hitler are the same, but no one will ever be able to convince me that sore losers aren’t funny.

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I like the outside. In Fact a lot all of my favorite activities have the requirement of being outside. Including but not limited to: Horseback riding, Snow Boarding, Wake boarding, Camping, and Going to the Beach. Recently as in just today I was voted NUMBER ONE person to be stranded on a desert island with on face book. WOW. I was thrilled/honored and then My cousin Jen said that I was one of the top 10 people she would save if the whole earth burned and she was the only person with a fire extinguisher. Obviously I am pretty high on most peoples list of people to survive with. If I’m not already on your list, here is why I should be.

  1. I can tread water for 5 minutes ( obviously a good choice for desert island)
  2. I have big lung capacity, I could blow up my inflatable turtle by mouth in very little time( dunno what this is good for, if we had a raft…)
  3. I always over pack so we would have a lot of bonus supplies whoo hoo
  4. I’m not a whiner… OK I am a little, but I’m not a crier which would be awful for either situation
  5. I can climb trees good. you want a coconut? I’m on it
  6. I’m small. more food for you, more room in the shelter, ect ect
  7. I can start a fire with flint and steal. not much help for the fire scenario, pretty awesome for the island. As an added bonus i might be able to do the whole rub a stick in a hole in a log, I’ve never tried but the concept as been well explained by my little brother who has done it many times
  8. I am related to said brother who taught me all about his experiences at survival camp
  9. My dad was a master scout, maybe such talents are inherited
  10. If we are stranded on a desert Island with perhaps a wild black stallion I may be able to catch it and tame it. And my name is way cuter then Alec…
  11. I’m amusing… and loyal. I wont vote you off the island
  12. I have read: My Side of the Mountain, Hatchet, The Black Stallion, Island of the Blue Dolphins, The Cay, and A Girl Named Disaster. all great survival books, and that’s not even counting the ones I cant remember.
  13. As stated in the title. I’m pretty incredible

Also. changed the banner So now we’re all festive

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I don’t really get into the whole social networking thing much. My myspace basically exists just so I can log on when I’m bored and laugh at other peoples pages, but I must admit…. I do love the flair application on facebook. I’m sort of obsessed with it really.

But you know what I don’t get… those Vampire/Ninja/Werewolf/Pirate application things… whats up with that?

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