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The Heat Miser

My brother

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Who wants a shirt with our faces on it?!


Hahaha. If we ever have a contest this will be the prize

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So right now I’m sort of obsessed with this Rocket Summer song.

Also I am sort of obsessed with the band tees, which are awesome. Particularly these two.



So you know… if you feel like buying me one of those shirts I won’t complain. Promise.  (Do you think that 2nd one comes with the sleeves?! haha Get it?)

P.S. Tonight our room mates (The Vegan and the Vegitarian) are having a “Hot Chocolate Party” which as far as I can tell involved buying 5 different flavors of Stephans Hot Chocolate and inviting people over. Anyways our room mates tend to have very… interesting friends. So I’m really hoping that there will be some entertaining weird people so I can at least get a good story out of it. :)

Update: Amount of ex-boyfriends commited to coming tonight: 5

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Here at UVU you will see a variety of different people.  The best place to look would definitley be the Libral Arts Building. Here is a list of interesting people we have seen so far.

  • Ballerina Boy- Owner of fabulous green fishnets and quite the peformer.
  • Sk8er Boi- The boy who rides his skateboard down the halls of the libral arts building.
  • The Dancers- There are two groups. We don’t know what it is that seperates them. Maybe they do different types of dance, maybe they hate eachother. We just don’t know, but…. We demand a DANCE OFF!
  • The old people on campus- They are usually like 30 or something but try WAY hard to look and talk like they are still 19.  Often have rolling backpacks.
  • The reunioners- People that have very loud reunions with almost everyone pretty much everywere. “WHOA! Where you’ve been? I haven’t seen you forEVER! Oh my gosh.”
  • The barefoot kids- there are like 3 of these. They just walk around campus with no shoes all the time. Like they just don’t have shoes. Ever. It’s a little weird.
  • People here always have weird clothes. You know college is about expressing yourself, and that is well understood here at UVU. If you want to stand out it’s a good idea to have one or more of these items (the more the merrier!) extremly large jewlrey, a fadora or other “artistic” looking hat, a scarf, black rimmed glasses (for the studius look), or a t-shirt saying something about the enviornment, a band, or your political party.

P.S. you should know… this is the 300th (!!!) post WHOO!

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Croc Heels… *shudder*

Croc High Heels

Ummm… actually no it isn’t…

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Ok, so not really. But I do LOVE sunglasses, Here is my… collection? haha next time I need a hobby I am going to tell people its collecting sunglasses.


These dont match anything I own, But I love them

These are red… even if the look pink.

This is my favorite pair, I wear them the most.

These I bought soley to match my blue swim suite

These just plain amuse me…


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like really… that dress?? the styel is cute and it fits her and stuff . but whats with the bleeding Bambi’s… I do think the pink hair is sortof awesome though… sometimes I think I would like that… and sometimes I don’t haha. but really the dress..

Shes crazy

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