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This Song? It Makes Me Miss You.

haha bet you all thought this was going to be some gooshy I’m still in love with my ex boyfriend post PSYCH!!!

 Today in the car I was listening to my ipod, cause the radio stations her are terrible and I kept on coming to songs that remind me of people from home, and some times I even have to skip them because the make me to homesick. thats how pathetic I am.

Sadie- every song ever :) ok no but a ton, so many I cant list. Rockstar, Escape, SOS, and weekend warriors are all REALLY high

Sydnie- Boom Boom Pow, I can just imagin her dancing in my back seet, also Good Girls Go Bad and her little head move.

Tyler- Girlfriend. He’s the only boy I’ve ever met who wanted to listen to Avril lavigne on repeat.

Julie- The Adventure, and I still sing the words I can no live I can’t breath unless Julies with me in her honor

Eric- Anything Chris ledoux

Brent- Jesus walks, his “sunday song” which I think is really hilarious, because he always manages to convince my mom who hates rap music.

Zach- 7 things. I don’t even think this is his favorite miley song but whenever I lsiten to it I thik of him

Sarah- that Josh groban you raise me up song that always came on her Ipod during the shuffle game

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So when faced with a potentially boring Wednesday night we came up with the perfect solution. We couldn’t tolerate another night of “Super Smash Brothers” (we sort of went through a phase, but we beat it now) we decided to have a bonfire complete with war paint, our own Indian nick names, and a rain dance. It was awesome. Altough Indians probably didn’t roast marshmallows.

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Journey to The center of the Earth Midnight Showing. Yeah We were 2 Of nine other people and 2 of those other people were with us. 2 groups. now that my friends is a successful premier. I bet the movie theater people were so not pleased. But we were thrilled to be there.

Obviously That picture was taken Late at night And we were already tired from tubing the river, which will be posted about later. here are some more premier photos.

* the movie wasnt actually in 3D we just had the glasses

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Side walk chalk can be pretty entertaining. I mean just ask us SCKM (Sadie, Christeen, Kelli, Maddie)girls. We spent like 3 hours playing with it the other day.

Chalk Art

Us if we were made of Chalk

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To the person

Who came looking here for algae- Sorry that must have been a real dissipointment to you, an measly picture of some swirly red algae. Rats.

To the person who wanted to know if boys and girls can be friends- I say Yes. But I think it has to be set up a certain way. Our main guy friend always had this huge crush on this girl a year younger then us, and one of our friends may have had a crush on him. SO we didn’t ave to worry about him crushin on us, and we don’t crush on those our friends like. but take note it was a really wierd friendship in a way. to really tell about it would take whole posts.

To the people searching for muddy girls- sorry, we are pretty clean, not so muddy.

To the people searching for anorexic boys- I hope you find what you are looking for, because I’m pretty sure it wasnt this.

To the person searching for Tiger woods- so do you think he’s a hottie too?

To the person wanting to be entertained- I hope you were.

I just think its funny how people get here and I realize we have a post on this already but I just wanted to know how everyone got here… and if they still catch up on us… hm hm hm and I wanted to talk to them in case they ever come back. I always find random stuff when I am searching, some day I hope to come across my own blog when searching actually. haha

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Just a little something I found while surfing yahoo answers. I think I did pretty well….

Whats your best friends name? Sadie

How long have you known this person? ummm like 10 years. But we just knew who each were for like a year

Have they ever been to your house? Yeah, but we are at her house way more

Have you ever had a sleepover with this person? Oh yes. Those are some good times. I always get a little mental late at night… haha

What is Their Favorite Color? Periwinkle, unless its changed…

Is this person keeping a secret of yours? sure. I cant really think of what it is but I’m sure she can, There is alot of stuff she knows that no one else does.

What is their favorite TV show? ummm The Office… or The Weekenders haha 

Do you hug them alot? not big huggers, but occasionally

Are you friends with their siblings? Mostly. We hangout with them sometimes when we play games 

What is this persons favorite food? Anything Chinese

What is his/her middle name? Joy

What is their favorite band? ummm to be Safe I will decide its between Jonas brothers and maybe Mercy Mercedes, or relient K. the problem here is the phases we go through with music.

Are you friends with this person’s parents? We are losers. We like hang out with her parents all the time

Have you met this person’s grandparents? Yeah! I love her grandparents

Have you and this person ever gotten in trouble together? Uh define trouble. like trouble with the law? no like trouble as in talking to much or being to loud and crazy yes.

Does this person have a hidden talent? She is good at hula hooping haha, and Wave race:D

Have you ever been on vacation with this person? oh yes. We do know how to have good times. see the roadtrip post.

Do you know something about him/her that nobody else knows? Probably

What is this persons favorite movie? ooooh this is hard because of the stack… Maybe the pink pride and prejudice. embarrassingly enough I am not really sure about this one.

What is their favorite hobby? horseback riding

Have you ever worn each others clothes? Yeah we used to switch more when we were in High school

Have you ever worn matching clothes? Yes. one year we had like 6 of the same shirts, and occasionally we would be matcher’s on purpose, other times it just happened

Have you ever gone clubbing with this person? No. but we will some day 

Does your best friend live near you? when I am living at home yes. right now we are atteneding different colleges… big mistake.

Has this person ever seen you cry? ew. yes, I look retarded when I cry

Say something only you and your best friend will understand: *excellent*

If your best friend moved, would you move to be closer to them? If I was able to, probably. we are moving to the same college which ROCKS

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SO one of our friends had his mission farewell today. Its so bizzar to watch them just leave. First was Tyler, and he was probably the hardest since he was our best friend, and then one by one the others drop. Like there are still more to go but its weird. Imagining summer with out all of them and hanging out and everything. Also farewells are interesting because you get to see all the kids from High school again. And some times people you were friends with you totally don’t even talk to. Its weird. Anyways that was a little deep for me. But this is generally my journal so that’s the way its going to be. any ways on to better things.

Farewells are awesome for spy work. and you know we are nosey. and if we are honest this is among the main reasons I liek to go to them:D  you get to see who came to the farewell and who they came with and everything. this can help you determin who likes who and who is dating who. We sat in back and had a hard time focusing but it was fun to laugh about people and what not. The after party was at some park and there were swings so that’s fun, and I totally owned running in wedges.

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Wah-la! The Best Friend Boy List is posted (it’s a page, right next to the About section). This is our best list to date. Basically one time we were just talking about all the movies that have the best friends falling in love plot line, and so then we just started making a list, and we’ve been adding to it forever. If you guys can think of more or if you are best friend boy/girl then tell us your story, and we’ll add it to the list.

Characteristics of a Best Friend Boy

  • Best Friends usually but not necessarily from childhood
  • In movies the line “I just don’t want to ruin the friendship” is used frequently
  • The best friend is usually afraid to tell the other friend sometimes there is a girlfriend of boyfriend involved.
  • Not Beauty and the Beast no matter what a 1,000 other lists say. They are not best friends. That’s more of a Love/Hate or Opposites Attract.

And here are some songs about Best Friends who fall in love…

  • Day Late Friend- Anberlin
  • Mary’s Song- Taylor Swift
  • Just So You Know- Jesse McCartney
  • My Best Friend- Weezer
  • If Only- Hoobastank
  • Your To Hold- Skillet
  • You’ll Always Be My Best Friend- Relient K
  • Inevitable- Anberlin
  • Can’t Stop Falling In Love- A*Teens
  • Accidentally In Love- Counting Crows
  • Could It Be- Christy Carlson Romano
  • Best Friends- Toy Box
  • If We Were A Movie- Hannah Montana
  • Just Friends- Jonas Brothers
  • I Melt With You- Bowling For Soup
  • With Me- Sum 41 (ok this one isn’t really specifically a BFB but…. it goes with a story we know… haha)

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Well you know how I was kind of feeling like a bad friend, because of the whole Kiera thing? Today when I was SUPER bored I found this confession website, and I was reading them. They are pretty funny/horrible. Here is an example.

“I was jealous of my best friend for going out with a guy I like so I put nair in her shampoo. Now she has bald spots all over!”

What a great best friend! Aren’t you glad I don’t do stuff like that….. Well actually…. You never know! You might want to check your shampoo bottles or something….

Guilty Pleasure: Move On (You hooked me)

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