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Fun Mosaic Game!

mosaic fun

I found this just web browsing and decided I would do it cause I’m a little bit bored and this seemed fun-ish. here are the rules I followed…


– Go to Google image search.
– Type in your answer to each question.
– Choose a picture from the first page.
– Use
this website to make your collage.


1. What is your name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What is your hometown?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. What is your favorite movie?
6. What is your favorite drink?
7. What is your dream vacation?
8. What is your favorite dessert?
9. What is one word to describe yourself?
10. How are you feeling right now?
11. What do you love most in the world?
12. What do you want to be when you grow up?


My answers:

1. Kelli
2. Pizza
3. Thats my town skate park:)
4. green (today)
5. Stick it
6. Diet Coke
7. Greece
8. Strawberry shake
9. Sarcastic
10. Optimistic
11. Horses and friends together!!
12. wealthy :)


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Here are just some random things I’ve been thinking about lately

  • Kelli and I were just wondering… what is up with the Little Caesar’s guy having chest hair?! That is just gross, when I want some pizza I do not want to be thinking about chest hair. Also he basically has no neck his body just sort of  molds into a head.
  • I am BEYOND ready for the summer! Summer is the best.  Finals are the worst. I’m hoping this last month of school speeds by. I can’t stop thinking about pool days, sunglasses, and river rafting. I can not wait.
  • I wonder how Anne Frank feels about the whole world reading her diary as a school assignment.
  • iCarly is a pretty great show.
  • It sort of bothers me when people say “chillin” or “he’s way chill” I don’t know why.
  • If ever you see crate paper on sell for 10 cents…. you should buy it. Trust us.
  • Golf is boring.
  • When ever it rains it should also lightening. I love lightening. Don’t know why.

Other things that have happen lately

  • Easter. Easter is great. Mostly because dying eggs is a great thing to do in your spare time. I personally think I might just start dying all my eggs year round.
  • We took my little sister to see Hannah Montana movie this weekend (read: forced her to go with us so we wouldn’t look lame). It’s a winner. (Also we didn’t look as lame as my brother and his 3 friends)
  • We’ve been in game mode this weekend. Cranium, Mafia, Scum, etc. Games are the best.

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I love award shows a great deal. I’m not exactly sure why, but this means that I am currently watching the Oscars. I’ve made up a little game to play as I watch. Every time they announce a winner I check it’s wikipedia page to see how fast they add it to that winners page. It’s shocking….

P.S. As a side note I’ve held an oscar before and they really are quite heavy.

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Games on the Go

Games You Can Play on the Road

  • Slug Bug. Everyone knows what slug bug is however there seem to be a lot of variation on the rules of how many times you actually hit the person once you see that bug.
  • Bingo. I don’t know how many people play this, but basically every time you see a yellow car you hit the ceiling of the car and say Bingo the first one to 5 wins and for some reason buses don’t count.
  • The ABC game. Basically all you do is look at the billboards and signs around you look for the letters in the alphabet (in order) first one to Z wins.
  • The License plate game. We used to love this game. Only we haven’t got to play it forever since for awhile we were banned from it, and then we started driving, and you can’t really play it while your driving unless of course your car has really good crash test ratings. But basically you hit the person next to you as hard as you can when you see “doubles” in someones license plate.  Eventually we added a lot more like, “out of state” and “customized” and “splits” (like 636) According to people who had to listen to us play this game it made it so it was every licence plate in the world.
  • Road Sign Bingo or actually any kind of road bingo. They even have cards you can print off for Road Kill Bingo. Whooo! “If only I could find that dead badger!”

P.S. Today my work gave me a shirt with the company logo on it. I think I will probably want to wear it all the time.  It’s darling. Oh wait…. no…. no it’s not.

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Much to our delight Last night it snowed! YEAH!!! In honor of this great event we decided a post about the awesome stuff you can do in the snow was in order…

How to Have an Awesome Time in the Snow
by: Sadie & Kell

1. Horseback riding in the snow
-Suggestion: Go bareback its warmer
– Play the mitten game
+How to play: You’ll need two Players for this game, Each player will ride to opposite ends Of the Field. One will be holding the mitten (we prefer to use a pixie glove) and the other will be the catcher. Make sure you decide ahead of time which hand you will use. Right means you will be riding past on each others right sides and left hand left sides, we play right handed. both riders turn after reaching their end of the field. The mitten holder the hand holding the mitten triumphantly in the air when they are ready. The catcher lifts their receiving hand in the air to show they are ready. Both riders drop their hands and urge their horses to lope, making sure they are still on the correct side. As the riders pass each other the mitten holder reaches out and so does the catcher. The goal is to have the mitten end up in the catchers hand. You count each successful pass in a row and try to break your own or someone else’s records.
-Tubing behind the horses can be a good time if you are careful.

2. Go sledding
– This may seem childish but sledding is ALWAYS fun. Race, do tricks, if you are Kelli’s little brother sled off the church roof.
-Tow a sled behind a four wheeler if you have one, and a good field to do it in.

3. Have a snowball fight
– Boys throw harder, but they are probably more fun to play with.

4. Build a snowman
-It’s best if you can make this snowman look like someone specific.

5. Make snow angels

6. If you can find a good place you can go penguin sliding. Any place flat and icy will work out nicely.

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So even though it is only Monday I am already thinking about the weekend. Live for the weekends, that’s my motto. Remember how we always say we should go to a haunted house? Well this year we actually should. I even looked some up, and I’m kind of leaning towards the haunted corn maze. It looks pretty fun. What do you think? Only thought… would it be just way to embarrassing to go with boys? We freak ourselves out too easy. I mean remember the bruises we had on our arms from watching Signs. I mean come on it was Signs that’s not even a scary movie. haha We are ridiculous. Speaking of us being ridiculous here is a little Trivia Quiz so that we can re-match. Stupid game! I can’t believe we lost! We NEVER loose that game. What were we thinking?!? RIP our long standing winning streak.

True or False
Winston Churchill’s mother was the daughter of a poor Irish potato farmer who himself died in the famine of 1845

Which of the following artists was not famous in his own lifetime?
a) Vincent van Gogh
b) Michelangelo
c) Rembrandt van Rijn
d) Pablo Picasso

True of False
Ounce for ounce kiwis contain more Vitamin C than oranges.

About how much blood does an average adult have?
a) two pints
b) two quarts
c) one gallon
d) one and one-half gallons

(‘ll post the answers next time. We REALLY need to win the re-match. I think I would die of shame if we lost again. That was humiliating. Cranium is like our game you know? How could we lose? I am just at a loss. heh)

Guilty Pleasure: This is Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas (Yes that’s right I am in full blown Holiday mode! YIPEE!)

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